Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nicholas Von Thrower Photography


Hello! Last week, I had the pleasure of shooting with Nicholas Von Thrower. Nicholas currently attends school for photography in Richmond. His photography blows me away; he manages to capture his subjects in such a beautiful form. Everytime I catch a glimpse of photos from his shoots, I fall in love with the photos. A distinct, ethereal feeling encapsulates his photography. For this shoot, he pulled a couple vintage pieces out of my wardrobe to shoot in. I'm in love with the soft, feminine, vintage mood of the photos. 

You can check more of Nicholas' work out on his Instagram @flowersdaddy or Flickr /nicholasvon

Look 2:
White dress: Vintage

Look 1:
Black bralette: Victoria's Secret
Cream-colored skirt: Vintage
Crystal necklace: Ashby


Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer Stripes



Hello! Who can believe that July is already half over? This summer has flown by; it's been filled with countless hours working, interning and completing summer classes. I'm counting down until my vacation towards the end of July; Puerto Rico, here I come!

For this classic look photographed above, I slipped on a striped dress in a flattering silhouette. I scooped this dress up at Ashby a couple weeks ago for less than $20 and already it's proving to be one of my favorites. The basic print and neutral colors make this dress extremely versatile. I wanted to dress it up for this look so I slipped on a pair of platform heels, red lipstick, bold cat-eye sunglasses and sapphire jewels.

Striped dress: Urban Outfitters via Ashby
Platform heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Red lipstick: Wet 'N Wild
Cat-eye sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Sapphire necklaces: Kay Adams Jewelry


Monday, July 13, 2015



Hello! What's one advantage of being [and living] at home this summer? Having access to both my sister and my mom's trove of accessories! For this look, I snatched pieces from both of their collections. I grabbed this retro, cat-eye pair of sunglasses from my sister. The quirky juxtaposition of olive green with feminine, vibrant pinks as well as the flower adorned detail have both captured my heart [and make giving these sunglasses back to my sister a difficult task indeed.) 

I played up the colors and flower embellishment of the sunglasses with a colorful, floral romper. This romper is my go-to on hot summer days; the breezy shape and lightweight textile make it a no-brainer for keeping cool. I then browsed through my mom's jewelry and slipped on one of her Kay Adams statement necklaces. The pleasant colors and flamingo charm of this necklace made it ideal to play up the quirky, feminine, retro vibe that the look has to it.

Floral romper: c/o Fashion Nova
Statement necklace: Kay Adams
Floral sunglasses: Borrowed from my sister
Flatforms: Ashby


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer Daze


Hello! Wow, this summer is flying by; how is it already mid-July?? I've been attempting to keep cool while still looking cool in primarily pretty, printed dresses the past few weeks. And this look is no different; I grabbed this Byzantine art-inspired dress from my wardrobe as a base for the look. I then styled a pair of olive-colored flatforms, olive-colored sunglasses and vibrant, turquoise and orange necklaces with the look. A messy half-bun completed the look. 

Printed dress: Daily Look
Olive colored flatforms: Ashby
Necklaces: Assorted
Sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage 


Friday, July 10, 2015

Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well Street Style 7/5

Hello! Today, I bring you the third and last street style segment from the last Grateful Dead show, Fare Thee Well, this past weekend. Like the previous two nights, concert-goers were dressed in the most incredible boho outfits, check out some of my faves: 


This bohemian goddess rocked a 1970s-esque maxi dress embroidered with feminine floral detailing. I love the way that she accentuated that floral detailing with a statement-making floral crown. 


You couldn't go wrong with boho prints and crossbody bags at the show!


This babe took tie-dye to a whole other level, ditching the casual tie-dye apparel for a more sophisticated maxi dress. She complemented it with layered jewelry and a chic hat. 


Believe it or not, this fashionista created these pants herself- how great is that? 


Another vintage Grateful Dead tee. The stadium was swarmed with men decked out in vintage Dead tees. 


Another one of the ever-popular flower hair-do's from the show. Her use of two different flowers made her hair-do stand out from the rest. 


I couldn't help but be drawn to the pretty polka dot print and flattering silhouette of this dress. 


I also had my mom snap a quick detail shot of my outfit before the show. I threw on a printed top and layered on necklace after necklace with the look. 


A breezy printed dress + casual sandals = the perfect go-to look for the show. I couldn't help but adore the effortless, bohemian vibe of this look. 


I love this look so much that I couldn't help but showcase it again. 

