Saturday, December 31, 2016

Turquoise Bohemian Details


Hello! When winter hits, I tend to wear a lot of black. Why? I'm not totally sure but now that winter's in full swing, I've found myself falling back to wearing black on a pretty constant, consistent basis. Black is straightforward, classic and chic so if I don't have a lot of time getting ready in the morning, it's an easy go-to. You can't really go wrong with a little black dress or black on black combo. But wearing black constantly can sometimes lead you into a style rut of sorts where your everyday looks sort of meld together and all feel the same. And where's the fun in that? 

The key to not falling into that "boring black uniform look" is accessorizing your little black #OOTD. Because black is so basic, it can serve as the canvas for a wide variety of different styles. Feeling sophisticated? Better grab that stylish little black dress and classic strand of pearls. Feeling seventies? Grab those yellow aviator shades and seventies print scarf. Feeling boho? Layer on the turquoise jewelry. 

For this look, I pulled a new little black dress out of my wardrobe: this trendy, off-the-shoulder stunner that I recently received courtesy of StyleWe to showcase on my blog. This is their "Masked Queen" dress and it retails for $43 here. The beautiful style and high quality of the dress impressed me so much upon opening it that I actually wore it the very next day. 

ToSave recently sent me the absolute cutest complimentary bohemian jewelry that I couldn't wait to style so I figured to go for a free-spirited, boho look with the dress and stacked on the turquoise jewelry. I layered on two turquoise choker necklaces with another bohemian necklace for an entirely unique, boho look. I really love both of these choker necklaces even alone because they are so unique and piled together, they create a really strong boho statement. I also slipped on a boho bracelet and a whole handful of rings. You can shop the ToSave pieces I'm wearing above here, here, here, here and here. All of the ToSave jewelry I'm wearing above retails for less than $15 so I'd highly recommend clicking away to their site and updating your wardrobe with a few new chic, inexpensive pieces of boho jewelry. 

A vintage golden purse and small stud earrings pulled the look together. 

Black dress: c/o StyleWe
Golden purse: Vintage
Rings: c/o
Bracelet: c/o
Choker necklaces: c/o
Earrings: c/o KristinsCandiShop


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mod & Soul


Hello! The past few weeks leading up to the holidays have been madness for me; I work for two different retailers and saying that sales pick up near the holidays would be an understatement. I worked everyday from Thanksgiving until Christmas so you could definitely say that I've had limited free time recently. Which also means I haven't had a lot of spare time to shop at my favorite spots like Mod & Soul in the past few weeks. When I got out of work early last week, I decided to use some of that extra free time to stop by Mod & Soul to browse their beautiful collection of garments. 

Almost every item in Mod & Soul attracted my eye and I couldn't help but try on a few different pieces including this champagne-colored dress. The shimmery glitzy sheen, feminine silhouette and muted glamorous color of this dress immediately stole my heart and when I tried it on, I knew we were a match made in fashion heaven. 

I couldn't wait to wear the dress and broke it out of my wardrobe practically the day after I bought it. The dress emits all sorts of vintage glamour that I wanted to highlight so I styled it with several vintage and vintage-inspired feminine pieces. I wanted to keep the color of the look relatively neutral to really showcase the beautiful champagne color of the dress so I stuck to styling a pretty navy blue vintage purse and seventies-inspired denim platform heels with the dress. 

I layered on the feminine charm with my jewelry. I started with a stylish velvet choker followed by a personalized name necklace and a beautiful vintage-inspired statement necklace. I also slipped on a matching pair of vintage-inspired statement earrings. A few vintage rings and neutral lipstick perfected the look. 

