Saturday, February 28, 2015

Free People March 2015

 photo befunky_artwork.jpg_zps3tfpdyxn.jpg

Hello! Free People has managed to wow me again with their latest lookbook. This March, Free People is launching their second-ever print catalog. It features models, Cat McNeil, Ana Beatriz Barros, and Sigrid Agren, as well as fashion blogger, Alexandra Spencer. The catalog will launch on March 2nd and customers who have signed up to receive the catalog will receive the catalog in the mail or you can pick one up in stores. I think I may have to make a special trip to Free People to pick up this catalog. I viewed a digital version and immediately fell in love. 

Like usual, their catalog/lookbook is filled with swoon-worthy photos and merchandise. Beachy, boho models in free-spirited, whimsical pieces dominate the catalog. Loose airy silhouettes, trendy fringe, subtle prints, eclectic accessories and neutral colors are a few of the elements that preside in Free People's March 2015 catalog. But don't take my word for it- check out a few of the images above from their catalog or go into their store to pick one of their catalogs up for yourself (starting March 2nd.) 

Images courtesy of Free People. 

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Heart IFB Links A La Mode: February 26th


Hello! This week, my "Philadelphia Fashion Week RTW F/W 2015" post was chosen as one of the top blog posts of the week by Heart IFB in their weekly Links A La Mode. It is always a pleasure when one of my posts is featured and I'm happy to see one of my favorite posts highlighted on one of my most visited fashion websites. Check out the text and links below that Heart IFB rounded up this week for a few other great blog posts:

Style Conscious

Believe it or not, the fashion industry is the second most dangerous industry to the planet. Between the (leather) tanning, gold mining and dye industries, fashion may look great on you, but not so much on "Mother Earth." This week we have links to bloggers who are looking into what it means to be a kinder consumer of fashion. And of course, we're all still gossiping about that Oscar's red carpet too.

Links à la Mode: February 26th

SPONSOR: Shopbop Half Off Kobo, Tai, TB Swim, Merz, Prabal Gurung, Jet Set Diaries, Harris Wharf, Simkhai, Apiece Apart, Emerson Thorpe & Studio Pollini  

Want to be featured in Links à la Mode?

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sixties Floral Doc Martens

 photo IMG_0377_zpsugwpx0rv.jpg

Hello! Today, I spiced up a little black dress with a pair of sixties floral Doc Martens. But this isn't just a typical black dress- the asymmetrical cut and breezy shape make this little black dress one-of-a-kind. I layered a black fringe kimono and cream-colored faux fur coat with the dress to add warmth. Underneath, I slipped on a pair of black opaque tights. 

The real emphasis of the look is on my sixties-inspired, floral Doc Martens. The bold graphic print and bright colors of these boots simply have me swooning. I love the hippie sixties vibe that they give off. I can't wait until it gets warm enough to don these boots with breezy sundresses. 

Faux fur coat: H&M
Asymmetrical dress: c/o SuperBrand
Fringe kimono: c/o ShopLately
Black tights: Urban Outfitters
Floral boots: Doc Martens
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter Blues

 photo IMG_0323_zpsvdb4aolw.jpg

Hello! Can it be spring yet? I have the winter blues and don't know how much more of this cold, dreary weather I can take. And I want to break out all of my spring clothing. I'm dreaming of platform sandals, sundresses and fringe kimonos. And of course, the gingham and graphic floral trends. I'm hoping to make a trip to Buffalo Exchange soon in order to try to sell some of my clothing that I don't wear anymore and update my spring wardrobe with a few new pieces. 

This look is from this past Monday. I donned a bohemian, navy embellished top with a pair of black denim. I kept the dark line of the denim and styled a pair of black booties with the look. I added a touch of free-spirited glam with a blue-gray faux fur jacket and slightly hidden golden coin necklace. 

