Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Daisies on Daisies

 photo DSCI1464_zpsd219d4f7.jpg
 photo DSCI1465_zps7c776531.jpg

Hello! Today, I took my love of daisy prints to another level. I started my look with a daisy-printed, black babydoll dress. My love of daisy prints and mixing of prints pushed me to layer a bold, red daisy top over the dress. I really love this combination of daisy prints because of how the larger daisy print of the top and smaller daisy print of the dress interact. The quirkiness and uniqueness of the combination of daisy prints is simply irresistible.

I decided to throw one more pattern into my look with these floral & polka dot printed wedges. These are the "Strawberry Polka Dot Fabric and Tie Wedges" by ILoveSexy.com. A pair of stylish white sunglasses completed my look.

I hope that you guys are enjoying your summer and surviving the heat!

Daisy dress: Buffalo Exchange
Daisy top: Vintage
Printed wedges: c/o ILoveSexy.com
White sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Heart IFB Links a la Mode: May 22


Hello! I'm pleased to announced that I was featured in this week's Links a La Mode on Heart IFB. Check out the rest of the great articles featured.

Fashion Reality
This week, it took me a long, long time to curate the links, not because of lack of quality, but because there were so many interesting topics to explore. Look Sharp Sconnie, let her facial hair grow to make a point about femininity and documented it beautifully. Vic Styles pondered if you wear the same clothes, can you be stylish? My Fashion S/ash Life found some remarkably stylish gents. And Pupuren discussed the phenomenon of photographing oneself, how one's face changes. (I know this from experience). We may put a face on for the digital world, but there are always a few brave enough to take off the mask.

Links à la Mode: May 22

SPONSOR: East Dane Promos, Codes, Filson, & Maria Black, Citrine Swim, Trainer's, Gitman, Shourouk, shopbop.ru, E Tautz & Sol Sana

Want to be featured in Links à la Mode?

1. Read the clarified rules and submit your links on this page: Links à la Mode. 2. If your link was selected and you need this week’s code, visit this page: Links à la Mode Code.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Daniella Samuels: The Blogger Behind Danie Daily

 photo IMG_3384_zps503adc7d.jpg
 photo IMG_3379_zps63c51db3.jpg

Hello! Today I met up with fellow Richmond fashion blogger, Daniella Samuels. Daniella Samuels is the blogger behind Danie Daily. Although she has had a string of various blogs in the past few years, Daniella now focuses all of her energy into Danie Daily which she started in November of 2013. 

Daniella is a student at Liberty University and also models in her free-time. When I met up with Daniella, we instantly clicked. Daniella has such a bubbly, friendly personality not to mention an incredible sense of style. And after talking to her, I realized how much we have in common when it comes to everything fashion-related. 

Daniella's sense of style is all about wearability. Of course, she loves what is shown on the runway but focuses on what is wearable and practical to wear in real life not just on the runway. Like myself, Daniella is a big fan of neutrals. She loves black for the winter and cream for the summer. Neutrals are just so classic and easy to wear and style. 

If Daniella had to chose one store to solely shop at for the rest of her life, she would chose Zara. She loves the wide selection of pieces and styles that are found in Zara. 

Like myself, Daniella's go-to outfit for the summer revolves around a stylish dress. For winter, her go-to look involves a chic top paired with a cozy scarf, sleek jeans and classic boots. Both looks are just such easy looks that are great go-to looks when you have no idea what to wear or not much time to pick out an outfit. 

For my look today, I pulled my bold floral dress out of my wardrobe. The vivid colors and breezy shape of this dress make it ideal for hot summer days like today. I kept my look relatively simple and paired a dark green clutch, black studded sandals and pearl embellished sunglasses with the dress. 

Although Daniella and I didn't plan to coordinate our outfits, the colors in our outfits complemented each other perfectly. I am absolutely in love with Daniella's sea-green circle skirt. The texture and color of the skirt are simply flawless. I love how she styled the skirt with a classic denim blouse and fun sandals. Layered jewelry and sunglasses completed her look. 

Be sure to check out Daniella's fashion blog, Danie Daily, for instant style inspiration.  