Dress: Mod & Soul
Purse: Vintage
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell via Poshmark
Statement necklace and earrings: c/o KristinsCandiShop
Choker necklace: Ashby
"Tori" necklace: c/o Personal Necklace
Rings: Vintage
Lipstick: ColourPop in "Oh Snap"


Friday, December 23, 2016

From Dress to Tunic: What to do when your Favorite Minidress Shrinks


Hello! We've all been there before: rushing around to do three loads of laundry in less time than it should take as we hurry to check everything else off our "to-do" list and still step out the door in time for whatever meeting, work commitment, etc. that's waiting for you. It happens. Okay, maybe it happens to me about every week or two. Doing laundry is not always a top priority especially when free time is limited. But when it happens, you also run the risk of ruining your favorite dress/romper/top that absolutely cannot go in the washer/dryer. You may not spot it in your laundry basket and in your rush, accidentally toss it in with your laundry. And when you're folding your laundry and realize your mistake, you decide to try it on only to discover it has shrunk about two sizes and that dress that hit you mid-thigh now hits you nowhere close to an acceptable length.

So what do you do? Rethink that garment. It's not dead yet, it just needs to be re-imagined, re-worked. And dear god, please do not toss it in the trash can. It breaks my heart to know that there are people who literally throw away clothing in the trash can. No, no, no, no; please take it and even if you can't re-work it, please donate it to someone who can instead of filling up yet another landfill.

Recently, I encountered exactly the situation that I described above, which is actually what prompted this post. I accidentally sent my absolute favorite minidress through the washer/dryer without fully realizing it only to pull it out of my clean laundry basket to almost burst out in tears when I saw how short it had gotten. There's no way that this beauty will ever be worn as a dress again (unless I sew a layer underneath the dress to create a tiered dress and now that's an idea I may just try out...stay tuned.) However, the retro print, rich colors and flowy silhouette definitely make it a piece that I want to stay in my wardrobe. So I decided to re-imagine the dress as a tunic instead of a dress. And hey, it works.

For this look, I slipped a rich pink turtleneck under the dress to make it slightly more winter-appropriate and styled it with a sleek pair of black denim. I'm actually ecstatic about how this dress works as a tunic and may like it now more than ever despite the little laundry fiasco. I styled it with a statement pink coat, vintage pink purse and stylish black booties to play up the colors in the dress/tunic. Simple details like a chic pair of cat-eye sunglasses, clay tassel necklace and a bright pop of pink lipstick pulled the look together.

Black denim: BDG via Urban Outfitters
Floral dress/tunic: Urban Outfitters
Black booties: Jeffrey Campbell via Urban Outfitters
Pink purse: Vintage
Cat-eye sunglasses: Rumors
Lipstick: ColourPop in "Fetch"
Clay tassel necklace: ShopGlister


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Fashion, Trends & More x Rachel Dwyer Photography

Hello! Recently, I had the chance to collaborate with local Richmond photographer Rachel Dwyer. As I've said time and time before, I adore working with other creatives because I truly don't find anything as inspiring as combining my ideas and influences with someone else's to create something truly unique. And Rachel actually just moved to Richmond so I was able to show her around a little bit too while we shot in Carytown. 

For this look, I wanted to create a wintry vintage boho look to combine Rachel's personal aesthetic tastes with my own. She's much more drawn to bohemian styles while I'm more drawn to vintage styles but I feel like this look melded both of our tastes flawlessly.

I started styling this look around my little brown dress. I recently scored this minidress at a local thrift shop for less than $10 and am obsessed with the rich velvet texture and feminine silhouette. And while I typically shy away from wearing brown, I actually find the luxe brown color of this dress to be a refreshing change from the sea of black dresses hanging in my closet. 

I took advantage of the fact that I was actually wearing brown for once and pulled out one of my favorite pair of thigh-high socks to pair with the look: a brown, colorblocked pair. I love the way that the brown color of the dress and the brown colors of the socks subtly play off each other. To up the vintage and boho appeal of the look, I slipped on a platform pair of paisley heels with the look as well. These beauties are another recent addition to my wardrobe and "love" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel towards them. I've had my eye on these heels for a while but the hefty $150 price tag kept me from actually going ahead and adding them to my wardrobe. When I spotted them on sale for just about $90 on NastyGal's website on Black Friday, I immediately added them to my cart and went ahead and purchased them. And I'm so glad that I did!

