Thursday, October 30, 2014

Velvet Flare

 photo ed1dc4e0-db73-4531-9b22-7d0f395a855d_zpsaadc47e5.jpg

Hello! Today, I wore my new velvet flare pants. This past weekend, I purchased these pants at Forever 21 for about $20. I don't usually like pants very much in general (I'm more of a dress girl) so I was surprised to find myself immediately attracted to these pants. The opulent velvet texture and retro flare style drew me in. I tried them on and was pleased even further; they are very flattering and immensely comfortable. 

For my look today, I styled them with my favorite burgundy knit sweater. I've raved about this sweater time and time again but I just cannot get over how much I love it. Unfortunately, I was recently a bad owner to this sweater and it accidentally went through the washing machine and now has a small hole on the side of the sweater. It's hardly noticeable so I have been still wearing the sweater but I'm definitely annoyed at myself for putting it in the washing machine. So memo of the story: make sure to wash your clothes according to the instructions on the label to protect them! I sure wish I had. 

This look was inspired by minimalism and I steered away from prints and accessories. I wanted the look to be focused in on the lines and shape of my outfit. Both the sweater and pants have the same fit/shape where they are more fitted at the top and then flare out; I like how the style of my outfit is straight and then flares out both on top and bottom. I find it very aesthetically pleasing. Black slip-on sandals and oversize glasses completed the look.

This photo was taken by my good friend, Amanda Remillard. She's a fellow fashion merchandising major and is minoring in photography. Ideally, one day she dreams of working in fashion photography. Amanda is much more driven and focused on her career than other fashion merchandising majors and we became fast friends last year. And it's always great to have a quick photo shoot with her. She clearly knows what she's doing, is great behind the camera and gives great advice for posing for the photos. You can check out her photography page, Amanda Remillard Images, on Facebook or her site for more of her photography. 

Hope that you guys are enjoying what little time we have left of October! 

Burgundy sweater: Urban Outfitters
Velvet flare pants: Forever 21
Glasses: c/o Firmoo
Sandals: Vintage

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Skirt the Issue

 photo IMG_6006_zpsadeb6c97.jpg
 photo IMG_6008_zps82e1ab00.jpg

Hello! Today, I debuted my new bodycon skirt sent to me courtesy of Skirt the Issue. Skirt the Issue sells fashionable bodycon skirts. They offer skirts in a variety of different colors as well as various prints. The skirts are designed to be worn on their own to or to be layered. These skirts are very versatile and can easily be worn from day to night. All skirts retail for $30. 

I requested the black skirt in a size medium. And I already love it. The fabric is incredibly comfortable and skims my thighs perfectly. It is also more comfortable than any other skirt that I have ever owned. Additionally, the black color and simple fit make it a key piece in styling looks. I have a feeling that this skirt will be on repeat in my wardrobe for quite a while and I definitely look forward to layering it this winter.

For my look today, I threw on a cozy knit sweater over the skirt. I purchased this sweater while I was home in Richmond at Forever 21. It cost about $20 and was worth every cent. The unique texture of this sweater as well as the mixed gray color combination have me swooning over it. Of course, I couldn't also help falling in love with the oversize shape and and pocket on the sweater. 

I showed off my legs with the mini skirt and a black pair of platform heels. Red lipstick pulled the entire look together. 

Bodycon skirt: c/o Skirt the Issue
Knit sweater: Forever 21
Black heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild

Monday, October 27, 2014

Celebrating 700 Posts

 photo IMG_5945_zps7a00a026.jpg
 photo IMG_5947_zps7421bc82.jpg

Hello! I can hardly believe it but I am currently writing the 700th post on this blog. 700. I've now written and published 700 posts on this blog. It seems almost unreal. However, it's true; I've had my blog for over five years and am now working on post #700. But I still can't believe it. It's just crazy to think about how much time, thought, energy and effort that I have put into my blog over the past five years.

When I first started my blog, I didn't go into it with specific intentions for the blog or plans to keep it up for such a long period of time. It seemed like a fun way of expressing my opinions about style and trends as my friends had no interest in fashion so I really had no one to talk to about it. But over the years my blog has certainly evolved. Last week, I was going through my blog with one of my friends and we were discussing how much it has changed. Some posts are so embarrassing that they are slightly cringe-worthy.

