Tuesday, October 29, 2013

November 2013 Wishlist

November 2013 Wishlist

Hello! Can you believe that November has almost already stumbled upon us? It seems like it was just September practically yesterday. Today, I thought that I would share my November 2013 wishlist with you guys. If only all of these pieces would somehow magically appear in my wardrobe!

1. Oversize sweaters in neutral colors. Ideal for layering!

2. Crossbody bags. These bags are superb because they are extremely easy to carry around and they are the best size for holding all of the necessities- phone, keys, id/money & chapstick. 

3. Simple black sunglasses. Simple black sunglasses are a life-saver- they are very easy to style and work to keep the sun out of your eyes. Giant Vintage has a great selection of simple black sunglasses to choose from. 

4. Kimono. Such a free-spirited piece that would be great for layering with dresses and sweaters this upcoming November. 

5. Circle skirts. Currently, I am obsessing over circle skirts. Only two circle skirts (a black one and a black & white polka dot one) are present in my wardrobe but I would wear them everyday if I could. A maroon circle skirt and a beige circle skirt would be the perfect additions to my late fall/ early winter wardrobe. 

6. Faux fur vest. Nothing says November like a faux fur vest! I love the boho-glam-luxe look that faux fur vests emit. 

7. Versatile watch. I've been yearning for a versatile watch for quite some time now. Not only are they actually functional but they are also very stylish. 

8. Burgundy Doc Martens. I wear my black Doc Martens to death and would really love another pair in a different color. As winter approaches, these would be more and more useful to have in my wardrobe. They are the perfect stylish boots to trudge across the snow on campus in later this winter. No Uggs for me! These are definitely going on my Christmas list. 

9. Cut-out booties. This shoe trend has me falling head over heels. 

10. Knee-high socks. Due to my penchant for wearing skirts and dresses, I need to invest in some quality thigh-high and knee-high socks this fall/winter. I'm thinking of socks in shades of gray, black and maroon.  
11. Knit circle scarf. What's cozier than a knit circle scarf? 

What's on your wishlist this November? 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Living Royal

 photo DSCF3435_zpse723aed5.jpg
 photo DSCF3433_zpsc83cbe21.jpg

Hello! Recently, I received this show-stopping red dress courtesy of ShopLately to showcase on my blog. This dress is sold by Living Royal and is the "Striped Mesh Peplum Dress" in red. It retails for $33 + shipping HERE. This is actually the second time that I've worn this dress but I didn't get a chance to photograph the dress the first time I wore it. This dress is the perfect going-out dress. These photos were taken before I went out on Saturday night. 

Overall, I am very pleased with the dress. The quality of the dress is very good- the fabric is not too thin and the dress appears to be well-made. The fit of the dress is also quite pleasing. I wasn't quite sure what size to order because I typically take a size large in dresses but I didn't want to run the risk of the dress being too big so I ordered a size medium. Which turned out to be the right choice because it fits perfectly. Of course, I also adore the style of the dress. The body-con fit, peplum waist and sheer top all have me swooning over this dress.

On Saturday, it was too cold to wear this dress by itself so I styled it with a pair of black opaque tights and a camouflage jacket. My black Doc Martens completed the look. 

Red dress: Living Royal c/o ShopLately 
Black tights: Urban Outfitters
Black boots: Doc Martens
Camouflage jacket: Vintage

Friday, October 25, 2013

Golden Glitter Combat Boots

 photo DSCI1038_zps44f1b509.jpg
 photo e49ca4a3-08ea-4555-99c6-95d42fa85e95_zps10b0a607.jpg
 photo DSCI1040_zps5cb58921.jpg

Today, I styled my outfit around my black and white polka dot circle skirt. Although I've only had this skirt for a few weeks, I've already worn it quite a few times. The versatility of the print of this skirt combined with the stunning shape of the skirt simply draw me to wear it time and time again. Today, I abandoned color completely and simply paired the skirt with shades of black and of gold. 

Due to chilly temperatures outside, layering was my best friend today. I began by pairing the skirt with a black cropped tank top followed by a black, open knit sweater topped off by a large black winter coat. I also slipped on a pair of black opaque tights

I invigorated my look with golden accessories and even golden shoes. The first accessory that I threw on was a short, golden spiked necklace. This necklace is sold by ShopLately and is the "Bitter and Sweet Chain Necklace." It retails for $16 + free shipping HERE. The juxtaposition of the sweet diamond charms and edgier spiked charms has me continually reaching for this necklace. 

