Monday, October 31, 2016

The Magic of Vintage


Hello! Finding incredible vintage pieces usually means scouring through flea markets, yard sales and local thrift shops all while enduring awful music but the moment that you spot a jaw-dropping sixties gown or vintage designer piece out of the corner of your eye, all your time and music-enduring feats make it worth it. You don't always find a treasure when thrifting and hey, if you're really picky, you may often end up leaving empty handed. But there's something in the thrill of the hunt and the second that you find something incredible like deadstock sixties bellbottoms feels somewhat like magic. 

Recently, I encountered a moment just like that when I caught sight of this polka dot beauty on the rack of a local Richmond thrift shop. The bold black and white color combination and funky polka dot print initially caught my eye but what really made this piece stand out was the designer label: Saks Fifth Avenue. Wow, wow, wow. Vintage clothing itself is somewhat magical. I wouldn't describe vintage clothing as just clothing but more like a little slice of history, a hint of magic, a work of art. So finding a piece that's not only vintage but also designer vintage feels like more than just a real treat. 

You can currently shop this vintage Saks Fifth Avenue dress in my shop, RaddayVintage, here

Pastel pink heels: Jeffrey Campbell via Shop Akira
Pastel pink purse: Vintage
Leopard print jacket: Vintage
Cat-eye sunglasses: Rumors
Black and white polka dot dress: Vintage available in RaddayVintage


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fashion, Trends & More x Wonderless Photos

Hello! Recently, I teamed up with Sonnie Marie, the talented photographer behind Wonderless Photo for an autumnal inspired fashion shoot. It seems like lately I've been the photographer more than the subject so I was stoked to get back in front of the lens instead of behind it. 

For the look, I wanted to mirror the beautifully rich colors of the changing leaves falling all around us. I pulled this burnt orange turtleneck from RaddayVintage to style the look around. I paired it with a pretty, flowy vintage midi skirt and cozy mustard yellow vintage knit shawl. I emphasized the fall essence of the shoot by accessorizing with several golden pieces of jewelry, a mustard yellow vintage purse and a deep swipe of red lipstick.

Orange turtleneck: Available for sale in RaddayVintage
Sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Mustard yellow shawl: RetMod via Etsy
Yellow clutch: Vintage via Ashby
Tassel necklace: c/o Blending by Betty
Bracelets: Ashby and Express
Watch: Vintage
"Tori" necklace: c/o Personal Necklace
Red lipstick: ColourPop
Skirt: Vintage
Rings: Vintage
Earrings: c/o KristinsCandiShop


Friday, October 28, 2016

Alyssa Mayumi Hard x RaddayVintage


Hello! There's about a million different things I love about running my own etsy shop (OK that may be an exaggeration) but styling and shooting for RaddayVintage are at the top of that list. For a recent shoot, I had the opportunity to style and shoot local Richmond model, Alyssa Mayumi Hard. I've worked with Alyssa before and like our previous shoot, I had a blast working together on this shoot. Besides being down to earth and easy to talk to, Alyssa is practically queen of posing. We also have the same passion for vintage which makes collaborating that much more fun. 

For this specific shoot, we shot three different looks. For the first two looks, I wanted to go with an ethereal, feminine theme so I pulled a few of my favorite pieces of vintage lingerie from RaddayVintage's inventory. You can shop the pieces of lingerie featured above here, here, here and here. I played around with glitzy stars and rhinestones as makeup for these looks and also styled a pink ribbon choker with the looks. 

For the second look, Alyssa modeled a gorgeous black velvet maxi dress and metallic top that are both currently available for sale in RaddayVintage. We were actually on the way back to Alyssa's place after shooting the first two looks when we spotted a couple beyond cool vintage cars that we just had to stop and shoot by. For this look, I styled a statement pink purse and pastel pink heels with the dress and top. 