As I was browsing through the older posts from the first two or so years, I couldn't help but thinking to myself "Tori, what were you doing???" There are outfit posts with nothing written about the outfit, posts containing poor grammar, numerous posts with no photos and overly hyped posts and post titles. To my credit, I did start my blog when I was merely 14 years old.

While going through these posts may make me want to do everything I can to forget certain posts (this post and this post are especially embarrassing), it also demonstrates how much I've grown both as a blogger and as a writer. My writing and knowledge of style and the fashion industry have both greatly expanded. Blogging has also provided me with a plethora of opportunities, from being featured in a magazine to helping out with Fashion's Night Out, that would not have otherwise presented themselves to me.

Running this blog has also pushed me towards a career in fashion and is one of the reasons behind why I'm studying fashion merchandising at Philadelphia University. If I had never started my blog, I'm not sure fashion would play such a large role in my life or if I would have a desire for a career in fashion. My blog has given me an outlet to write about fashion, give my opinion on current trends and elaborate upon my personal style which has nurtured my love of fashion and desire to work in the fashion industry.

In the past couple years, fashion blogging has exploded and you can now discover some fashion or personal style blog in practically every nook and cranny of the internet. Rumors are that fashion blogging is in decline because of the oversaturation of fashion blogs. This oversaturation of fashion blogs leads to decreases in quality of blogs as well as less original content. With more sponsored content and less original content, blogs are losing a touch of their originality and becoming less genuine. However, I have no intention of giving up my blog anytime soon. I'm going to continue to try to increase the quality of my posts and keep my voice on my blog and not let it be overrun by sponsored content.

Cheers to many more posts in the future!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back in Richmond

 photo IMG_5896_zps6c52ef7f.jpg

Hello! I'm currently typing this as I am back home in Richmond. I needed a break from school stress and apartment drama so I decided to come home for the weekend. I left early Saturday morning and will leave Richmond tomorrow evening. It's so relaxing to have a break from Philadelphia even if only for a few days.

When I arrived yesterday, my sister, mom and I went out to lunch and also to several of my favorite thrift shops. I was hoping to find a bunch of cozy, vintage sweaters to add to my wardrobe but I had no such luck. Actually, I didn't have luck finding anything and left the thrift shops yesterday without any new additions to my wardrobe. 

Due to yesterday's bad shopping luck and my desperate need for more late fall/early winter items in my wardrobe, my mom and I went to Forever 21 this morning. Luckily I found a few new items to add to my wardrobe: the most incredibly bohemian dress, cozy sweater and luxe flare pants. Even better yet, Forever 21 was having a sale for 10% off if you spent more than $50, 15% off if you spent more than $60 and 20% off if you spent more than $70. I had no idea about the sale before I got in line to check out and was definitely happy about getting 20% off my purchase plus 30% off the dress that I bought. 

For my look today, I styled a cropped teal sweater over a black and white cat print dress. I threw in another pattern with my leopard crossbody bag. I accentuated the colors in the bag with a pair of flatform sandals. Bold white sunglasses completed the look.

Hope that you guys had a good weekend!

Cat print dress: H&M
Teal sweater: Forever 21
Flatforms: Steve Madden
Leopard crossbody: Urban Outfitters
White sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange Philadelphia

Thursday, October 23, 2014

6 Pairs of Socks that will Knock Your Socks Off


Hello! I have a confession to make: I've developed quite an adoration for cute, patterned socks in the past several weeks. And it seems to feel a little ridiculous how much emphasis I've been putting on my "sock game" lately.

But okay, this can totally be justified. For one, socks are an essential. Whether those socks are cute or not is an entirely different story but socks on their own are definitely an essential. And an especially crucial essential as the weather gets cooler and we begin to pull out boots more and more often.

And I mean, cute socks are considered an essential for me because I'm a fashion merchandising major, right?

Some argue that cute socks are pointless as no one ever really sees the socks as they are usually hidden underneath the shoes. However, I disagree with that. For one, I'll often walk around the halls in my dorm/apartment building without shoes on so c'mon cute socks are definitely a necessity.