Embellished top: c/o eShakti
Black denim: BDG via Urban Outfitters
Black booties: Daily Look
Faux fur jacket: c/o Haute Juncture
Rings: Opaque Lion c/o ShopLately
Necklace: Lily Wang c/o Shoplately

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Currently Swooning Over: The 1970's


Hello! I'm currently swooning over the 1970s- this spring, I'm looking towards 70s culture and fashion for inspiration. Woodstock, musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, the film Love Story, hippie VW vans are all inspiring my recent aesthetic. There are a few elements of 1970s fashion that I can't get enough of: bell bottoms, fringe, bright embroidery, peasant dresses, stone jewelry, clogs and round sunglasses.


70s inspired silhouettes strutted down the runway during the spring/summer 2015 runway shows and are definitely trending this spring- especially in the form of free-flowing, bellbottom pants. I love bellbottoms in unique bohemian prints like the ones featured above. Additionally, fringe is making quite the statement this season. I love fringe on tops, bags and skirts in particular. Extra points for fringe pieces in neutral, 70s inspired colors such as tan and black.


I'm also swooning over bright embroidery and peasant dresses this spring. Bright embroidery on breezy tops and tunics reminiscent of the 70s are popping up all over the place this spring; I love the playful energy that they emit. And I don't think that I could be any happier with the revival of peasant dresses. The loose breezy style and hippie influence of these dresses make them absolutely irresistible. Peasant dresses are even better in bohemian prints such as paisley.


70s inspired accessories such as stone jewelry, clogs and round sunglasses are also making quite a splash this season. I've recently added a few new pieces of stone jewelry to my wardrobe and can't wait to show them off all spring. Now, I only need add a few more pairs of flatforms and clogs to my wardrobe. 

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Philadelphia Fashion Week Ready to Wear F/W 2015

 photo PFW2015_design_zpsuja12d86.jpg

Hello! Last night, I had the pleasure to attend Philadelphia Fashion Week F/W 2015 for the Ready to Wear Show. I was granted press access to the event and I would describe my experience last night as transformative and would even go so far as to say it changed my perspective on my life. Nothing has ever felt more right than sitting front row at that fashion show, taking in the atmosphere and watching the designs walk down the runway.

The show was held at the Crane Center in Philadelphia. I arrived a little early to the event and could already feel the energy and hustle and bustle the second that I arrived. Models, designers and fashion show coordinators were rushing around everywhere, working to create the perfect fashion show. Doors opened at 7pm and the crowd mingled while getting photographed and getting drinks. The street style at the show was absolutely incredible- fur coats, rich shades of lipstick and drop-dead gorgeous shoes presided among the crowd. Unfortunately, I did not take many photos of the street style as my iPhone 4 wouldn't have taken photos that did the outfits justice. I would recommend browsing the hashtag #phillyfashionweek on Instagram for glimpses of the style at the show.

Around 7:45pm, they started seating people around the runway. My press access granted me front row at the show and it was an experience like never before. I have never attended a fashion week before so that experience was a new experience entirely but being seated front row? I can't imagine anything better. I was surrounded by fabulous, stylish people and hip music and in that moment of being seated, I knew that the fashion industry was the industry for me and that I would never be happy working anywhere else.

There were twelve designers who presented collections at the show: Walish Gooshe, Ian Alexander Women, J. Pratt, New Wine Apparel, LAS Swimwear, Mars & Venus, Ke' Collection, Ken Laurence, Bdescai, The JD Collection, Datari Austin London and K. Nicole. From the runway show, I sensed three major trends: 50s influenced silhouettes, color palette of red, black & white, and metallics. Below are a few photos and descriptions of my favorite collections.

 photo IMG_0263_zps9ihxdzi1.jpg
 photo IMG_0264_zpsam6af6ys.jpg
 photo IMG_0262_zps9jdas2qn.jpg
 photo IMG_0261_zpsslykmn1i.jpg

Ian Alexander Women (photographed above.This was by far my favorite collection. Ian Alexander utilized tropical colors in an artistic, watercolor manner that created several stunning pieces. Alexander also employed sheer panels, black & white contrast and words printed on the designs such as "GET IT LIFE." 

