Saturday, December 1, 2012

20 Reasons Why I'm Excited for December


1. Ice skating in downtown Richmond!
2. Tacky Lights Tours
3. Hot cocoa, gingerbread men and tons of homemade baked goodies.
4. All of the fun posts I have planned for the blog- DIY’s, holiday inspired posts & even a link-up!
5. Piling on warm, winter coats and chunky knit scarves.
6. Done with all of my college applications
7. Winter break! 
8. The possibility of snow. Fingers crossed :)
9. Christmas 
10. Annual holiday party at my house
11. Holiday movies
12. Rocking around the Christmas tree- holiday music!
13. Spreading good cheer
14. Hanging up my stocking
15. Dressing my little Yorkie, Bella, up in her winter coats- she has the most adorable leopard print one. Meow! She and I could be matching in our leopard print coats
16. Wrapping all of my Christmas presents.
17. Candy canes. Yummy!
18. Giving gifts to friends, family and my little Yorkie, Bella
19. Holiday decorations
20. Reindeer! 

What are you guys excited for this month?


  1. Love your festive list! So many wonderful things, hope you receive them all!

  2. Fun list! I hope it snows here too and so excited for winter holiday from school. :)

  3. great list! I love Christmas and hot cocoa, yummy

  4. Tori! hi! love your name btw!!! in december i love; candy canes (esp on the christmas tree), christmas music in all the stores and being with my family for shopping, eating and open presents. awh.

  5. You are so lucky to have the chance for snow on Christmas! I'm looking forward to time off from work and lazy days by the pool.

  6. thanks alot for your comment!
    i really enjoy december :) because of the same reasons like you actually :)

  7. Hi dear thanks for visited my blog :D
    my country don't have a snow T.T
    i think it's fun! :D

    btw would you like to follow each other dear :)please let me know if you want :D
    keep in touch

  8. I reaaally want to go ice skating, too! I hope I can sometime this month. Also, christmas cookie baking is always fun. :)

  9. I love ice skating and hot chocolate (:

  10. Tori! hey! are we following each other? we should. we have a ton in common.