On me:
Floral dress: SohoGirl c/o ShopLately
Black sandals: Jeffrey Campbell via Buffalo Exchange
Pearl embellished sunglasses: ZooShoo c/o ShopLately
Green clutch: Vintage 

On Daniella:
Sea-green skirt: Unknown
Denim blouse: J. Crew
Sandals: Pacsun
Jewelry: Chloe and Isabel

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Oh "Lawdy", How High is Too High?

 photo lawdy_s_zps5fb34c9d.jpg

Jeffrey Campbell, producer of incredible, swoon-worthy shoes, is known for the high heights that their shoes are taken to. A platform is present on nearly every pair of their shoes. And while they do offer shoes with little to no heel (my black studded sandals for example), their heels are definitely the most well known. They create a bold statement and can instantly transform an outfit from blah to breath-taking. My black Jeffrey Campbells (with a 6 inch heel) have saved me time and time again while figuring out what to wear.

As you guys may know from following my blog, I absolutely love heels and wear them on a regular basis. Through years of practice, I feel as though I can confidently walk in heels without toppling over embarrassingly. And because of this, often "the higher, the better" is my motto in regards to heels. 2 inch heels? Okay. 4 inch heels? Even better. 6 inch heels? Ideal for making a statement. 

However, Jeffrey Campbell recently outdid itself, releasing a pair of "Lawdy" platforms and I'm not sure if "the higher, the better" is my motto in this case. And why not? Well, the heel on the "Lawdy" platforms is 11 inches- yes 11 inches! A platform heel of almost a foot begs the question "how high is too high?" when it comes to heels.

I think that your height plays a large role in figuring out how high is too high when it comes to heels. Personally, 6 inches is as high as I will go when it comes to heels. Naturally, I'm already tall at 5'8" so a 6" heel already boosts me up off the ground to a solid 6' and I don't see much of a need or have any desire to be taller than 6'. However, if you are naturally 6' then 6" heels probably are not your cup of tea. If you want that boost, go for it but it will definitely make you taller than most of the people around you. If you are shorter, maybe a 7 or 8 inch heel is ideal for you but I see no need for heels higher than 6 inches.

Additionally, once you surpass 6 inch heels, it becomes increasingly hard to balance and therefore more difficult to walk. And an 11 inch heel is a tad ridiculous in my opinion. Why would anyone ever want or feel the need for a heel that tall? It seems like a recipe for disaster to me. And while platforms are easier to walk in, if you step on something like a rock when you are wearing platforms, you can be thrown completely off balance which increases the chance of an embarrassing and painful fall. How well you can walk in heels should also play a large role in the height of the heels that you chose to don. Before grabbing a pair of sky-high heels, you may want to make sure that you can actually walk in them.

As much as I love Jeffrey Campbell, the "Lawdy" platforms are a bit too wild for my tastes. I will admit that they are very stylish but a heel of almost a foot? No thank you! What do you guys think about these heels? How high is too high in your opinion? Would you ever dare wear a pair of heels with a heel this high?

The "Lawdy" platforms can be found HERE and retail for $170. They come in sizes 5-11.

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Friday, May 16, 2014


 photo DSCI1436_zps308f6b4d.jpg
 photo DSCI1438_zps81a0890a.jpg

Hello! Today, I pulled my sunflower-printed dress out of my wardrobe. I love the tiered fit, open-back and sunflower print of this dress. The sunflower print is a nice alternative to the daisy prints that I have been constantly donning. 

I accessorized with several golden necklaces and a tan colorblock bag. Tan flatforms completed my look. I threw my hair up into an easy bun perfect for keeping my hair off my neck in this summer heat. 

Sunflower dress: Publik c/o ShopLately
Tan flatforms: Steve Madden
Colorblock bag: Vintage
Golden rhinestone and spikes necklace: Lily Wang c/o ShopLately
Golden jeweled statement necklace: Kristin Perry Accessories c/o ShopLately

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Back in Richmond

 photo DSCI1412_zps52a9836b.jpg
 photo DSCI1421_zps5c13bf28.jpg

Hello! I'm back in Richmond! And I'll be here for the rest of the summer. This summer, I hope to revive my blog. My blog is honestly like my baby and I know that it's fallen a little bit dormant in the past few weeks but I have more time and energy to put into it now that I'm home. I'm also really excited for this summer because I got an internship with RVA Mag. It is such a great opportunity and will provide me with crucial experience that will benefit me later when I try to begin a career as a fashion journalist. I will tweet the links to all of the articles that I write for RVA Mag so before sure to follow my twitter (@ToriRadday) to stay updated with it. 

Today, I started my look with this quirky daisy crop top. Looking through my wardrobe this season, my wardrobe is filled to the brim with daisy printed pieces. I'm pretty sure that not a week has gone by this spring when I have failed to wear a least one daisy printed piece. 