To add a little color to the look and accentuate the soft seventies colors of the heels, I styled a light pink faux fur jacket and statement pink purse with the look. I accessorized with a pile of stylish golden rings, a velvet choker necklace, personalized name necklace, a pretty statement necklace and vintage-inspired earrings. Sunglasses and a rich wintry shade of lipstick perfected the look. 

I'm absolutely in awe of Rachel's photographic skills (these photos turned out so wonderfully!) and would highly recommend her for any future photography projects. You can check out more of her work here.

Pink faux fur jacket: c/o LightInTheBox
Velvet minidress: Vintage
Thigh-high socks: GoJane
Statement necklace: c/o Kristin's Candi Shop
Rings: Assorted (c/o Kristin's Candi Shop, c/o Moonstone Magic and vintage)
Paisley heels: Jeffrey Campbell via Nasty Gal
Pink purse: Vintage
White cat-eye sunglasses: Rumors
Brown sunglasses: Givenchy c/o SmartBuyGlasses
"Tori" necklace: c/o Personal Necklace
Vintage-inspired earrings: c/o Kristin's Candi Shop
Lipstick: ColourPop


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Up the Style of Your Wardrobe with These 5 StyleWe Dresses


Hello! I'm forever blown away by the beautiful designs that StyleWe has to offer. From stylish bags to chic jackets to stunning dresses, I'm constantly impressed by their best collections. All of designs feel so modern and hip that I find myself drawn to almost all of them. 

Read on for five StyleWe dresses that will instantly up the style of your wardrobe: 

1. Polyester Vintage Printed 3/4 Sleeve A-line Mini Dress, $62. How cute is the bohemian print of this dress? I just adore that elephant motif! 

2. Gray Crew Neck 3/4 Sleeve Floral-print Midi Dress with Pockets, $82. The interesting silhouette and floral detailing of this dress have me head over heels in love with this dress. 

3. Velvet Elegant Ruched Sheath Evening Dress, $89. Ok, wow! Do you see the rich green color and luxe velvet texture of this dress? Perfection. There's no other way to describe it. 

4. Khaki Cocoon Knitted Casual Sweater Dress, $82. Take your wardrobe from blah to wow with this unique trendy dress. 

5. Black Long Sleeve Stripes Stand Collar Midi Dress, $104. It's always nice to have a go-to, easy-to-style dress in your wardrobe and this dress fits that bill perfectly. 

Want more StyleWe? Look through StyleWe to discover the rest of their beautiful designs. And while you're there, go ahead and check out their blog; they have lots of helpful posts such as one covering how to wear cufflinks.


***Disclaimer: StyleWe provided monetary compensation for this post but I wrote the actual post and all opinions written in this post are mine.

Monday, December 19, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas


Hello! I'm not typically a fan of holiday-themed shoots BUT my parent's house looks so, so, so vintage cute right now that I couldn't resist the opportunity to set up a RaddayVintage holiday shoot in the house. Glitzy vintage ornaments, mischievous little elves and golden Santa figurines currently occupy every nook and cranny of the home, making it feel like a vintage holiday dream. For the shoot, I chose RaddayVintage pieces that felt very holiday and glamorous to compliment the decor of the home. You can shop the vintage faux fur jacket HERE and the black velvet maxi dress HERE

Model @tbf4ever.


Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Shoes of My Dreams


Hello! Within the span of the past few weeks, I've added several incredibly wonderful new pairs of shoes to my wardrobe including these knee-high golden boots (I mean- treat yourself, am I right?) I spotted these beauties on Jeffrey Campbell's website a couple months ago and knew that my wardrobe needed them. These are Jeffrey Campbell's "Ricochet" boots in gold metallic; they retail for $155 here. While they may be totally ridiculous shoes, they are totally ridiculously right for my wardrobe. Fabulous does not even begin to describe them. From the crinkled leather texture to the iridescent golden color, these shoes are everything that I could ever dream of.

For this look, I accentuated the height of the boots by pairing them with a short star-printed dress. I layered a vintage cream-colored coat with the dress; I love the way that the golden buttons on the coat complement the color of the boots. Several golden rings, necklaces and a chic pair of cat-eye sunglasses perfected the look. 