The collection seems like a contradiction in itself. On one hand, there are pieces that emit a free-feeling, jungle/nature vibe and one the other hand, there are pieces that seem to represent modern city life. The bold orange and yellow colors as well as the painted branches represent the jungle while the harsh combination of black and white and strong use of line represent urban life and the tough daily grind. The juxtaposition of these two different styles is thought-provoking and provides for an incredible runway show and collection in general. 

As kind of a side note, I also believe that Ian Alexander chose the best music for his runway show; he played the Hanging Tree Rebel remix by Jennifer Lawrence and it suited his collection perfectly.

 photo IMG_0271_zpsbe83cofy.jpg
 photo IMG_0270_zpspokjh88u.jpg
 photo IMG_0269_zpsibw9ngrw.jpg

LAS Swimwear (photographed above.) LAS Swimwear also sent one of my favorite collections down the runway. They sent a unique line of swimwear down the runway that relied heavily on shades of black, red and white. There was a distinct 50s/60s influence with retro cat-eye sunglasses and oversize daisies on all of the heels. This retro influence was combated with modern silhouettes and modern fabrics creating an interesting composition. 

And speaking of those daisies on the heels, oh my gosh- the shoes are the first thing I noticed. Huge platform heels embellished with a large daisy scream "retro" and I don't think I've ever been more in love with a pair of shoes before. 

 photo IMG_0268_zps9njidpbw.jpg
 photo IMG_0267_zpsi0oba1qx.jpg

New Wine Apparel (photographed above.) New Wine Apparel also relied on the use of black, red & white. Additionally, they wove metallics and several prints into their collection. The collection was composed of many different casual tops and bottoms such as graphic tanks and leggings. The use of graphic prints and words printed on their designs definitely creates a statement. "PAID IN FULL" and "HOLY" were a couple of the phrases printed on their designs. The designs combined religion and money to create a powerful statement. 

 photo IMG_0277_zpsjif24ytd.jpg
 photo IMG_0276_zpscoopsrqb.jpg

BDescai (photographed above). BDescai definitely caught my eye; the collection relied on metallics, modern silhouettes and lustrous fabrics to create a modern, sophisticated feeling. Models also wore what can best be described as sparkly Tin Man hats that helped to portray an almost futuristic feeling. 

 photo IMG_0275_zpsz6trbglf.jpg
 photo IMG_0274_zpsbo0hecex.jpg

Ke' Collection (photographed above.) Another one of my favorite collections. This collection is very feminine, luxurious and put-together. It is inspired by silhouettes of the 1950s and plays up that 1950s glam vibe with rich textures such as fur and leather. The collection revolved around neutral colors such as tans, grays and black. The two looks in the photos above are jaw-droppingly incredible. The lady-like first look is somewhat of a Morton Salt girl meets Chanel with the classic silhouette and rich textured fabric; the contrast creates an irresistible aesthetic and I can't stop staring at the photo. I fell in love with the second look because of the gigantic fur collar and vintage appeal. 

 photo IMG_0279_zpsupk0lxst.jpg
 photo IMG_0280_zpsovodprlw.jpg

K. Nicole (photographed above.) The show ended with K. Nicole's collection of lady-like, feminine pieces. Fabrics reminiscent of rich upholstery were used in her structured designs. Floor-length skirts and dresses dominated her collection. Like many of the other designs that night, K. Nicole relied on a neutral color palette. 

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cob & Pen

 photo IMG_0038_zpsk5mxumoh.jpg

Hello! For today's look, I wanted a really boho, free-spirited outfit so I started with a 70s inspired, paisley peasant top. I layered a black fringe kimono and faux fur jacket over the top. I love how the color of the faux fur interacts with the paisley print. Additionally, I really like the juxtaposition of such a luxe, glam winter jacket with the lightweight, casual summery top. 

