Thursday, October 30, 2014

Velvet Flare

 photo ed1dc4e0-db73-4531-9b22-7d0f395a855d_zpsaadc47e5.jpg

Hello! Today, I wore my new velvet flare pants. This past weekend, I purchased these pants at Forever 21 for about $20. I don't usually like pants very much in general (I'm more of a dress girl) so I was surprised to find myself immediately attracted to these pants. The opulent velvet texture and retro flare style drew me in. I tried them on and was pleased even further; they are very flattering and immensely comfortable. 

For my look today, I styled them with my favorite burgundy knit sweater. I've raved about this sweater time and time again but I just cannot get over how much I love it. Unfortunately, I was recently a bad owner to this sweater and it accidentally went through the washing machine and now has a small hole on the side of the sweater. It's hardly noticeable so I have been still wearing the sweater but I'm definitely annoyed at myself for putting it in the washing machine. So memo of the story: make sure to wash your clothes according to the instructions on the label to protect them! I sure wish I had. 

This look was inspired by minimalism and I steered away from prints and accessories. I wanted the look to be focused in on the lines and shape of my outfit. Both the sweater and pants have the same fit/shape where they are more fitted at the top and then flare out; I like how the style of my outfit is straight and then flares out both on top and bottom. I find it very aesthetically pleasing. Black slip-on sandals and oversize glasses completed the look.

This photo was taken by my good friend, Amanda Remillard. She's a fellow fashion merchandising major and is minoring in photography. Ideally, one day she dreams of working in fashion photography. Amanda is much more driven and focused on her career than other fashion merchandising majors and we became fast friends last year. And it's always great to have a quick photo shoot with her. She clearly knows what she's doing, is great behind the camera and gives great advice for posing for the photos. You can check out her photography page, Amanda Remillard Images, on Facebook or her site for more of her photography. 

Hope that you guys are enjoying what little time we have left of October! 

Burgundy sweater: Urban Outfitters
Velvet flare pants: Forever 21
Glasses: c/o Firmoo
Sandals: Vintage

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Skirt the Issue

 photo IMG_6006_zpsadeb6c97.jpg
 photo IMG_6008_zps82e1ab00.jpg

Hello! Today, I debuted my new bodycon skirt sent to me courtesy of Skirt the Issue. Skirt the Issue sells fashionable bodycon skirts. They offer skirts in a variety of different colors as well as various prints. The skirts are designed to be worn on their own to or to be layered. These skirts are very versatile and can easily be worn from day to night. All skirts retail for $30. 

I requested the black skirt in a size medium. And I already love it. The fabric is incredibly comfortable and skims my thighs perfectly. It is also more comfortable than any other skirt that I have ever owned. Additionally, the black color and simple fit make it a key piece in styling looks. I have a feeling that this skirt will be on repeat in my wardrobe for quite a while and I definitely look forward to layering it this winter.

For my look today, I threw on a cozy knit sweater over the skirt. I purchased this sweater while I was home in Richmond at Forever 21. It cost about $20 and was worth every cent. The unique texture of this sweater as well as the mixed gray color combination have me swooning over it. Of course, I couldn't also help falling in love with the oversize shape and and pocket on the sweater. 

I showed off my legs with the mini skirt and a black pair of platform heels. Red lipstick pulled the entire look together. 

Bodycon skirt: c/o Skirt the Issue
Knit sweater: Forever 21
Black heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild

Monday, October 27, 2014

Celebrating 700 Posts

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 photo IMG_5947_zps7421bc82.jpg

Hello! I can hardly believe it but I am currently writing the 700th post on this blog. 700. I've now written and published 700 posts on this blog. It seems almost unreal. However, it's true; I've had my blog for over five years and am now working on post #700. But I still can't believe it. It's just crazy to think about how much time, thought, energy and effort that I have put into my blog over the past five years.

When I first started my blog, I didn't go into it with specific intentions for the blog or plans to keep it up for such a long period of time. It seemed like a fun way of expressing my opinions about style and trends as my friends had no interest in fashion so I really had no one to talk to about it. But over the years my blog has certainly evolved. Last week, I was going through my blog with one of my friends and we were discussing how much it has changed. Some posts are so embarrassing that they are slightly cringe-worthy.

As I was browsing through the older posts from the first two or so years, I couldn't help but thinking to myself "Tori, what were you doing???" There are outfit posts with nothing written about the outfit, posts containing poor grammar, numerous posts with no photos and overly hyped posts and post titles. To my credit, I did start my blog when I was merely 14 years old.

While going through these posts may make me want to do everything I can to forget certain posts (this post and this post are especially embarrassing), it also demonstrates how much I've grown both as a blogger and as a writer. My writing and knowledge of style and the fashion industry have both greatly expanded. Blogging has also provided me with a plethora of opportunities, from being featured in a magazine to helping out with Fashion's Night Out, that would not have otherwise presented themselves to me.

Running this blog has also pushed me towards a career in fashion and is one of the reasons behind why I'm studying fashion merchandising at Philadelphia University. If I had never started my blog, I'm not sure fashion would play such a large role in my life or if I would have a desire for a career in fashion. My blog has given me an outlet to write about fashion, give my opinion on current trends and elaborate upon my personal style which has nurtured my love of fashion and desire to work in the fashion industry.

In the past couple years, fashion blogging has exploded and you can now discover some fashion or personal style blog in practically every nook and cranny of the internet. Rumors are that fashion blogging is in decline because of the oversaturation of fashion blogs. This oversaturation of fashion blogs leads to decreases in quality of blogs as well as less original content. With more sponsored content and less original content, blogs are losing a touch of their originality and becoming less genuine. However, I have no intention of giving up my blog anytime soon. I'm going to continue to try to increase the quality of my posts and keep my voice on my blog and not let it be overrun by sponsored content.

Cheers to many more posts in the future!

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