You can check Alyssa out on Instagram @alyssa_mayumi_h

If you live in the Richmond area and would be interested in working together on a shoot for RaddayVintage, please send me an email at 


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fashion, Trends & More x Jon Faulconer

Photos by Jon Faulconer
Photos by Jon Faulconer

Hello! One of my favorite things about Richmond is the collaborative creativity that thrives here. In the past few months since I've been back, I've collaborated with so many talented individuals from other bloggers to models to photographers to makeup artists to fashion brands. And it's possibly my favorite thing ever. Saying I love working together with fellow Richmond creatives on projects, shoots and collaborations would be an understatement. It's just so incredible to combine your own vision with someone else's vision for something truly unique and spectacular. I find it very interesting to work with other perspectives and points of view. There's just so much to learn from fellow creatives. 

I recently had the chance to collaborate with an incredible Richmond photographer, Jon Faulconer. Earlier this week I posted one of my favorite photos from the shoot on my blog and wanted to share a couple more of my faves with you all. Like myself, Jon finds inspiration in decades of the past; we decided to showcase our love of the past by working together on a sixties/seventies themed shoot. Keep an eye on my Instagram @toriradday for more photos from the shoot. 

For this look, I pulled a bohemian printed dress out of my wardrobe. The vibrant colors and free-spirited print of this dress practically have me swooning- how cute! Even better yet, this dress retails for less than $10! You can check it out HERE for yourself. I styled a vintage mustard yellow shawl and purse with the dress to emphasize the retro theme of the shoot. A handful of boho rings, earrings and necklaces pulled the outfit together. Peachy lipstick and rhinestone studded lash lines perfected the look. 

On a related note, if any of my blog readers currently live in Richmond and would like to work together on something fun and creative, I'd love for you to shoot me an email at with your ideas. 

Dress: c/o LightInTheBox
Mustard yellow shawl: RetMod via Etsy
Mustard yellow purse: Vintage via Ashby
Peachy lipstick: ColourPop
Jewelry: Assorted

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Leopard Print Baby

Photos by Jon Faulconer

Hello! Every season, I have a couple items in my wardrobe that sort of take charge for the season. They're pulled out of my wardrobe almost daily and add my unique sense of style to look after look. This past summer, I constantly found myself dolled up in my pastel pink heels or textured off-the-shoulder dress or holding onto my vintage pink statement purse. These are the "fun" pieces, the pieces that change from season to season yet feel like they've been a part of your wardrobe since the beginning of time. Almost like "how did I exist before this item?" And I think I've discovered one of those items for this upcoming late fall/early winter season: this leopard faux fur print jacket.

A couple months ago I discovered this vintage treasure at a flea market for a mere $5. Immediately, I purchased it and intended to sell it in my Etsy shop, RaddayVintage. I had photographed the item and published it for sale in my Etsy shop but as soon as the first chill hit Richmond, I pulled this fab jacket out of RaddayVintage's inventory and onto my body. What can I say? I couldn't resist!

I've only worn it a couple times so far but I can already tell that I'll be pulling this baby out of my wardrobe time and time again as the weather progressively gets chillier. 

Leopard print jacket: Vintage
Lipstick: ColourPop
Earrings: Kristin'sCandiShop

Photo by Jon Faulconer. 


Monday, October 24, 2016

Pretty in Purple


Hello! One of my many favorite things about running my own etsy shop selling vintage clothing is being able to wear the vintage pieces a couple times before listing them for sale. I'd definitely say that styling is one of my biggest passions so I love having new items to style with the rest of my wardrobe. And of course, I absolutely love vintage so the opportunity to wear a variety of different "new to me" vintage pieces is beyond wonderful. 

For this look, I pulled out a recent vintage gem that I thrifted for RaddayVintage: this purple floral midi dress. The romantic print, stylish midi length and rich purple color all drew me to this piece. For this look, I wanted to enhance the femininity of the dress so I styled it with a pair of ballerina pink platform heels, a pink statement purse and a delicate strand of pearls. A dusty purple jacket (also available in RaddayVintage!) and statement pair of cat-eye sunglasses pulled the look together.