But also, I've been really liking the style that socks can add to my looks if I wear them with cut-out boots so that the pattern of the socks is revealed or worn with heels or boots so that the socks are visible. This can be seen in several of my looks this semester. In THIS look, I paired a pair of green polka dot socks with a pair of Doc Martens so that the tops of the socks are peeking out of the boots and playing up the print of the dress that I was wearing. In THIS look, I added a print to my look with a pair of playful fox socks worn with cut-out booties.

Basically, the point of this rambling explanation is that even though it may seem ridiculous, having and wearing cute, quirky socks instantly brightens my day.

Below are a few of my favorite printed socks available to purchase online right now.

1. Forever 21 Green Polka Dot Socks. $2.80. I actually own these socks and couldn't be more in love with them. The stylish polka dot print, the rich green color- what's not to love? Even though these are technically men's socks, you can't really tell. I was slightly worried about the sizing when I ordered these online but am quite pleased with them.

2. J. Crew Elephant Trouser Socks. $16.50. Having socks this cute justifies walking around the dorm building halls without shoes on, right?

3. Forever 21 Blue Polka Dot Socks. $2.80. Same as the first option but in navy instead of green. Additionally, they sell these socks in yellow and burgundy. I also own these socks as well as the burgundy ones. 10/10 would recommend buying.

4. Brooks Brothers Navy Fair Isle Socks. $22. Everything about these socks from the fair isle print to texture to dark color scheme shouts "winter." Perfect for pairing with your coziest pair of boots to keep warm when temperatures start to drop.

5. Toast Rosedale Fair Isle Socks. $25. Love the quirky print of these socks. Let the tops of these socks peek out of your boots for an added dose of style to your look.

6. Brooks Brothers Burgundy Fair Isle Socks. $22. Same as the fourth option but in a rich burgundy color instead.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Roommates of A2

 photo IMG_6713_zps7622ef46.jpg
 photo IMG_6726_zpscc028c25.jpg
 photo IMG_6727_zpsbe4c251d.jpg

Hello from me and my apartment roommates of A2! Yesterday, Bhumi (top photo), Micah (bottom photo) and I posed for a few cute roommate photos together. We incorporated our pumpkins from the apartment into the shoot to give the photos a fall feel. 

For the photos, I dressed in all black. I styled my look around this black and white polka dot dress. I layered a black long-sleeve top over the dress and tied an open knit sweater around my waist. I broke the "no socks with sandals" rule and styled a pair of black thigh-high socks with a simple pair of black sandals. Bright red lipstick and my oversize glasses completed the look.

Bhumi kept her look simple with a neutral-colored sweater, black leggings and brown lace-up boots. Micah's look revolved around layering; she styled a romper with a black sweater followed by a gray knit sweater. She completed her look with bold lipstick, black knee highs and a pair of wedges. 

Hope that you guys are enjoying your October! 

Black socks: Daily Look
Black sandals: Vintage
Polka dot dress: H&M
Black long sleeve top: Victoria's Secret
Black sweater (tied around waist): Thrifted
Red lipstick: Wet 'N Wild
Tortoiseshell glasses: c/o Firmoo

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Autumnal Layering

 photo IMG_5775_zps46c8f47c.jpg

Hello! It's finally becoming chilly enough to start layering and I couldn't be any happier about it. I styled this look around a summer-y daisy print dress. You can see how I styled this dress this past spring/summer here and here. This dress is very breezy and lightweight and therefore, ideal for layering. 

For this look, I slipped a burgundy sweater over top of the dress. The oversize shape, rich autumnal color and texture of this sweater draw me back to it time and time again. I cozied up the look with a luxurious knit scarf. 

I styled the look with a pair of black opaque tights and black heeled booties. I accessorized with a pair of golden earrings and several golden rings. 

Burgundy sweater: Urban Outfitters
Daisy print dress: Buffalo Exchange
Opaque tights: Urban Outfitters
Black booties: Daily Look
Cream-colored scarf: c/o Lulu's
Golden rings: Vintage & Urban Outfitters
Golden earrings: c/o ShopLately

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gran Optic

Gran Optic

Hello! Today, I have an online eyewear retailer to introduce to you guys- Gran Optic. Gran Optic sells regular glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses for both men and women. They have a particularly incredible collection of Ray Ban sunglasses.