I emphasized the bohemian feeling of the look with layers and stacks of jewelry. I started with a golden coin statement necklace accentuated by a smaller golden necklace. I also slipped on a simple pair of golden earrings and a handful of golden rings. My favorite piece of jewelry today is my bracelet. Cob & Pen recently sent me this bracelet courtesy of ShopLately. This is their "Time Keeper Bracelet" in aqua green and it retails for $14.85 (currently on sale!) I'm absolutely in love with this bracelet- I love the aqua stone and hippie appeal of it and have a feeling that this bracelet will hardly leave my wrist this upcoming spring season. 

Paisley top: Thrifted
Bellbottom pants: Forever 21
Black kimono: c/o ShopLately
Faux fur jacket: c/o Haute Juncture
Golden coin necklace: c/o ShopLately
Circle necklace: c/o Robert Matthew
Rings: Assorted & c/o ShopLately
Bracelet: Cob & Pen c/o ShopLately
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snowy Days

 photo IMG_9983_zps4zgucxlp.jpg

Hello! It's been unbelievably cold in Philadelphia for the past few days and we received a couple of inches of snow last night. Unfortunately not enough snow to get us out of class today though! 

For this snowy day, I pulled my black and white cat print dress out of my wardrobe. I layered a long burnt orange cardigan and cream-colored faux fur jacket over the dress. I cozied my look up with a pair of fleece-lined tights, slouchy socks and Doc Martens. Red lipstick and a silver statement necklace completed the look. 

Kitty cat dress: H&M
Burnt orange cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Fleece-lined tights: Urban Outfitters
Gray socks: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Doc Martens
Faux fur jacket: H&M
Red lipstick: Wet 'N Wild
Silver necklace: Lily Wang c/o ShopLately 

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Spring 2015 Trend Report: Bold Graphic Florals

Spring 2015 Trend Report: Bold Florals

Hello! "Florals for spring? How groundbreaking?" Ahhh, another spring season, another slew of floral prints. Spring after spring, designers incorporate floral prints into their collections. At this point, it has almost become comical how expected floral prints have come to be in the spring.

And yes, this season floral prints are back. But they're back with a twist. Instead of the traditional dainty floral print, bold graphic floral prints are taking over this spring. No longer are dresses dotted with tiny roses and daisies but taken over by huge, simple bold floral prints. This is a refreshingly new take on the classic print and I'm immediately drawn to it.

Countless designers incorporated floral prints into their collections this spring including Viktor & Rolf, Michael Kors, Simone Rocha and Chanel.

Viktor & Rolf made the most interesting use of florals in my opinion. The florals in their collection have a very graphic, retro- futuristic feeling unlike any floral print that I have ever seen before. Their use of bold color in these graphic floral prints as well as the unique silhouettes of their pieces work to make an incredible statement.

The Chanel spring 2015 couture collection also makes quite the statement- the gowns are more like works of art with intricate detail, futuristic use of 3-D floral and incredible texture of the floral prints.

Michael Kors sent the most wearable florals down the runway; I love his use of bright cheery colors and an enlarged bold floral print throughout the collection. Simone Rocha also incorporated bright colors and romantic, graphic floral print in her spring/summer 2015 collection. 

Take florals to a new level this spring and update your wardrobe with a few new graphic floral pieces. 

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spring 2015 Trend Report: Gingham

Spring 2015 Trend Report: Gingham

Hello! Amid a sea of typical spring prints such as floral, gingham prints stand out as a leading trend this spring/summer 2015 season. And while gingham may seem like a worn-out pattern and remind you of picnic cloths or your grandmother's apron, gingham is far from matronly or outdated this season. Designers re-worked this once tired print in a variety of new ways to breathe life back into it. 

Black and white gingham prints were the most popular on the spring/summer 2015 runway but the print has also been revived in a variety of pastels. Numerous designers utilized the print in many pieces including tops, dresses and skirts.

Bottega Veneta, Lela Rose, Altuzarra and Diane Von Furstenberg all created spring/summer collections that relied heavily on their use of gingham. 

