Friday, December 31, 2010

Shopping the Sales:Trip 3

Today I went to the mall... again but this time with one of my friends. The sales seemed to have gotten better. Some of the best stores we went to were Bath& Body Works, Hollister, Delia's, and American Eagle. In bath & body works a lot of their merchandise was 75% off and some was 50% off. Most everything in the store was on sale and I got two ornaments for less than $1! My friend got a fold up bag for about $1. In Hollister, everything in their store was 40% off- including clearance! I didn't bring much money so I ended up only getting one thing- a summery gray shirt for less than $5!(It was $4.74 including tax.) My friend got two tee shirts for a great deal also. I was the only one who ended up getting something in Delia's which happened to be a coat and a bag. The coat was about $45 and the bag was $4. If you are in need of a winter coat or graphic tees then Delia's is the first place you should head. Neither my friend nor I ended up getting something at American Eagle but we both came close. All their clearance was an additional 30% off and they had a bunch of cute summery shirts that would end up costing $7-$12. That's a great deal considering the original price! I still haven't taken any photos but later I will and I'll upload what I've bought in the last few days.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Trend: Sequined Minidresses

As new year's eve parties start to approach, more and more people are buying their "party" outfit. This year, sequined mini dresses are popular and many stores are selling them. Myself, I am not going to try this trend but are you? Have you already?

The dress to the left is from Forever 21(costing $19.80)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SALE! (Round 2)

Today I went out to finish my post-Christmas shopping. I went to Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Forever 21 was a nightmare; the lines to pay and to try things on were ridiculous. Charlotte Russe, however, was amazing! They called it their "blowout sale". It almost looked as if the store was going out of business. A lot of their clothing was only $5 or 2 for $5 and some for $10-$15. Their ballet flats were only $10 a pair and their clearance shoes were selling for $5 a pair! In addition, all of their other shoes were only $20- including boots! Belts, tights, some jewelry and their lingerie were on sale also for incredible prices. I ended up getting one pair of brown wedges for $5, the heel is high but I know that come spring they will probably be one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Later I'll post a picture. So have you done any good post- Christmas shopping?


The other day I went shopping at Urban Outfitters and H&M. Their deals were amazing! In Urban Outfitters all of their clearance was an additional 50% off to the price on the tag. The checkout line was crazy but the dressing room line really wasn't that bad. In H&M they had their $5, $10, $15, $20, 50% off sale. It was pretty good but not amazing, Urban Outfitters was better. The dressing room line was horrible and it seemed like I waited forever but the checkout line wasn't that bad. I got four items in total; three from Urban Outfitters and one from H&M. From Urban Outfitters I got a denim skirt, a white floral dress, and a blue dress for only $5 each! In H&M I got a floral dress for only $10! I barely had to pay any money for all of this because in addition to the sales I had a $20 mall gift card! I was so excited for all of my finds and later I'll post pictures.

Jeans & Prices

The other day I went shopping, hoping to buy a pair of jeans. I, unfortunately did not get a pair of jeans because I bought a few other things but now I'm aware of all the jean prices which I'll list below.

American Eagle-$30-$45(They are on sale right now)

Urban Outfitters- Jeans(BDG) starting at $29( another sale)

H&M- about $40 but their whole store is having a sale so you could possibly pick jeans up for just $15!

Delias- $40-$45 (they have an ongoing promotion for buy one get one 50% off on their jeans however so you could get 2 pairs of jeans for $60-$68.)

Charlotte Russe- $30-$40(these jeans go on sale sometimes though so if you can wait a while and watch the prices you could get a better deal.)

The jeans in the picture are from Charlotte Russe.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Poll Results: Favorite Stores

1. Forever 21
2. Charlotte Russe
3. Thrift Stores
4. Victoria's Secret
5. H&M
6. Sephora
7. Urban Outfitters
8. American Eagle
9. Hollister

Book Review: Style by Lauren Conrad

Yesterday, on Christmas, I got the book Style by Lauren Conrad. I love to read and finished the book that day. The book was great! I really liked it. Here is my own version of a book review.

New Information:7/10. It introduced some new material to me but I already knew a lot of it.

Information about wardrobe basics: 9/10. It talked about this topic all through out the book, not just in one chapter. Also it provided good information about building a wardrobe.

Information about clothing fit: 8/10. There were parts of the book soley devoted to this but as far as giving tips for certain body types, Conrad gave more tips for petite girls.

Information about hair: 6/10. The information was good but basic.

Information about makeup: 8/10. Again good information but not tips for everyone.

Information about putting outfits together: 5/10. Conrad didn't really hit this topic or didn't hit it well in her book, Style.