I wanted to go for a bold, graphic look and decided to stick with a primarily black and white color scheme. I paired the crop top with a white, high-rise circle skirt and playful white jelly sandals. Pearl embellished sunglasses completed the look. 

Daisy crop top: Wildly Smitten c/o ShopLately
White circle skirt: Know Style c/o ShopLately
White jelly sandals: JuJu via Asos
Pearl embellished sunglasses: ZooShoo c/o ShopLately

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Daisy Days

 photo IMG_7155_zps8c85440b.jpg
 photo IMG_7189_zps46010d0e.jpg

Hello! My roommate, Lauren, and I took photos together today seeing that today is one of the last days that we will be able to as I leave back for Richmond tomorrow.

For my look today, I pulled my acid-washed denim babydoll dress out of my wardrobe. I am currently swooning over any and all babydoll dresses. The loose fit has absolutely captured my heart. I styled it with an oversized daisy top (worn kimono-style). Daisies are another thing that I cannot get enough of this season. White sunglasses and flatform sandals completed my look.

Lauren also donned daisies with her crop top. I wish that this crop top was in my wardrobe- it is just too cute! She styled it with a circle skirt and an army green jacket. Burgundy Doc Martens (swoon!) and knee high socks completed her look. You can follow Lauren on instagram @lauren_aleya.

Dress: Forever 21
Daisy top worn as a kimono: Vintage
Flatforms: Steve Madden
White sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Free Spirit

 photo IMG_7098_zps530b5942.jpg
 photo IMG_7106_zpsbd6da168.jpg

Hello! The weather outside today is absolutely stunning. Perfect for sitting outside on the lawn! Below is my playlist for sitting outside on campus:

1. "Wiseman" by Slightly Stoopid
2. "Shape" by Glasser
3. "Marijuana" by Chrome Sparks
4. "Amber" by 311
5. "Love Song" by 311
6. "Baby" by Devendra Banhart
7. "Top of the World" by Slightly Stoopid
8. "Together" by the XX
9. "Easy High" by Swimwear
10. "Paracosm" by Washed Out

The weather outside today is ideal for this blue and purple dress. The faded colors and babydoll shape of this dress make it such a great, boho-hippie dress. Additionally, the loose fit and easy breezy pattern draw me in. I love the whole free spirit vibe of this dress. This dress was originally my mom's dress that she purchased at a Grateful Dead show in the 1980s. That factor definitely adds to the appeal of this dress!

I styled the dress with my white jelly sandals and white sunglasses.

Blue and purple dress: Vintage
White jelly sandals: JuJu via Asos.com
White sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Victoria's Dress

Victoria's Dress

Hello! Today, I have a new online shop to introduce to you guys- Victoria's Dress. Victoria's Dress guarantees "that we will make you satisfied with our products and services. We are in business to make you happy. We will go the extra mile for you."

Victoria's Dress sells wedding dresses, prom dresses and special occasion dresses such as cocktail dresses and evening dresses. They offer a tremendous selection of various dresses. You can search for dresses based on price, silhouette, fabric, neckline, sleeve length, train/hemline, back details, color and embellishment.

Victoria's Dress offers up to 65% off all dresses and free shipping on orders over $337.38. Prices for cocktail dresses range from about $75 to $200. Prices for Prom dresses range from about $75 to $340.

Below are a few of my favorite dresses from Victoria's Dress. I am currently obsessing over shades of mint, turquoise and sea green. They conjure up images of spring/summer and days spent by the sea.

1. "A-line One Shoulder Chiffon Blue Cocktail Dresses/Short Prom Dress With Hand-Made Flower" $118.07. The detailing of the flowers and texture of this dress drew my eye instantly to this dress. Of course, I'm also in love with the stylish color.

2. "A-line Sweetheart Sleeveless Chiffon Prom Dresses With Beaded" $134.99. This dress provides an instant dose of glam. The sweetheart neckline and soft color would make it a perfect choice to wear to Prom this season. Pair it with sky-high heels and a chic clutch and you're good to go.

3. "A-line Straps Sleeveless Chiffon Party Dress With Ruffles" $109.63. The allure of this dress is found in the simplicity. The simplicity of this dress allows for it to easily be paired with any accessories. It would look wonderful with a glamorous, rhinestone necklace.