In particular, I really like how Altuzarra and Diane Von Furstenberg utilized gingham. Altuzarra worked gingham into pieces with classic, preppy silhouettes in an array of various colors including pretty pastel lavenders and pinks. The collection is very put-together yet playful at the same time; the collection conjures up images of yacht parties, lunches at country clubs and the film, The Flamingo Kid. Diane Von Furstenberg worked classic black and white gingham into her collection through fresh pieces that make black and white gingham feel new once again. 

The re-birth of this classic print this spring has me swooning and I'm ready to stock up on gingham pieces as soon as I can find some. I would recommend browsing thrift shops and Forever 21 when shopping for this trend. 

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Paisley & Leopard Print

 photo IMG_9796_zpsh8ouopc4.jpg

Hello! It's slowly becoming harder and harder to style new outfits as I feel like I've already layered and worn most of my winter clothing together. I'm crossing my fingers that this cold weather will be over soon enough and that I'll be able to break out all my spring dresses again (worn without tights) and sandals. However, for now I'm still doing my best to combat the cold with cozy knits and endless pairs of tights. 

For this look, I styled my paisley peasant dress with a pair of maroon fleece-lined tights and a leopard print coat. By combining the patterns of the dress and coat as well as sticking to a simple color combination of maroon and tan, the look creates a bold statement enhanced even further with a stunning pair of Jeffrey Campbells and berry lipstick. 

Hope that you guys are staying warm (and chic) in this freezing weather!

Paisley dress: Forever 21
Fleece-lined tights: Urban Outfitters
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell's
Leopard coat: Threadsence
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild
Necklaces: Ashby & c/o Robert Matthew

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 2015 Mood Board

February Inspiration

Hello! Today, I wanted to share my February 2015 Mood Board with you guys. Ah, February- the month of love and romance. Additionally, February is the perfect month to focus on yourself. Take time this month to pamper yourself with luxurious bath products, splurge on a pretty lace bralette and watch older love films (Love Story and The Graduate are two of my favorites). The beginning of this year has been crazy busy and February provides the perfect chance to take a few (much-needed) hours for yourself.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Roma Boots

 photo IMG_9710_zps483soq0g.jpg
 photo IMG_9709_zpsvjusapno.jpg

Hello! Yesterday, Philadelphia was plagued with dreary, rainy weather. Usually, rainy weather means messy hair and a lazier than usual outfit but I decided to dress nicely yesterday despite the rain. I haven't been able to stop daydreaming about spring so I pulled out this daisy print dress to convince myself that spring isn't too far off. I layered the dress with a pair of fleece-lined tights and my shaggy faux fur jacket. I accessorized with several golden necklaces and added a pop of color to the look with bold red lipstick. To battle the puddles of rain and slush, I slipped into a pair of tall gray rainboots.

Recently, Roma Boots sent me these rainboots to showcase on my blog. These are the "Glossy Gray Roma Rain Boots" and they retail for $89. The second that I opened my package from Roma Boots, I fell in love- how could I resist the glossy gray color, classic style and durability? I requested a size 8 and they run true to size and fit me perfectly. They are immensely comfortable and I'm already impressed with the quality of these boots. I have a feeling that these boots will get me through quite a few rainy April showers this upcoming spring. In addition to selling such stylish boots, for every pair of boots that you purchase, Roma Boots donates a pair of boots to impoverished children across the world that are in need.  If you are looking for a new pair of rainboots, I would definitely recommend checking Roma Boots out. Use code "valentine" for 15% off. 

Daisy print dress: Buffalo Exchange
Faux fur jacket: H&M
Necklaces: Assorted (Ashby RVA, Charlotte Russe & c/o Robert Matthew)
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild
Fleece-lined tights: Urban Outfitters
Rain boots: c/o Roma Boots

Monday, February 9, 2015

Mixed Prints

 photo IMG_9395_zpsmsw8bvv0.jpeg

Hello! For this look, I decided to switch things up and mix several different prints and textures together. I started this look with a bodycon black and white polka dot dress (the absolute ideal dress for layering.) Over the dress, I layered a mixed gray knit sweater and faux fur leopard print coat. The way the three different textures and prints of these pieces interact creates a unique, quirky aesthetic. I decided to add a rich burst of color with a pair of burgundy thigh highs and berry lipstick. Opaque black tights and black oxfords completed the look.

Polka dot dress: H&M
Thigh highs: Unknown
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Black oxfords: Vintage
Knit sweater: Forever 21
Leopard print coat: Threadsence
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Esentric Clothing Co. Fashion Showcase

 photo PicMonkey Collage_zpsutmbnahm.jpg

Hello! Yesterday, I attended the Fashion Showcase put together by Esentric Clothing Co. The event took place from 5pm-9pm at the Blackeye Soup Studio in Philadelphia. The night featured several local fashion designers in a runway show. Additionally, other vendors, food and music were present at the event. Tickets cost $20 or $13 for students. I purchased my ticket for $5 to provide coverage of the event. 

As embarrassing as this is to admit (because of the fact that I am a fashion blogger and fashion merchandising student), before last night I had never really attended a fashion show. While in high school, I took place in a fashion show at my high school but that doesn't even come close to an actual fashion show. So when Tamika Williams from Esentric Clothing Co. reached out to me and invited me to the event, I was definitely excited to attend the show. The event provided me with the opportunity to dress up, do something different and experience local fashion.

This is the first fashion show that Esentric Clothing Co. has put together and it went quite well. The atmosphere was lively, the location was incredible and you could immediately sense the energy from the audience and designers the second that you stepped into the studio.

The fashion show featured Mariah Lynn Designs, Reine by Racquel, Tkay and Co, Fashion by Shi'Da and Jcreations. All of the designers clearly put a lot of work and effort into their designs and I loved watching their designs go down the runway. My favorite collection was the JCreations collection- the interesting use of baroque-inspired prints, a stunning black and gold color palette and interesting silhouettes wowed me as the models strutted the designs down the runway. I also fell in love with the collection that Mariah Lynn Designs sent down the runway; swoon-worthy spring prints and structured pieces dominated her collection. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for these designers and Esentric Clothing Co. as they begin to make more waves in the fashion industry.

Friday, February 6, 2015

3 Ways to Style Your Little Black Dress

Black Dress Option 1

Option #1: Boho babes, this is the little black dress option for you. Start your look with a bohemian, free-spirited black dress with gold embellishment. This is the "Jen's Pirate Booty Royal Cosmo Mini Dress" from Daily Look and it retails for $150. The breezy shape and bohemian details of this dress make this a great hippie, go-to LBD. Cozy the look up with a shaggy fur coat and black thigh highs. Add a western fringe bag, tan heeled booties and several nature-inspired bracelets to complete the look. In particular, I love these three artisan bracelets from Ten Thousand Villages (the New Twist Bracelet, $12, the Hoops and Ladders Bracelet, $16 and the Stone Cliff Bangle, $8). This is the perfect look for spending the day exploring the city. 

Black Dress Option 3

Option #2: This vintage-inspired, sophisticated little black dress look is the ideal look for date night. Begin your look with a chic lace dress like this "Lovers + Friends Lace Catwalk Dress" from Daily Look (retails for $198). Pair the dress with a glamorous vintage coat, pearl necklace, red lipstick, black tights and heeled vintage booties.

Black Dress Option 2

Option #3: For a classic look like this one, style your look around a little black dress like this free-flowing, "Glamorous Jersey Swing Dress" from Daily Look (retails for $45). Accessorize with a pair of fun, polka dot tights and a handful of statement rings. These rings from Ten Thousands Villages would go perfectly with the look and I'm in love with all three of them. These are the Sky Stone Ring ($20), Silver Echoes Ring ($16) and Onyx Night Ring ($20).  Complete the look with a simple pair of black heels and unique poncho coat.

**This post is part of a challenge put together by Daily Look to come up with several different ways to style a black dress. I love Daily Look's stylish merchandise (in particular, my black Daily Look booties are the best) and therefore, I'm pleased to have been selected as one of the bloggers that they approached for the campaign. I hope that you guys like the looks that I styled! You can check out their full selection of LBDs HERE.