If you know anyone in these photos, I would love it if you shared the post with them! And a big thank-you to everyone who let me photograph their outfits. 


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well Street Style 7/4

Hello! Yesterday, I presented a street style post from the first night of the Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well show and today, I have more for you! This is all the street style that I captured from the Saturday, 7/4 show:


For the second night of the show, I pulled out this psychedelic 1960s vintage dress out of my suitcase. I love the funky print and vibrant colors. I layered several slim bracelets, stone necklaces and vintage Grateful Dead pins with the dress. Round sunglasses and a fringe kimono perfected the concert look. 


These two instantly caught my eye with their energy and stylish outfits. The girl on the left designed and created her dress to look like the Statue of Liberty to celebrate the Fourth of July at Saturday's show.


I snapped a quick photo of the details of my mom's outfit. How perfect is her little dancing bear pouch for the show?


The bohemian print and bold colors of this dress make this look one of my favorite looks from that night. 


This couple was one of my favorite couples that I saw at the concert. Their happiness radiates through not only their smiling faces but their vibrant tie dye apparel. 


These fashionable best friends made a statement with breezy dresses, eye-catching flower crowns and fringe accessories. 


I snapped the details of my look as well as my mom's as we were waiting outside of Solider Field. That night, I donned a comfortable pair of sandals. I threw on a Grateful Dead temporary tattoo next to my "R" tattoo to draw attention to my sandals. 


This beauty was decked out in one of the most amazing dresses that I saw at the show. She scored it at Free People and I'm obsessed with the embroidered detailing, summer-y coral color and flowing length. 


These stylish friends stood out among the crowds in their trendy ensembles. I love how she paired a vintage Grateful Dead tee with a quirky pair of printed shorts and canvas sneakers. And his overalls and funky hair blew me away. There was a very carefree, hip vibe to both of their looks.


Did you say "Dead Head" or "Dread Head?" Countless people at the show rocked this free-spirited hair style. I was drawn to the man's dreads above as well as his casual graphic tee and bandana look for the show. 


This babe also caught my eye with her dreaded hair. Her pretty patterned bellbottoms, classic sandals and sweater tied around her waist created a perfect look for the show.


This edgy statement necklace caught my eye and I love how it looks against this unique print. 

If you know anyone in these photos, I would love it if you shared the post with them! And a big thank-you to everyone who let me photograph their outfits. 


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well Street Style 7/3

Hello! This past weekend I ventured out to Chicago to see the Grateful Dead's last show, Fare Thee Well. The whole weekend was an incredible experience and I feel lucky to have been in attendance at the concert. I attended all three nights of the show and snapped several photos of the style of free spirits at the show. Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite hippie looks from the first night with you guys. 


Tie-dye and vintage prints reigned supreme at the concert as did minimalist sandals. I love this shot of the details of my look as well as my mom's look from the first night of the Fare Thee Well show.


I was immediately drawn to these bohemian beauties because of their very Free People-esque looks. The fringe detailing, free-spirited prints and interesting silhouettes of their looks made them two of the best dressed people at the show that I saw on Friday night.


Can't get over how much I love the vibrant detailing on her tunic! (She's also from RVA so shout-out to Richmond fashion/street style)


A flower crown and psychedelic bellbottoms? This babe captured the bohemian essence of the 1960s/1970s perfectly. I love the way she paired the flowing pants with a more fitted, crop top with textured detailing.


This mother-daughter pair took the show by storm in hippie-chic outfits that blew me away. I love their use of layering and bohemian accessories. Additionally, the textures and prints of their looks left me swooning. 


Who couldn't love the mixed prints and textures of this bohemian tote bag? The hippie feeling of the bag is amplified when paired with a flowy tie dye skirt and sandals decorated with stones. 


The go-to look for many male Dead Heads was throwback Grateful Dead tees and a casual pair of shorts; there was a distinct vintage feeling to many of the looks as you could tell that many had dug up their Grateful Dead tees from decades ago. Fading and wear and tear on the tees was common and fit in perfectly with the whole scene. Tie dye tee shirts like the one above were particularly prominent. (Yes, Dad, you finally made it onto my fashion blog)


Quirky looks caught my eye left and right. This trio stood out among the crowd by donning unique pieces like an American flag top hat and cool DIY, tie dye jacket (the detailing and patches on the jacket have me dreaming of DIY-ing a similar jacket.) 