I decided to switch things up today and layer the necklace with my new necklace courtesy of Whimsy Accessories. The necklace that I am wearing (the second, longer spiked necklace) is "The Black & White Rivet Geometric Necklace" and retails for $18 + free shipping. You can check it out HERE.  I am very pleased with this necklace; besides being a great piece to layer with other necklaces, it is very good quality, easy to style and trendy. Who could say no to that combination? I am very impressed with Whimsy Accessories overall and would definitely recommend checking Whimsy Accessories out HERE.  Other than necklaces, Whimsy Accessories also sells brooches, bracelets, earrings and rings. 

Today, I also got a chance to wear my new golden glitter combat boots courtesy of ShopLately. These boots actually just arrived in the mail yesterday but I simply couldn't wait to wear them. If you follow me on twitter, then you know that just receiving them in the mail made my day! These are the 
"Qupid SOURCE-03X Glitter Combat Boot" sold by ZOOSHOO. They retail for $47 + shipping. You can find them HERE. These boots also come in navy but I much prefer the "champagne" color.

The second that I spotted these boots on ShopLately, I fell in love and when they came in the mail, my love for them only deepened. To my delight, the quality of these shoes is wonderful and I believe that these boots will last me quite a while. Also, not too much glitter has fallen off yet so that is definitely a plus. 

I wrapped up my look with a pair of classic sunglasses and my leopard crossbody bag. I hope that you guys all enjoy your weekend!

Tights: Urban Outfitters
Gold glitter boots: ZOOSHOO c/o ShopLately
Black coat: Sears
Black open knit sweater: Thrifted
Black and white polka dot skirt: Urban Outfitters
Short golden necklace: Lily Wang c/o ShopLately
Longer golden necklace: c/o Whimsy Accessories
Classic sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage Sunglasses
Black crop top (under sweater): Vintage
Leopard crossbody bag: Urban Outfitters

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Smak Parlour Fashion Truck

 photo IMG_0892_zpsdafc483c.jpg
 photo IMG_0910_zps6b68a56f.jpg
 photo IMG_0898_zpsb7276f91.jpg

Hello! Today, Smak Parlour visited Philadelphia University's campus for an event run by StyleLine (the school's fashion journalism club of which I am a part of). Smak Parlour is a fashion truck that sells women's clothing and accessories. Although, I didn't get a chance to stop in the truck today (I just managed to pose for some photos next to the truck), I did get a chance to stop in last week when it previously visited. And let me just say that it was such a cool experience

The whole idea of a fashion truck is extremely appealing to me. I'm not sure what the huge draw is considering that a fashion truck is essentially just a truck full of stylish clothing and accessories. But I guess the fact that fashion trucks are mobile and frequently move to different areas really captivates me. And everything inside the Smak Parlour truck was arranged so neatly! Not to mention, Smak Parlour had some wonderful merchandise selling everything ranging from inexpensive bandeaus to edgy jackets to sweet dresses. If I wasn't a broke college student, I would have definitely purchased something from Smak Parlour!

Have any of you ever been inside a fashion truck before? 

Dress: H&M
Black knee highs: Unknown
Black sweater: Thrifted
Houndstooth blazer: Vintage
Oxfords: Vintage
Spiked necklace: c/o Whimsy Accessories
"Love" bracelet: c/o Whimsy Accessories
Backpack: Vintage Guess

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to Incorporate Cat Prints & Motifs into Your Wardrobe


Hello! If you know me, then you know that I love cats. As I left behind Richmond for college, I also left behind my two plump orange cats. And gosh, do I miss them! Luckily for me, cats (well cat prints and motifs) are having a "moment" right now. While it's been true that cat-related apparel and accessories have been gaining popularity for a while, I'm really stuck on the look this season. 

And incorporating cat prints and motifs into your wardrobe could not be any easier. Cats are printed on everything from dresses to leggings to totes to socks to flats and so on and so on. If you're feeling quirky, don a stylish cat print dress with a vintage blazer and some vivid jewelry. If you're feeling more edgy, grab a cropped kitty tee shirt and pair it with a pair of high-rise black pants and combat boots. 

The great thing about cat prints and motifs is that they are absurdly easy to style. Many pieces of cat-related apparel come in either very neutral colors or simply in black and white, making it very easy to style them with other pieces. My favorite cat pieces in my wardrobe this fall would have to be my cat print dress (pretty much a given), kitty cat pins and my studded cat ears. 

Wondering where to seek out this trend? Stores with the coolest cat pieces include Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, H&M and Topshop. 

What do you guys think about cat prints and motifs? 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pop of Red

 photo DSCF3333_zps84857402.jpg
 photo DSCF3336_zps58098d83.jpg

Hello! Photographed above is my outfit from yesterday. At last, my black circle skirt that I keep raving about is present on my blog. I know that my black circle skirt has been MIA on my blog but it has also been MIA in my dorm room. 

Originally, I bought a simple black circle skirt at H&M before I headed off to college for around $20 and I was stoked to wear it this fall. So pretty much as soon as I was settled in at school (maybe after a week or so), I broke out my circle skirt and paired it with a striped top for a day spent in the city. However, I didn't get a chance to take any photos of my outfit that day. 

A few days later, as I was planning out my outfits, I wanted to wear my black circle skirt again but to my dismay, I couldn't find it. It had never been washed so I tore my dorm room apart looking for it. Still no luck finding it. Several weeks passed and I still couldn't find the skirt- I even moved my bed and wardrobe in an unsuccessful attempt to find it. 

By the end of September, I finally gave up on trying to find my first black circle skirt and ordered another one (in a slightly different style) from H&M online. Unfortunately, it took the skirt about a month to get here. I think that it must have been out of stock when I ordered it. But I am so glad that I ordered another black circle skirt. I seriously am obsessed with this skirt. Now, if only I can manage to keep track of this skirt.

For my look yesterday, I styled my black circle skirt with a gray and black unicorn-printed crop top followed by a sheer white blouse. The way that the print of the crop top peeks through the sheer blouse has me falling in love with the combo. To draw out the gray in my crop top, I slipped on a pair of gray oxfords and gray lace socks. 

Since the color scheme of the base of my outfit was so minimalistic, I spiced things up with accessories. Although you can barely see it in these photos, I styled a jaunty, rhinestone necklace with my look for a burst of glam. This faux rhinestone necklace was sent to me complimentary of ShopLately to feature on my blog. This necklace is the "Chunky Crystal Chain Statement Necklace" sold by Kristin Perry Accessories and retails for $20 with free shipping. You can check it out HERE. This necklace was most definitely a good pick- I love how it can add a dose of glam to any look. A pop of red lipstick and my red kitty-cat phone case perfected my outfit. 

Black circle skirt: H&M
Lace socks: Urban Outfitters
Unicorn crop top: Forever 21
White blouse: JCP
Gray oxfords: Forever 21
Cat phone case: eBay
Leopard print bag: Urban Outfitters
Rhinestone necklace: Kristin Perry Accessories c/o ShopLately
Red lipstick: Wet 'N Wild
Retro sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 photo DSCF3326_zps2a438603.jpg
 photo DSCF3328_zps84438239.jpg

Hello! Today, my kitty cat dress yet again resurfaced from my wardrobe. This dress is definitely my favorite dress this fall and I have to resist the urge to wear it more often than just every other week. For today's look, I played up the feline vibe of the dress by layering a sheer leopard print blouse over top of it. Like my kitty cat print dress, this leopard print blouse is becoming one of my fall essentials. The versatility of this blouse is just amazing. It is perfect to wear over dresses, with leggings (the length makes it the ideal top to pair over leggings) or layered underneath sweaters (so that the collar peeks out.) And of course, I adore the print of the top; leopard print never fails to delight me. 

The lovely weather here in Philadelphia permitted me to walk around campus bare-legged and forgo any kind of jacket or sweater. Who could say no to that?

Anyway, more on to the details of my outfit! For class today, I grabbed my black vintage Guess backpack. This is my go-to bag for class and meetings. I accessorized with a pair of brown lace-up boots, a pair of round brown sunglasses and a brown wrap bracelet to emphasize the shades of brown in my blouse. 

This brown bracelet is one of the newest additions to my jewelry collection. Wakami recently sent me this bracelet to showcase on my blog. Wakami is an online retailer that sells unique bracelets for both men and women. This is the "Elements of Life-Fire" wrap bracelet and it retails for $22. Overall, I am very pleased with this bracelet; the neutral colors make it ideal for fall while the wrap style makes it a great attention grabber. 

Kitty cat dress: H&M
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Leopard print blouse: Thrifted
Round sunglasses: ZooShoo c/o ShopLately
Backpack: Vintage Guess
Bracelet: c/o Wakami

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Polka Dotted

 photo DSCI1033_zpsa6b4e8b3.jpg
 photo DSCI1035_zps1bf5e31b.jpg

Hello! Today, I chose to debut my new black and white polka dotted circle skirt. When my parents came to visit last weekend, we traveled into Center City for some shopping and I picked this skirt up at Urban Outfitters. As soon as I spotted this black and white circle skirt on the sale rack, I knew that it had to be mine. I tried it on and instantly fell in love with it. It is my perfect skirt- I absolutely love the skater shape, the vivid print, short length and the comfort of the skirt. And the price was certainly appealing at only $20. 

Today, I styled my black and white circle skirt with a plum colored button down. Although you cannot really see them in these photos, I pinned two black cat clips onto my collar. Meow! 

This week, the weather is finally cooling down here in Philadelphia. Temperatures have been in the 50s and 60s for the most part. Therefore, to keep warm, I slipped on my camouflage jacket and a pair of black knee high socks. I wrapped my look up with a pair of black vintage oxfords, a black leather backpack and a pair of white heart sunglasses. 

These photos were taken in front of Philadelphia University's library. 

Polka dotted circle skirt: Urban Outfitters
Heart sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage Sunglasses
Camouflage jacket: Vintage
Black oxfords: Vintage
Black knee highs: DIY out of an old pair of tights
Plum colored button down: Vintage Express
Black leather backpack: Vintage Guess

***Check out my most recent article for Philadelphia University's student-run fashion blog HERE. The article talks about Urban Outfitters' Halloween Shop. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Eynack Glasses


Hello! Today I have a new brand to introduce to you guys- Eynack. Eynack is an online shop that specializes in eyewear. They sell frames for both women and men. They sell many different styles of glasses that appeal to a wide range of people (especially fashion forward people!)

One of the cool thing about Eynack glasses is that the glasses are created from sustainable bamboo. Looking stylish and helping the environment at the same time? Yes, please! I also love Eynack's prices- glasses range from $85- $125 per pair with most glasses just costing $85 per pair.

Below are three of my favorite pairs of Eynack glasses:

1. "Dada" glasses. $85. I'm "geeking" out over these black, nerdy frames.

2. "Leopardish girl" glasses. $85. With a name like "leopardish girl", it should come as no surprise to you that I am falling head over heels in love with these glasses. Leopard print is one of my favorite prints and these glasses prove that leopard print looks good printed on practically anything.

3. "Tootsi" glasses. $85. Such a classic pair of glasses!

***Eynack did not provide monetary compensation for this post but they did send me a pair of complimentary eyeglasses for the post. Originally, I was going to review the glasses but I accidentally ordered the wrong prescription. Ooops!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mall of Style

 photo DSCI1012_zps7e89d1e2.jpg
 photo DSCI1019_zps3154b2b2.jpg
 photo DSCI1021_zps210a641d.jpg

Hello! Can you believe that it is already October? October is definitely one of my favorite if not all time favorite month of the year. I love everything about October from the crisp piles of orange, red and yellow leaves to breaking out fall sweaters and socks to pumpkin picking. I chose to celebrate the beginning of October by wearing one of my favorite fall dresses. I layered a simple, open knit black sweater over top of the dress and slipped on a black pair of knee high socks to keep warm. I accessorized with a classic black bag, retro sunglasses, vintage oxfords and an orange statement necklace. 

Mall of Style recently sent me this gem of a necklace to review. Mall of Style is an online shop that sells gorgeous jewelry ranging from stunning necklaces to chic earrings to simple bracelets and so on. This necklace is the "Orange Statement Necklace" and retails for $18.99+ shipping. You can buy it HERE. 

When I opened up my Mall of Style package, I was quite pleased although slightly surprised by how bright the orange of the necklace was. Usually I stick with dark, rich tones for clothing and accessories but I'm definitely liking this almost neon orange necklace. It definitely refreshed/ updated my wardrobe! There is no other product like it in my wardrobe.

Additionally, Mall of Style sells plenty of other statement necklaces so if you are looking for a piece to update your wardrobe without crushing your wallet, I would recommend checking out Mall of Style. A few of my other favorite Mall of Style necklaces include the Black Statement Necklace, Statement Choker Necklace and Choker Necklace in Gold. 

I hope that you guys are all enjoying October like I am!

Black sweater: Yard Sale
Black and orange floral dress: ShopWasteland
Socks: Unknown
Oxfords: Vintage
Orange necklace: c/o Mall of Style
Black sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Black bag: Vintage Coach