They have an almost endless supply of various glasses. They offer numerous brands, styles/shapes, colors, frame types and materials. And luckily, their site makes it easy to navigate and search for exactly what you are looking for. You can narrow down your search by selecting the type (frame, brand, material, etc.) of glasses that you are specifically looking for.

Cost of frames start at about $40 and run to about $650. They offer a great selection of less expensive as well as more expensive, luxurious brands.

For eyewear inspiration, I look to style icon and blogger, Keiko Lynn (pictured in the photo above.) She incorporates eyewear into her style flawlessly. My favorite glasses from Gran Optic were inspired by this chic fashion blogger; below are my top picks. 

1. "Celine CL 41300 3Y72" $230. These are such a classic pair of glasses and can be easily worn with any outfit. I love the tortoiseshell print of the frames.

2. "Celine CL 41340 12E3" $230. Stand out with a unique pair of neutral-colored glasses. You don't usually see too many people with glasses this color but I'm absolutely in love with this pair.

3. "Bottega Veneta B.V. 214 HM3" $320. Another pair of tortoiseshell glasses makes this list because I simply cannot resist how effortlessly stylish the print is. Not to mention that it looks good with everything.

4. "Dior BLACKTIE170 TRD" $245. These dark glasses emit a very polished, classic feeling and you'll instantly look more studious after slipping these on.

If you are looking for a new pair of glasses or sunglasses to add to your wardrobe, I would definitely recommend checking out Gran Optic; it is almost guaranteed that they will have exactly what you are looking for.

***Disclaimer: Gran Optic provided monetary compensation for this post but I wrote the actual post and all opinions written in this post are mine.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Falling Leaves & Messy Buns

 photo IMG_5731_zpsc76afc2b.jpg

Hello! I styled this look around my pair of bell-bottom printed pants. Besides being incredibly stylish (I mean, just look at the boho print), they are incredibly comfortable. They are ideal for a day of lounging around.

For the beautiful fall weather, I threw on a cream-colored knit sweater. To bring out the neutral colors in the print of the pants, I slipped into a pair of brown, vintage loafers and wore my tortoiseshell glasses. I accessorized with several golden bracelets. A messy top bun completed the look.

Cream sweater: Forever 21
Printed pants: Forever 21
Loafers: Vintage
Bracelets: Vintage
Glasses: c/o Firmoo

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Twin Peaks Fashion Inspiration

Twin Peaks

Hello! Have you guys heard the news about Twin Peaks yet?

Recently, Showtime announced that nine new episodes of Twin Peaks will premiere in 2016. I can't wait and will be re-watching the first two seasons of Twin Peaks all over again.

Twin Peaks instantly gathered a cult following in the early 90's. Twin Peaks was set in 1989 in a secretive small town and investigates the murder of Laura Palmer. This suspenseful mystery TV show only aired for two seasons yet left watchers begging for more.

Besides a mysterious plot and cult following, Twin Peaks established a distinct style that I draw fashion inspiration from. The style is very reminiscent of the late 1980's and early 1990's which should come as no surprise as Twin Peaks was set in 1989.

One thing that you'll be swooning over again and again while watching Twin Peaks is the wide variety of knit sweaters. I love the textures of all the different sweaters- nubby sweaters, cashmere sweaters, tight knit sweaters and so on and so on. I also love the various, high necklines, eclectic prints and neutral colors of the sweaters. The Cut rounded up all of the different sweaters on Twin Peaks in a slideshow HERE. 118 sweaters in all- can you believe that?? Definitely sweater inspiration in Twin Peaks. Look to your nearest thrift shops to pick up a few of your own Twin Peaks sweaters.

Another wardrobe staple that stands out in Twin Peaks is classic blazers. They are very structured and contribute to the investigative mood on the show. Additionally, characters are frequently seen in prim and proper button up blouses.

A couple other key pieces in the wardrobes of the Twin Peaks characters are pencil skirts and delicate, lace camisoles. A key print of the show would definitely be plaid which is seen in jackets, skirts and sweaters on set.