Everywhere you turned at the show, you were bound to run into a swarm of flower headpieces. Straying from the typical oversize flower crown, this concert goer incorporated several vibrant flowers into a chic braided hairstyle. I love the carefree, free-spirited feeling that the whimsical flowers emit.


My look for the first night consisted of a pair of vintage shorts paired with a black bralette and orange cardigan tied around my waist. I accessorized with layered necklaces, bracelets and round sunglasses. This is more skin than I usually like to show but it was perfect for the occasion. 


This cute couple drew me in with the fringe kimono, vibrant colored top and practical sandals. And just look how happy and cute they look together!


Hello Woodstock! This playful flower headpiece and the 70s detailing on this shirt instantly drew me to this girl's look and gave it a very distinct Woodstock-inspired feeling. She gave off a very happy, easygoing vibe that summed up the positive, vibrant energy of the crowd at the show. 


This is the definition of a 70s boho goddess. I can't get over how much I love this neutral, floral embroidered maxi dress from the 1970s. She picked this dress up from a thrift shop for less than $10 and I can't believe it- what a find! She looked charming in the dress paired with a deep red pair of cat-eye sunglasses. 


You couldn't go wrong with a tie-dye dress at the shows! I took this photo at the GD50 campsite of one of the vendors. She sells wonderful hippie-inspired clothing and artwork. You can check out her business, Zenga's, HERE


This was actually my look on Thursday night but hey, I still want to include it in the post because I love the free-spirited feeling. A vintage printed top, crochet duster and round sunglasses put me in the right mindset to see the Grateful Dead.


This Dead Head family had a very laid-back sense of style and I admire their carefree approach to their wardrobe choices. Eye-catching prints and worn-in pieces gave off a peaceful hippie vibe. 


Loving the paisley prints on these dresses! The 1970s inspired colors of the dresses also amped up the style of these cool Grateful Dead looks. 


How cute is this printed bag contrasted with the vibrant Mexican print of the tunic? I also couldn't help but notice how cool her metallic sandals were. In fact, I loved this look so much that this is the second photo of the look that I included in this post. 


I adore everything about these two looks. From the printed bellbottoms to the quirky fanny pack to the heart sunglasses to the crochet top, these girls killed it the first night of the show. 

If you know anyone in these photos, I would love it if you shared the post with them! And a big thank-you to everyone who let me photograph their outfits. Do you guys have a favorite look? Were any of you in attendance at any of the Grateful Dead shows this past weekend?


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Celebrating Five Years of Blogging


Hello! Today, I'm celebrating five wonderful years of blogging. It's wild to think that I've been blogging for five years; I'm 19 years old right now and for me, five years makes up a large portion of my life. In fact, it makes up a quarter of my life... I've been blogging for a quarter for my life; how crazy is that?

I've put my heart and soul into my blog and Fashion, Trends & More has become an integral part of my life. When I set out to start my blog back in 2010, I never dreamed that I would still be blogging five years later. Besides starting my blog to enable me to gain some credibility in the fashion industry, I started the blog on somewhat of a whim. I mean, hey I was only 14 years old. When I was 14 years old, I didn't have a clue what I was doing; I knew that I loved reading fashion magazines, I loved writing and was interested in fashion so I decided why not start a fashion blog?

My posts from way back when are cringe-worthy at times. Many posts have hardly any words or poor quality photos. I remember being so proud of being able to take photos indoor with the self-timer on a shabby digital camera; oh but looking back on the photos, I am more embarrassed than proud.

Years of blogging certainly have taught me more about photography, that's for sure! You should hear me drone on to whoever is taking the photos about the lighting or complaining about the bits of grass or garbage by the wall I'm taking the photos at. [Side note: shout-out to my mom, who takes my photos, for putting up with my whining about the smallest details like "nasty grass" in photos throughout the years] I've come to learn a lot about what makes a good photo versus a bad photo. And it's not always the best outfits that photograph best, some outfits look better photographed than others despite what they may look like in person.

My writing has also improved tremendously over the past five years. The experience of writing hundreds of posts and thousands of emails has taught me to be picky about my word choice and careful about my grammar and spelling. I've also developed my "voice."

This past year of blogging has been my best year yet; I've collaborated with countless brands and companies, ventured to Philadelphia Fashion Week, scored a couple wonderful internship opportunities and continued to personally as well as professionally (with my blog) to flourish.

I can't wait to see what this next period of blogging will bring for me!

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Outfit details:
Black dress: c/o SuperBrand
Statement necklace: Kay Adams Jewelry
Sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild