Thursday, October 23, 2014

6 Pairs of Socks that will Knock Your Socks Off


Hello! I have a confession to make: I've developed quite an adoration for cute, patterned socks in the past several weeks. And it seems to feel a little ridiculous how much emphasis I've been putting on my "sock game" lately.

But okay, this can totally be justified. For one, socks are an essential. Whether those socks are cute or not is an entirely different story but socks on their own are definitely an essential. And an especially crucial essential as the weather gets cooler and we begin to pull out boots more and more often.

And I mean, cute socks are considered an essential for me because I'm a fashion merchandising major, right?

Some argue that cute socks are pointless as no one ever really sees the socks as they are usually hidden underneath the shoes. However, I disagree with that. For one, I'll often walk around the halls in my dorm/apartment building without shoes on so c'mon cute socks are definitely a necessity.

But also, I've been really liking the style that socks can add to my looks if I wear them with cut-out boots so that the pattern of the socks is revealed or worn with heels or boots so that the socks are visible. This can be seen in several of my looks this semester. In THIS look, I paired a pair of green polka dot socks with a pair of Doc Martens so that the tops of the socks are peeking out of the boots and playing up the print of the dress that I was wearing. In THIS look, I added a print to my look with a pair of playful fox socks worn with cut-out booties.

Basically, the point of this rambling explanation is that even though it may seem ridiculous, having and wearing cute, quirky socks instantly brightens my day.

Below are a few of my favorite printed socks available to purchase online right now.

1. Forever 21 Green Polka Dot Socks. $2.80. I actually own these socks and couldn't be more in love with them. The stylish polka dot print, the rich green color- what's not to love? Even though these are technically men's socks, you can't really tell. I was slightly worried about the sizing when I ordered these online but am quite pleased with them.

2. J. Crew Elephant Trouser Socks. $16.50. Having socks this cute justifies walking around the dorm building halls without shoes on, right?

3. Forever 21 Blue Polka Dot Socks. $2.80. Same as the first option but in navy instead of green. Additionally, they sell these socks in yellow and burgundy. I also own these socks as well as the burgundy ones. 10/10 would recommend buying.

4. Brooks Brothers Navy Fair Isle Socks. $22. Everything about these socks from the fair isle print to texture to dark color scheme shouts "winter." Perfect for pairing with your coziest pair of boots to keep warm when temperatures start to drop.

5. Toast Rosedale Fair Isle Socks. $25. Love the quirky print of these socks. Let the tops of these socks peek out of your boots for an added dose of style to your look.

6. Brooks Brothers Burgundy Fair Isle Socks. $22. Same as the fourth option but in a rich burgundy color instead.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Roommates of A2

 photo IMG_6713_zps7622ef46.jpg
 photo IMG_6726_zpscc028c25.jpg
 photo IMG_6727_zpsbe4c251d.jpg

Hello from me and my apartment roommates of A2! Yesterday, Bhumi (top photo), Micah (bottom photo) and I posed for a few cute roommate photos together. We incorporated our pumpkins from the apartment into the shoot to give the photos a fall feel. 

For the photos, I dressed in all black. I styled my look around this black and white polka dot dress. I layered a black long-sleeve top over the dress and tied an open knit sweater around my waist. I broke the "no socks with sandals" rule and styled a pair of black thigh-high socks with a simple pair of black sandals. Bright red lipstick and my oversize glasses completed the look.

Bhumi kept her look simple with a neutral-colored sweater, black leggings and brown lace-up boots. Micah's look revolved around layering; she styled a romper with a black sweater followed by a gray knit sweater. She completed her look with bold lipstick, black knee highs and a pair of wedges. 

Hope that you guys are enjoying your October! 

Black socks: Daily Look
Black sandals: Vintage
Polka dot dress: H&M
Black long sleeve top: Victoria's Secret
Black sweater (tied around waist): Thrifted
Red lipstick: Wet 'N Wild
Tortoiseshell glasses: c/o Firmoo

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Autumnal Layering

 photo IMG_5775_zps46c8f47c.jpg

Hello! It's finally becoming chilly enough to start layering and I couldn't be any happier about it. I styled this look around a summer-y daisy print dress. You can see how I styled this dress this past spring/summer here and here. This dress is very breezy and lightweight and therefore, ideal for layering. 

For this look, I slipped a burgundy sweater over top of the dress. The oversize shape, rich autumnal color and texture of this sweater draw me back to it time and time again. I cozied up the look with a luxurious knit scarf. 

I styled the look with a pair of black opaque tights and black heeled booties. I accessorized with a pair of golden earrings and several golden rings. 

Burgundy sweater: Urban Outfitters
Daisy print dress: Buffalo Exchange
Opaque tights: Urban Outfitters
Black booties: Daily Look
Cream-colored scarf: c/o Lulu's
Golden rings: Vintage & Urban Outfitters
Golden earrings: c/o ShopLately