Have you guys ever watched Twin Peaks? What do you think about the fashion in this cult TV show?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Free People October 2014: Down to the Cabin

 photo FreePeopleMountaineer4_zps797e798c.jpg
 photo FreePeopleMountaineer6_zpsf1e11218.jpg
 photo FreePeopleMountaineer8_zps339aff69.jpg
 photo FreePeopleMountaineer3_zps870d981a.jpg

Hello! I'm constantly swooning over the bohemian merchandise carried by Free People and this fall is no different. When Free People sent me their October lookbook ("Down to the Cabin"), I instantly fell in love. Their October lookbook is full of nostalgic, rustic looks. Above are a few of my favorite looks.

There is a mix of simple pieces such as basic tops and baggy jeans paired with more glamorous, seventies-inspired items such as luxurious faux furs and paisley prints. This juxtaposition of styles creates entirely unique looks.

The textures and layers of the collection also leave me enchanted. I could spend days drooling over this lookbook. Check out more looks on

Photos sent over by Free People.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


 photo IMG_5655_zpsbeb105d7.jpg
 photo IMG_5656_zps5ef59b69.jpg

Hello! Today, I debuted my new backpack from Torrain. Torrain promotes environmental sustainability and creates bags from natural and recycled materials. Their bags have a very free-spirited feel to them and are perfect for everyday use. 

This is their backpack style bag in "ocean blue"; it retails HERE for $48.00. I was delighted when I opened this bag in the mail. I love the print and texture of the bag; it is entirely unlike anything in my wardrobe. This bag is quite roomy and the ideal size for holding my laptop, books, pencils, etc. for class. 

I am also very impressed with the quality of this bag. If you are looking to update your wardrobe with a unique, environmentally friendly bag, I would definitely recommend checking out Torrain

Today, I styled the backpack with my black circle skirt and denim button down. To accentuate the cherry red of the backpack, I threw on my cherry-colored Doc Martens. 

Black circle skirt: H&M
Combat boots: Doc Martens
Denim button down: Thrifted
Recycled backpack: c/o Torrain

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Firmoo Eyewear

 photo IMG_5590_zps266d839f.jpg

Hello! Notice anything different about my look? Today, I donned a pair of new glasses courtesy of Firmoo. I've had problems with my eyesight for as long as I can remember but have primarily relied on contacts to help my vision. I used to think that glasses hindered my style but that is most certainly not the case anymore. Glasses can actually add style to a look. But glasses can often be very expensive. This is why I was delighted when Firmoo reached out to me and offered to send me a pair of complimentary glasses to showcase on my blog.

I picked out these glasses in tortoiseshell and they retail for $36. First, let me just say $36 is a great deal for glasses! And the quality of these glasses is very good. So if you're looking for an affordable pair of glasses, I would definitely recommend checking out Firmoo's selection of eyewear first. I love how they add a quirky, studious feeling to my look. They may be very oversize but I think that contributes to the slightly adorable feel of the glasses. I also really like the classic tortoishell color of these glasses; it makes them easy to pair with any outfit.

For this look, I pulled out my green and white polka dot dress. The weather here had gotten cooler but it jumped back up to the high 70s today so a lightweight dress was perfect for the weather. I empahsized the color and print of the dress by slipping on a pair of green and white polka dot socks very similar to the dress. A pair of neutral-colored boots and red lipstick completed the look. 

Polka dot socks: Forever 21 (men's section!)
Combat boots: Vintage Doc Martens
Polka dot dress: Urban Outfitters
Red lipstick: Wet 'N Wild
Glasses: c/o Firmoo

Saturday, October 11, 2014

3 Ways to Dress Up Your Look with a Watch

Hello! Today, I decided to put together a lookboard showing off how to dress up your look with a watch. I chose a classic golden watch from Invaluable to style my looks around. Since Invaluable is an online auction marketplace, merchandise sells very quickly and this specific watch is no longer available. However, numerous other stylish watches can be found on their site.

Besides serving an important function of telling what time it is, watches have the potential to add a major style boost to your look. Below are three ways to dress up your look with a watch.

Look #1

Look #1: Long-sleeve plaid dress + thigh high socks + heeled booties + red lipstick + luxe bucket bag + golden accessories. For an urban look, pull out a dark plaid dress to pair with a golden watch. Layer on golden jewelry for an eclectic vibe. Pull the look together with a pair of bold booties, luxe bucket bach and red lipstick. Slip on a pair of thigh high socks to keep warm. This is a great look for a dinner date or a night in the city. 

Look #3

Look #2: Preppy sweater + leggings + platform combat boots + plaid scarf + golden watch + crossbody bag. Go slightly preppy with this look and pair your golden watch with a preppy sweater and plaid scarf. Keep the look from being too preppy by throwing on a pair of edgy, platform combat boots. Complete the look with a stylish crossbody bag and leggings. This is the perfect look for when you're feeling to lazy to dress up for class or a day of errands. 

Look #2

Look #3: Knit sweater + structured dress + black booties + classic sunglasses + stylish clutch + dark lipstick + golden watch. Dress up your golden watch with a patterned, structured dress. Slip on a dark knit sweater to keep cozy. Accessorize with a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses, a classic clutch, dark lipstick and a pair of heeled booties. This is a great look for a day spent at a museum.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Cropped Waffle Knit Sweater

 photo IMG_5495_zpsb965f7de.jpg

Hello! For this look, I showed off my new sweater from Forever 21. I purchased this sweater online a couple weeks ago when they were having their 30% off + free shipping sale. This is the "Cropped Waffle Knit Sweater" in teal and it retails for $17.80. With the discount, I ended up purchasing this sweater for about $13. $13 for a brand new sweater? Talk about a great deal! The cropped style, waffle texture and teal color of this dress instantly drew me to it and I'm very pleased with my purchase. I absolutely love cropped sweaters because they are the perfect style to throw on over a dress when it's chilly outside.

When picking out what to wear with this sweater, I wanted to go with a minimalistic look. Therefore, I paired it with a black circle skirt, black socks and a pair of black cut-out booties. I accessorized with a golden bag and golden jewelry. 

I'm definitely looking forward to styling various other looks with this sweater this season. 

Knit sweater: Forever 21
Circle skirt: H&M
Black booties: Daily Look
Golden rings: Vintage & Urban Outfitters
Golden bracelet: Vintage
Golden necklace: c/o Whimsy Accessories

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Philadelphia Magic Gardens

 photo IMG_5308_zpsb288b354.jpg
 photo IMG_5293_zps608cd7e1.jpg
 photo IMG_5309_zpsae4138fd.jpg

Hello! This past weekend my sister visited me in Philadelphia and we decided to spend Saturday on South Street. Surprisingly, I had never been to the Magic Gardens on South Street before so my sister and I decided to stop by. Essentially, the Magic Gardens are a "garden" of mosaics both inside and outside. Admission into the Magic Gardens is $5 for students and $7 for adults. The admission is definitely worth it to see the Magic Gardens.

The Magic Gardens were created entirely by one sole artist- Isaiah Zagar. He began the creation of the Magic Gardens in 1994. One can only imagine the years and years of hard work and dedication Zagar committed to the Magic Gardens.

The mosaics and artwork of the Magic Gardens are so incredible that I'm at a loss of words for how to describe them. One thing is for sure, the Magic Gardens are filled to the brim with various colors, patterns and textures. The walls and floors are completely covered with gorgeous mosaics created from tiles, bottles, pottery, old bicycle wheels and many other miscellaneous objects. There is juxtaposition of different objects that evokes an entirely unique feeling. I've never seen anything like the Magic Gardens before.

I snapped tons and tons of photos to capture and save the beauty of the Magic Gardens on my phone. Above are a few of my favorite photos that I took while there last weekend.

If you are ever in Philadelphia, I highly recommend checking out the Magic Gardens. You can read more about the Philadelphia Magic Gardens on their site HERE

Plaid dress: H&M
Polka dot socks: Forever 21
Loafers: Vintage
Quilted bag: Vintage
Golden earrings: Vintage
Golden spiked necklace: Lily Wang c/o ShopLately

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ModCloth Autumn Layering Challenge

ModCloth Layering Challenge

Hello! This past week ModCloth invited me to participate in their autumn layering challenge. They challenged me as well as several other bloggers to put together a lookboard showing our best layering techniques using several ModCloth items. Layering is one of my favorite things about fall so of course, I decided to participate in the challenge.

As you guys probably know, patterned dresses dominate my wardrobe. And most of them aren't exactly designed for fall weather; they are primarily short, light-weight and either are sleeveless or have short sleeves. When autumn rolls around and temperatures start to drop, just styling these dresses on their own is no longer going to work.

However, that doesn't mean that I'm ready to pack them up and put them at the back of my wardrobe. Instead, I prefer to layer them. By layering them, I am provided with endless different options of how to wear these "summery" dresses in the fall.

Printed dresses like the dress in the set above look great styled with long cozy cardigans, plaid button downs or open knit sweaters. When styling looks for cooler weather, I also heavily rely on thigh high socks and tights. I'm not a huge fan of pants so thigh high socks and tights allow me to keep my legs warm while still wearing dresses.

This fall, I really like how cut-out boots and heeled booties look paired with a dress, sweater and pair of thigh-highs. Throw on a statement necklace and grab a bold bag and you're good to go.

Below are my favorite layering items from ModCloth:

1. "Vanilla Bean Dream Cardigan" $59.99. Slip this cardigan on over your favorite printed dress and you'll be prepared to face the chilly fall weather. The length of this cardigan also makes it perfect for styling with leggings. Be sure to check out Modcloth's full line of cardigans; they offer numerous prints, colors, textures and styles of cardigans. Definitely drooling over quite a few of their cardigans! 

2. "Craft Cider Tasting Top in Navy" $39.99. This fall, I've been obsessing over plaid button downs. They look great layered underneath of chic sweaters but also look great over solid colored dresses. Additionally, plaid button downs look great tied around your waist with a stylish dress on those warmer fall days. 

3. "Those Fall Nights Sweater" $54.99. A classic sweater like this one can be layered with practically everything in your fall wardrobe. I love the rich autumnal color of the sweater; it just screams "fall."

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Velveteen Dress

 photo IMG_5416_zps3b9b4e06.jpg
 photo IMG_5418_zps0bebe6e5.jpg

Hello! Today, I donned my newest addition to my wardrobe- this velvet dress. I recently purchased this dress online from Forever 21 when they were having their 30% off + free shipping sale. I mean how could I pass up a sale like that? Especially when my wardrobe was desperately calling for more fall and winter pieces. This is the "Crushed Velveteen Cutout Dress" in grey and retails for $14.90 HERE. With the sale event, I purchased this dress for a little over $10- talk about a steal! 

I was ecstatic when I received my package from Forever 21 and pulled this dress out. The first thing that I noticed was the very rich, velvet texture of the dress; I love the glamour it portrays. Additionally, I love the deep gray color and cut-out feature on the back of the dress. I am also very pleased with the fit of the dress. I ordered a size large and it fits nearly perfectly. And it's not too short which is a problem that I sometimes encounter with dresses from Forever 21. Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase and am almost tempted to order another similar dress in a different color.

I styled the dress with a pair of leopard print boots and white sunglasses. I accessorized with several vintage rings and a pair of rhinestone statement stud earrings.

Velvet dress: Forever 21
Leopard boots: Target
Rings: Vintage
Earrings: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello October

 photo IMG_5385_zps2aeff12a.jpg

Hello! Today's weather was beyond perfect and reminded me why I love fall so much. For my look, I pulled my favorite pair of pants out of my wardrobe. The easygoing flare fit and stylish bohemian print of these pants have me falling more and more love each time I wear them. They are also incredibly comfortable and who could say no to that? For the gorgeous weather, I threw on an open knit, black sweater over a simple black bralette. I accentuated the colors in the pants with a neutral, peachy tote bag and black studded sandals. I accessorized with a simple pair of golden earrings and a golden ring.

Hope that you guys are enjoying this fall weather as much as I am!

Printed pants: Forever 21
Studded sandals: Jeffrey Campbell via Buffalo Exchange
Tote bag: c/o Robert Matthew
Knit sweater: Thrifted
Black bralette: Victoria's Secret
Golden ring: Vintage
Golden earrings: Unknown

Sponsored by: The Watch Buyers Group