4. "Sheath/Column One Shoulder Elastic Woven Satin Hunter Cocktail Dresses/Short Prom Dress With Beading" $134.99. The green of this dress is simply breath-taking. The straps and short fit are beyond flattering and this dress would be perfect for any formal occasion.

5. "A-line Sweetheart Chiffon Blue Long Prom Dresses/Evening Dress With Beading" $134.94. The flow of this dress is incredible. And of course, I can't resist the lovely mint-y color. This is another great pick for Prom.

6. "Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Sleeveless Tulle Prom Dresses With Beaded" $168.67. This pale mint dress would be absolutely ideal for Prom. The gorgeous beading and mermaid fit make this dress one-of-a-kind.

If you are looking for a chic new Prom dress or stylish cocktail dress, I would definitely recommend checking out Victoria's Dress. With their enormous selection of dresses, Victoria's Dress is bound to have the dress that you are looking for. Be sure to check out their chiffon prom dresses and cheap prom dresses. 

***Disclaimer: Victoria's Dress provided monetary compensation for this post but I wrote the actual post and all opinions written in this post are mine.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Soho Girl

 photo IMG_7016_zps923a62f9.jpg
 photo IMG_7017_zps001a94dd.jpg

Hello! I know it's been a while since I've posted an outfit but things here in Philadelphia have just been so chaotic with my freshman year coming to an end and whatnot. It's only a matter of about a week until I leave to go back home to Richmond for the summer.

Today, I threw on a breezy, floral print dress. Soho Girl recently sent me this dress complimentary of ShopLately. This is the "Floral Print Tied Back Mini Dress" and it retails for $28.99 HERE. This dress is pretty much my favorite dress at the moment. I ordered the dress in a size large and I love the loose, easy fit of the dress. The silhouette is very reminiscent of the 60's and 70's which is definitely one of the characteristics that drew me to the dress. Additionally, I am enchanted by the soft, pastel colors of the floral print on the dress.

I decided to let the dress speak for itself and go easy with my accessories. I simply slipped on a stylish pair of white sunglasses, a pair of blue wedges and a retro, blue bag.

Floral print dress: Soho Girl c/o ShopLately
Blue bag: Vintage
Blue wedges: Vintage
White sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange
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Sunday, May 4, 2014



Hello! Today, I want to share a few of my favorite dresses from DresSale with you guys. DresSale sells wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girls dresses, graduation dresses, prom dresses and cocktail dresses among many other formal dresses. They have an incredible selection of dresses. There are so many different styles, necklines, lengths, colors, textures etc. to chose from. Their dresses are also moderately priced for formal dresses. Cocktail dresses run from about $75-$200 with most running about $100-$125.

1. "Breath-taking Strapless Short Mint Cocktail Dress Featuring Beaded Appliques and Ruffles" $149.99. The pale, mint-y color of this dress is simply swoon-worthy. I also love the feathery texture of the dress.

2. "Little Cute Watermelon Chiffon Party Dress with Pleats and Zipper Closure" $82.99. Make a bold statement with this gorgeous, watermelon-colored dress.

3. "Fulgurating A-line Mini Homecoming Dress with Beadings and Crystals" $132.99. Such a versatile cocktail dress!

4. "Sexy Halter Neck Mini Homecoming Dress with Cross-over Pleats and Open-up Back" $113.99. How could you say no to the stunning cut-outs and gorgeous green color of this dress?

5. "Fantastic Illusion Neckline Cocktail Dress with Delicate Appliques" $126.99. The lace texture of this dress simply has me falling head over heels in love with it. This is the perfect graduation dress.

6. "Charming One-shoulder Mini Draped Homecoming Dress with Graceful Pleats" $103.99. The color of this dress makes it ideal for spring and the perfect dress for any occasion.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Summer 2014 Bucket List

Hello! Since today marks the beginning of May, I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to share my summer 2014 bucket list with you guys. I hope to complete all of these tasks while I spend my summer back in Richmond. I head back to Richmond on May 10th; I can't believe freshman year is already almost over.

1. Spend the day at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
2. Spend the day at Belle Isle.
3. Watch a movie at the Byrd Theater.
4. Spend the day shopping in Carytown.
5. Take photos with a disposable camera.
6. Have a picnic at Maymont.
7. Spend one of my Saturday mornings at a farmer's market.
8. Go to a flea market.
9. Make freshly squeezed lemonade.
10. Get my tattoo.

What's on your bucket list this summer?