Purple midi dress: Available in RaddayVintage
Pastel pink heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Pink statement purse: Vintage
Cat-eye sunglasses: Rumors
Pearl strand: Kay Adams via Anthill Antiques
Dusty purple jacket: Available in RaddayVintage

Check out women's shoes.
Check out backpack for women


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Julbox Collaboration

September 2016

Hello! In addition to blogger, etsy shop owner, retail sales associate and copywriter/e-commerce retail catalog assistant (whew, that was a lot to type out!), I can now proudly describe myself as a jewelry designer thanks to JulBox. JulBox is an online platform that lets users design their own jewelry which they can then purchase for themselves or sell to friends and/or followers. How fun!

When JulBox reached out to me a few months ago regarding a collaboration, I was stoked. They allowed me to play around with their design feature to create a couple cool designs of my own. I tend to wear necklaces more than earrings or bracelets so I decided to stick to the pendant option for my designs. I created the golden cherry necklace that I'm wearing above as well as a stylish "good vibes" necklace. You can check both out in my JulBox boutique HERE

Overall, I had a blast working with JulBox to create my designs as well as set up my own shop. I'd highly recommend checking out and playing around with JulBox to create a few designs of your own. I mean, how cool is it to be able to say "thanks, I designed it" when someone compliments you on your jewelry? 

You can certainly bet that you'll be seeing a lot more of my JulBox designs on my blog!

Striped off-the-shoulder top: c/o LightInTheBox
Cherry necklace: c/o Julbox

Follow 4 Swoon-Worthy Evening Dresses

Hello! Today I wanted to introduce you all to; they're an online fashion-forward retailer specializing in cheap prom dresses uk and evening dresses uk. They also have a wide variety of wedding attire as well as other special occasion attire. Whatever fairytale-esque dress you're dreaming of, is bound to have it. Read on below to check out four of my favorite evening dresses currently available for sale on

A-line Scoop Floor-length Chiffon Evening Dresses Ladies Formal Dresses #SP8174

1.  A-line Scoop Floor-length Chiffon Evening Dresses Ladies Formal Dress, $110. Wow! How could anyone resist the rich fall burgundy color and feminine lace detailing on this beautiful evening dress? The flattering silhouette and long length of this dress are two other elements that drew me in. 

A-line Scoop Floor-length Tulle Prom Dresses/Evening Dresses #SP7336

2. A-line Scoop Floor-length Tulle Prom Dresses/Evening Dress, $183. I was swept away by the striking femininity and charming neutral color of this evening dress when I spotted it on What a beauty! 

A-line Short/Mini Tulle Homecoming Dresses Juniors Short Prom Dresses #SP8095

3. A-line Short/Mini Tulle Homecoming Dresses Juniors Short Prom Dress, $110. Okay, yes, yes and yes to the cheerful neutral color and stylish detailing on this shorter evening dress. Perfect for making a stylish statement at the next formal event that you attend. 

A-line Bateau Chiffon Prom Dresses/Evening Dresses #DQ122

4. A-line Bateau Chiffon Prom Dresses/Evening Dress, $159. The subtle color, flowing silhouette and intricate detailing of this dress immediately caught my eye. Be the belle of the ball at the next special event that you attend by dressing up in this beyond gorgeous dress. 

Which of these beauties is your favorite? Of course, I love them all so it's hard to choose a favorite but if I had to choose just one, I think I'd choose the second dress- how subtly glam!


***Disclaimer: provided monetary compensation for this post but I wrote the actual post and all opinions written in this post are mine.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

RaddayVintage Editorial Shoot: Ethereal Angels


Hello! There's just something about vintage lingerie that I can't help but love. Vintage lingerie is unlike any other garment, new or old; the femininity, pretty detailing and silky soft texture of vintage lingerie feel like something straight out of a fairytale. Vintage lingerie possesses the ability to transport the wearer or admirer to a different place, a different time. Which is why vintage lingerie reigns supreme as one of my favorite things to thrift for my etsy shop, RaddayVintage. From subtly sexy slips to drop dead gorgeous nightgowns, I'm drawn to a wide variety of vintage lingerie. In the past few weeks, I've been quickly filling up RaddayVintage's inventory with the prettiest pieces of vintage lingerie. 

And boy, is the lingerie that I've been stocking RaddayVintage with absolutely gorgeous! Too pretty not to be shown off. I'd even go so far to say that these pieces are beautiful enough to be hung on the wall as art. 

I decided to show off RaddayVintage's lingerie by arranging a creative photoshoot with the garments. I shoot quite frequently for RaddayVintage, at least a couple times a week, but I really wanted to take this photoshoot to the next level. To create my vision, I decided to use three models instead of just one. And wow, are these three models beautiful! You can follow them on Instagram @missichatterbox, @mollyollyoptasarus and @sugar_vvenom. I shot around golden hour to get the best photographs possible. 

For the shoot, I wanted to contrast light with dark; I styled very ethereal, feminine looks against a dark cemetery setting. I really wanted to show off the pieces of vintage lingerie so I kept accessories minimal. However, I did decide to utilize my creativity to do a little something different with the models' makeup. I wanted a very captivating and unique but also down to earth look so I kept makeup fairly natural but added stars, rhinestones and pearls for a major pop of glam. I absolutely love the very angelic, soft essence of the photos. 

All items featured above will be listed shortly for sale in RaddayVintage. You can currently shop the creamy ivory nightgown HERE and the black nightgown HERE. I also have a variety of vintage pieces listed for sale HERE that weren't included in this particular shoot. 


Friday, October 14, 2016

Glossier Pink


Hello! Last fall, I decided on a whim to try out one of Glossier's much buzzed about products, their Boy Brow. I'm not usually too adventurous when it comes to makeup and trying out new products isn't something I do too frequently. But after hearing 75% of the fashion/beauty industry absolutely rave about Boy Brow, I decided to jump on the trend and test it out for myself. I liked the natural appeal and lack of effort that Boy Brow presented. I've used both Boy Brow in blonde and in brown and can't determine which one is my fave.  WOW was I happy to have discovered this brow product. This is totally embarrassing and I can't even believe I'm admitting it to the entire internet right now but before Boy Brow, I used to take old Ulta eyeshadow (I say "old" as in circa 2012 origin old) and use it with a q-tip to do my eyebrows. It was horrible. Honestly, I'm cringing even writing this right now.

And then Boy Brow came along and while it would be rather dramatic to say that it changed my life, it pretty much did. Yeah, I know I'm a drama queen. Like I mentioned before, the ease of use and natural appeal of this brow product are simply perfect. Glossier had me hooked. Next, I decided to try out their Moisturizing Moon Mask and their Mega Greens Galaxy Pack because as Glossier says, "Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always." Again, I fell in love with the products. Repeat that for their perfecting skin tint in light and haloscope in quartz. Needless to say, I can't get enough of Glossier and look forward to trying out the rest of their products. If you want to try out Glossier for yourself, follow THIS link to get 20% off your purchase- talk about a sweet deal!

I'm wearing Boy Brow in brown, haloscope in quartz and perfecting skin tint in light above. And how wonderful is it that I found a wall in Richmond that perfectly mimics "Glossier pink?" 

Sweater: Vintage
Floral dress: Urban Outfitters
Pink purse: Vintage
"Tori" necklace: c/o Personal Necklace
Paisley scarf: Vintage
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild
Earrings: c/o Kristin'sCandiShop


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Blue Suede Beauty


Hello! When I spotted this gorgeous blue suede dress at a flea market a few weeks ago, I couldn't even believe my eyes. I purchased this dress with RaddayVintage in mind but couldn't resist wearing it at least once before listing it in my shop for another fashionista to enjoy.  This vintage nature, excellent condition, luxurious texture and rich color of the dress make it seem more like a piece of art than just another dress. What's even better about this dress is that it also doubles as a jacket/coat- yes, yes, yes! You can score this vintage beauty (honestly, this may be my best vintage find ever) in RaddayVintage for $45 HERE.

For this look, I accentuated the appeal of the blue color of the dress by slipping on a pair of blue denim platform heels and posing by a bright blue wall. I guess you could say I'm (definitely) not over monochrome aesthetics yet. I accessorized with a simple golden "Tori" necklace and rich shade of lipstick. 