Information about the organization of a wardrobe: 9/10. Very good- always my favorite part of fashion/ style books!

Look:10/10. The cover is gorgeous of course but the inside is also quite pretty.

Overall:8/10. I enjoyed the book very much, I would recommend Style to anyone who loves fashion and to read.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Banana Republic Faves

I was browsing the Banana Republic website and these pictures are a few of my favorites. Also, Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fashion Interview #1

Girl interviewed: Missi
Favorite Store: Charlotte Russe
Favorite Item at store above& why: Lingerie because it looks good on.
Style: Chill, casual
Biggest Fashion Mistake: runny makeup(not really fashion but she wouldn't give me any other answer.)
Biggest Personal Fashion Mistake: Repeated outfits too many times
If she was given $1000 to spend on fashion, what would she buy?: A wedding dress( at age 14? whatever thats her- not me!)
Favorite shoes: mocassins
Favorite accessory: rings
Inspiration: myself and her dog, Bella
Celebrity with the best style: Whitney Port

Favorite Bags from Urban Outfitters

I absolutely love these bags! They are so pretty! Don't you think that the little mouse coin purse is adorable?

Favorite Dresses from Urban Outfitters

These dresses are sooo chic! I lovvvvve Urban Outfitters! Which one is your favorite?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

10 Fashion Resolutions for 2011

These are more like guidelines to being stylish. I follow them anyways but they might be new to you so take a look.
1. No sweatpants outside of the house- enough said.
2. No sneakers with skinny jeans- very unpolished.
3. No necklaces, or perhaps just a simple necklace, with one shoulder dresses/shirts.
4. No chipped toe nail polish if you are going to wear sandals.
5. No Uggs- they are ugg-ly.
6. No jeans that create a "muffin top"- very unattractive.
7. No bra straps showing- I hope you already knew this!
8. No necklaces with cross body bags.
9. No clothing that is too small- even shirts with long sleeves that are too short look bad.
10. No clothing with a name brand written on it- like shirts that say Hollister in large writing on the front.

Another Fashion Don't

Every one makes fashion mistakes but one of my least favorite is when people wear skinny jeans with sneakers. Converse look fine but those athletic sneakers? They've got to go! Wearing skinny jeans with athletic sneakers gives any outfit an unpolished, unsophisticated look. This is a look that should never be desired. Were you going for a sloppy look, Lindsay?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Party Outfit

Holiday parties are always fun and getting dressed is at least half the fun, right? This outfit would be great to wear to any party.

Starting the outfit simple, I chose a LBD. When dressing up or down, picking a LBD is a great way to go. You can use it as the "canvas" for your outfit and create a thousand different looks.

Next, I added tights to add a dose of color to the outfit.

To add some shine to the outfit, I threw in some sparkly jewelry.

Finishing off the outfit would be a pair of simple black heels.
Voila! A chic ensemble perfect for any holiday get together.
*All clothing & accessories are from Forever 21* (I love that store!)


As winter has formally begun, more and more wintery clothing starts to emerge. One of my favorite winter pieces is a scarf. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, prints, and fabrics. Besides adding to the appearance of your outfit, scarves keep you warm! Warm & chic- always a good combination. So, are you feeling the scarf love?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fashion Don't

Just because it's winter and there's snow on the ground is no excuse to wear sweatpants 24/7. (unless you are going to be outside for an extended period of time.) You may say it's "comfy" but really you are just making yourself look messy. (like in the outfits above.) And please- lose the UGG and fake UGG boots.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

10 Top Gifts

It's Christmas time! But there's one problem- what do you get your fashionable friends? Below are the top ten gifts for girls who love fashion(to give a friend):
1. Dangly earrings
2. A winter scarf
3. A necklace
4. Pajama bottoms- preferably long
5. A bottle of nailpolish
6. A button up cardigan
7. A charm bracelet
8. A fashion magazine- besides Teen Vogue and 17(a lot of people subscribe to at least one of these magazines.)
9. A makeup bag
10. Body spray- I love the Victoria's Secret PINK body spray

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Shopping Mania

Today I went shopping- at two different malls and a few other stores. Let me tell you some deals out there right now are incredibly good; if you want to put up with parking and large crowds:). The best deals were at Charlotte Russe today.(charlotte russe is my favorite store btw) Everything in their store was 50% off. Tops? yes. Skirts? yes Bags? yes. yes to everything! I got some cute jewelry for my friend for a great price and two tops for only $15! One top was a solid lace long sleeve shirt. the price? $5!(I just love that store!) And the other top was a silky pink tank top- its soooo gorgeous and only $10? heck yes! So what do you think are you going to brave the crowds for a good deal?