Golden boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Cream-colored coat: Vintage
Star print dress: c/o LightInTheBox
Cat-eye sunglasses: Rumors
Choker necklace:  Ashby


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

15 Stylish Gifts Under $20 with Paperless Post

Gift Guide

Hello! Where did the time go? The hustle and bustle of the holiday season have kicked into full gear. Which means it's time to start thinking about gifts (if you haven't already!) And let's be real, most of us are on limited budgets and can't afford to spend a ton of money on gifts. So instead of stressing over financial woes this holiday season, follow my 15 gifts under $20 gift guide. I've done all the work and digging for the perfect affordable gifts for you to buy to make the holiday season as stress-free as possible for you all that I can. Read on for my 15 gift ideas:

1. ColourPop makeup. The only decision is which eyeshadow or lippie to get! (And go ahead and stock up for yourself while you're at it- you deserve it)

2. Cozy cute socks. Yes, yes and yes.

3. Snuggly blanket scarf. 'Tis the season to cozy up in layer after layer. Find these at any local fashion boutique or fast fashion retailer.

4. A retro quirky lapel pin. I'm head over the heels in love with the fun design of this one.

"Moon Pie Cute Lapel Pin" by BlendingByBetty available for $10.

5. Statement sunglasses. GiantVintage has an incredible selection of sunglasses that are sure to please anyone on your list.

6. A chic planner for the new year. A gift that's not only stylish but also functional? Perfect!

7. Urban Outfitters nail polish. Love, love, love Urban Outfitters' selection of nail polish- they have a wide variety of shades to suit any friend's tastes.

8. A rad disposable camera. Give a gift of memories with a rad disposable camera. You can find these at any local CVS or Rite Aid.

9. A gift card to their favorite brunch spot. Because who doesn't love brunch?

10. An adorable succulent, cactus or other small houseplant. You can find these at stores like Lowe's and other garden stores.

11. A luxurious cozy candle. Perfect for the cold winter season!

"Candlefish Candle in Tin" available on Birchbox for $8.

12. Beautiful bohemian jewelry. Great for your best friend, sister, mom, etc.

13. A card, stationery, or business cards from Paperless Post. Paperless Post has the most beautiful stationery that will delight anyone on your shopping list.

14. Interesting tights or thigh high socks. Urban Outfitters sells my favorite tights and thigh-high socks- I'd definitely recommend.

15. Pretty tassel earrings. Confession: I totally ordered these earrings as a gift to myself. But they're SO cute and so affordable- definitely a great buy!

"Cotton Tassel Earrings with Gold Details" by ShopGlister for $18.


This post is a partnership with Nakturnal.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

StyleWe: 5 Mini Skirts I'm Falling Head Over Heels in Love With

StyleWe: 5 Mini Skirts I'm Falling Head Over Heels in Love With

Hello! Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite brands with you all: StyleWe. StyleWe specializes in fashion-forward women's apparel and bags. They carry an incredible selection of designs that look like they walked straight from the runway to StyleWe's site. I constantly find myself yearning over the pieces that StyleWe sells.

And boy, do they have a beautiful selection of mini skirts! Featured above are my favorite short mini skirts 2016 available on StyleWe; read on to hear why:

1. Blue H-line Casual Asymmetric Mini Skirt, $45. I've been loving denim recently and this denim mini skirt is no exception- it's so cute!

2. Blue Zipper Plain Casual A-line Mini Skirt $45. Brb swooning over the beautiful blue color of this mini skirt.

3. Black Casual A-line Color-block Mini Skirt, $56. Okay wow. Just wow. Everything about this skirt is "wow." I mean how could you not love the creative design, bold style and charming colors of this skirt? Definitely a statement mini skirt!

4. Black Elegant A-line Mini Skirt, $36. The black color and classic silhouette of this mini skirt make it unbelievably versatile while the trendy button-up detailing keeps it just fresh and modern enough. And for just $36? You're going to want to snatch this skirt up while you can!