Blue suede dress: Vintage (available for sale in RaddayVintage!)
Denim heels: Jeffrey Campbell via Poshmark
"Tori" necklace: c/o Personal Necklace
Lipstick: STILA


Monday, October 10, 2016

Dansko: Walking on a Dream

October 2016

Hello! Okay, so you all know that I love, love, love my heels; after all, my wardrobe does primarily consist of sky-high platform heel after sky-high platform heel with no sandals or flats anywhere in sight. And while I absolutely adore every single pair of heels that I own, it can be a little bit rough on my feet. Sometimes it's nice just to take a break and break out a pair that's slightly more comfortable. 

But I'm not the kinda girl who wants to sacrifice fashion for comfort so if I'm going to break out a more comfortable pair, they better be just as cute as my sky-high platforms. Until just a couple weeks ago, my wardrobe was lacking that perfect pair of comfortable yet chic shoes. And then, Dansko sent me a pair of their "Maria" ankle boots to showcase on my blog, filling that gap in my wardrobe. It was love at first step as walking in these beauts feels like walking on a cloud. If I'm going to be spending the entire day on my feet, these booties are definitely going to be what I want to have on my feet. These booties retail for $170 here.

For this look, I styled the booties with a little black circle skirt and beautiful boho top. This boho top is another recent addition to my wardrobe and I'm loving it. How chic are the bell sleeves and free-spirited pattern? It's actually supposed to be more of a dress but it's a struggle to find length appropriate dresses when you're 90% legs. If you're interested in adding this bohemian piece to your wardrobe, you can scoop it up at LightInTheBox for just $17.99 here

I completed the look with a stylish pair of cat-eye sunglasses, golden jewelry and a pop of red lipstick. 

Black circle skirt: H&M
Bell-sleeve top: c/o LightInTheBox
Booties: c/o Dansko
Cat eye sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
"Tori" necklace: c/o Personal Necklace
Red lipstick: ColourPop


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

September 2016

Hello! If you had asked me a year ago for my thoughts on makeup, I probably would have replied with "eh, it's whatever." Now, don't get me wrong, I've always enjoyed makeup to some extent but more to the extent of like "okay, I can do my winged eyeliner and mascara every day, this is the best it's going to get." Luckily, I've been blessed with skin that (usually) likes to behave and thus, haven't ever really "needed" foundation, or other makeup along those lines.

But in the past year, I've started to realize just how much fun makeup can be. I get why people refer to it as an art; it's just another creative outlet for expressing yourself. I don't wear makeup because I feel the need to cover up my natural appearance but rather to play around with my look or aesthetic just like I do with my clothing.

That being said, I've been having a LOT of fun with makeup recently. For about the past year, I subscribed to Birchbox and received 5 beauty samples a month which allowed me to try out (and fall in love with) a lot of new, cool products. I recently ended my Birchbox subscription due to an issue I had with Birchbox, or rather the nth issue that I had with Birchbox. 

Besides trying out new products from Birchbox, I adore trying out beauty products from Glossier and ColourPop. Glossier sells a wonderful variety of natural makeup and beauty products which I love. But it's not quite as fun or as playful as ColourPop is. ColourPop has a wide selection of fun shades of eyeshadow and lipstick that have been my recent go-tos. Shout-out to ColourPop for making pretty glitzy eyeshadows in colors like peach and satin lipsticks in wow-worthy colors like lavender.

For my daily makeup routine, it's still mascara and winged eyeliner BUT with the best mascara ever, Benefit's "they're real" lengthening mascara and the eyebrow product, Boy Brow from Glossier in blonde. 

However, when my day doesn't just consist of going to work, I do like to switch things up. For this look, I subtly highlighted and lightly contoured my face, swiped on a glittery pink shade of eyeshadow and puckered up with a rich shade of lipstick along with my normal makeup routine. And what I really love about this look is my rhinestones. After all, diamonds are a girl's best friend. Recently, I've really been into lining and adorning my bottom lashes and eyes with rhinestone after rhinestone. It creates such an eye-catching look that you almost never see and I absolutely love that. 

Lipstick: STILA
Eyeshadow: ColourPop
Eyeliner: Wet 'N Wild
Mascara: Benefit "they're real"
Eyebrows: Glossier, Boy Brow in blonde
"Tori" necklace: c/o Personal Necklace
Jumpsuit: Ashby