Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vintage or Modern?

This ring recently came into my possession and I absolutely love it! The flowers are blue which you can't really see in the photo and the metal is a gold metal. So what do you think is it vintage or modern? In my next post or comment, I will reveal which it is.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Charlotte Russe or Coco Chanel?

A few weeks ago, I was shopping at Plato's Closet because I wanted a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe. I have to say Plato's Closet is quite impressive- many things sold there still have original tags attached. What I got though was an amazing deal! I got a Chanel look alike jacket for only ten dollars! Originally the jacket was from Charlotte Russe and I couldn't believe my eyes. Ten dollars as opposed to hundreds of dollars. So don't be judgmental, give Plato's Closet a chance.

Favorite Sites

Everyone has their own favorite websites and I am no different. I really enjoy fashion but also like art so my favorites reflect those interests. Below are my favorite websites:
1. they sell art, art supplies and also vintage pieces. You can get a one of a kind piece or sell art, art supplies or vintage pieces. What a great deal!

2. How could I not like my own blog?

3. this is a wonderful site that gives you trendy, fashion DIY activities.

4. they have everything on this site!

School-boy Fall Look

I have a new favorite trend this fall: the school boy look! This look can be described as a trend with boyish shapes and pieces that represent school. Some examples of this style are the letterman jacket, blazers, v-neck pullover cardigans with a straight shape, boyfriend jeans, and boyfriend sweaters. It looks the best if you only wear one or two pieces like this at a time and if you add a girly touch to the outfit. So how do you like this style? Do you love it or do you hate it?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer-Fall Mix

I love this time of year for many reasons-the fresh feeling of school starting again, the crisp scent, the colorful leaves and most importantly to this blog- the mix of fashions. By mix of fashions, I mean combining your summer clothing and fall clothing. This could be grabbing a high-waisted spring skirt and an obviously wintery cardigan or cuffed jeans, a halter top and a cute cardigan and heading to school. On weekends, you can grab shorts and a schoolboy-shaped cardigan and look effortlessly cool. One of the reasons I love this is because it is amazingly simple yet very stylish. So do you "mix" your clothes and love the result? If not, give it a shot and maybe you'll fall in love!