5. Khaki Plain Zipper Vintage Mini Skirt, $98. Love, love, love the western bohemian vibes of this mini skirt.

Can't get enough of StyleWe? Well now there's more to enjoy than just their products, fashion news and social media. Intrigued? You should be! StyleWe also has a presence on Youtube; check out their Youtube for even more fashion goodness.

***Disclaimer: StyleWe provided monetary compensation for this post but I wrote the actual post and all opinions written in this post are mine.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Barbie Meets Twiggy

Photos by Caitlin Funkhouser Photography. Please do not use photos without crediting her as the photographer.
Photos by Caitlin Funkhouser Photography. Please do not use photos without crediting her as the photographer.
Photos by Caitlin Funkhouser Photography. Please do not use photos without crediting her as the photographer.

Hello! Recently, I collaborated with local Richmond photographer Caitlin Disharoon of Caitlin Funkhouser Photography to create a little pretty in pink magic. I've worked with Caitlin before and it was a pleasure working with her again. And I'm over-the-moon happy with how the photos from our shoot turned out. If you're looking for a Richmond photographer for your next creative project, I'd recommend checking out Caitlin Funkhouser Photography.

For this outfit, I layered on the pink for a sort of "Barbie meets Twiggy" look. I styled the look around this sixties Barbie-pink dress. I recently scored this dress at a local thrift shop for less than $10 and almost can't believe my good luck. When I spotted it, I instantly fell in love and fell even further in love when I slipped it on and it fit like a glove. Often, I struggle to find sixties/seventies vintage pieces that actually fit me so finding pieces that do feels like a real treat. And I can't help but love the feminine color, bold silhouette, mod style and vintage character of this dress. It gives off major sixties Twiggy vibes that have totally captured my heart. Hey, I'd even go so far as to say that this dress may be one of my best/favorite vintage finds ever.

And what better to go with a vibrant pink dress than a beautifully pink coat? This pink beaut is another recent addition to my wardrobe. When I discovered this coat at Ashby for just $20, buying it was a no-brainer. For the past few months, I've been swooning over any and every thing pink and this coat is no different. To complete the pretty in pink vision, I slipped on a pretty pair of pink heels and a vintage pink purse. A pink ribbon choker, Barbie pink lipstick and stylish cat-eye sunglasses perfected the look.

Photos by Caitlin Funkhouser Photography. 

Pink dress: Vintage
Pink coat: Ashby
Cat-eye sunglasses: Rumors
Pink lipstick: "Fetch" by ColourPop
Pink purse: Vintage
Pink heels: Jeffrey Campbell via ShopAkira

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Friday, December 2, 2016

$50 LightInTheBox Gift Card Giveaway

LightInTheBox Giveaway

Hello! Today I have a real treat for you all: a $50 LightInTheBox gift card giveaway. For those of you who are unfamiliar with LightInTheBox, they're an online retailer with an incredibly stylish yet affordable selection of fashionable clothing and accessories. They've provided me with several of my favorite items in my wardrobe including my denim off-the-shoulder top and pink faux fur jacket. And now, they want to spoil one lucky Fashion, Trends & More reader with a $50 gift card to spend on their site!

LightInTheBox prices their products very affordably so a $50 gift card goes a long way on their site. All of the items featured above retail for less than $50. Some of my favorite LightInTheBox designs (featured above) include their "Women's Beach Boho Loose Dress", "Daily Simple Regular Pullover", "Daily Simple Spring Jacket", "Fashion Imitation Turquoise Cuff Upper Arm Bracelet" and "Silver Plated Created Turquoise Statement Collar Necklace."

And entering this giveaway is easy as could be! All you have to do is follow me on Instagram @toriradday and follow LightInTheBox on Instagram @lightinthebox. For additional entries, you can repost this giveaway image or any other LightInTheBox image on Instagram with the hashtag #LITBxTori; this can be done daily for extra points. You must enter through the Rafflecopter widget below in order for your entry to be counted.

This giveaway will run for two weeks and winner will be contacted through email. The winner will also be announced on this page shortly following the end of the giveaway. This giveaway is open internationally.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enter through the Rafflecopter widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway