Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hello! Today, I wore an outfit perfect for keeping me warm yet stylish. I planned my outfit around this butterfly print skirt. Funny story about this skirt- it originally was a dress but I outgrew the bust of the dress and decided to re-create it into a skirt. I had cut and pinned everything where it needed to be sewn a long time ago but hadn't done the actual sewing. I forgot about it and planned on wearing the skirt today. As I was putting the skirt on this morning, I realized that it still needed to be sewn and frantically sewed it before school. Luckily, I was able to finish sewing it quickly and have sufficient time to get ready!

This look was all about layers; I layered a cream, knit sweater over a simple black tank and grabbed a faux leather jacket to layer over my sweater. A plum-colored, knit scarf topped all of my layers off. I grabbed a few rings and gray lipstick from my dresser to add to the look. Classic sunglasses and combat boots (in addition to my faux leather jacket) added a cool vibe to my otherwise sweet look. Vintage-inspired socks tucked into my boots kept my feet nice and warm through out the day.

Butterfly skirt: created from an old H&M dress
Cream knit sweater, socks, tank & plum scarf: Forever 21
Rings: assorted vintage and Charlotte Russe
Combat boots: Target
Classic sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage Sunglasses
Faux leather jacket: Marshall's


  1. I love how you turned an old dress into a skirt!! Very cool idea :)


  2. great outfit! I love you u turned your dress into a skirt. I have an old dress that would make a perfect skirt! I love your leather jacket and the color of your lipstick!

  3. That is so cool!

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  4. Really cute! adore the skirt!

    Kisses, Lucy!

  5. You're so creative to have converted this dress into a skirt and you've done a splendid job of it!

  6. You look amazing! I love how everything you revamped the skirt! That is so clever and cool!!

  7. love the print of your skirt! too cute!


  8. Cute! Love how you transformed the dress :)