Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rocket Dog Sandals

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Hello! It is too hot here in RVA; temperatures have begun to soar into the 90's. Can it just be fall already? In order to cope with the summer heat, I threw on a thin graphic tee and black vintage Levi's. Most over-worn tee in my wardrobe? Definitely this one! Only over-worn tee in my wardrobe? Quite possibly as I typically shy away from wearing tees. However, I make an exception for this tee. This tee's combination of quirky and stylish has me falling head over heels. It reads "Bonjour, Je M'Appelle ____________," or "Hello, my name is ____________" for my readers who don't know the French language (myself included). I love everything French so it should come as no surprise that I adore this tee.

I accessorized with a handful of silver rings and fabulous retro sunglasses. Recently, I received these sunglasses from Giant Vintage Sunglasses and have been obsessing with them every since. If you follow my instagram and/or twitter then you have probably already seen these sunglasses in your feed. While a good deal of black sunglasses tend to be boring, these sunglasses are anything but boring! The glamorous retro shape and large size make these sunglasses stand out from the rest. You can find these showstoppers HERE for just $20. 

Today, I also wore my newest Rocket Dog sandals. Recently, Rocket Dog sent me these sandals to review on my blog. These are the "Vilette Little Gem" sandals in silver. They can be purchased HERE for $44.95. As soon as I spotted these on Rocket Dog's website, I knew that they would be the ones that I would chose to review. And although, I haven't been big on sandals this summer, these sandals are different. These sandals are my ideal sandals. They combine two of the biggest things that I look for in a pair of shoes: trendiness and versatility. The transparent strap on the sandals instantly drew me in because transparent straps on shoes is definitely trending this summer. However, the silver straps make them versatile enough to wear everyday. And I am most certainly pleased with these sandals. They are even cuter in person than online and fit very well/ run true to size. And even better, they are pretty comfortable. 

In these photos, I posed with my August issue of Marie Claire. I just cannot get enough of this magazine! Every month, I eagerly await its arrival in the mail.

I hope that you guys are enjoying your summer! I still cannot believe that half of the summer has already passed by. 

Tee shirt: Forever 21
Black shorts: Vintage Levi's
Silver sandals: c/o Rocket Dog
Black sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Red lipgloss: Mary Kay
Magazine: Marie Claire August
Rings: Assorted
Silver nail polish: ULTA


  1. What a cute outfit! I love those sunglasses. :D

  2. Great outfit - the top is so unusual and the sandals are so cute! I also love your hair! :)

  3. Those sunglasses are too cute! And so are those sandals!(:
    I hope you're able to stay cool in the heat! It hasn't been TOO bad in Seattle...just weird, going from the 70s to the 80s to the 90s and back down again. It makes figuring outfits out pretty tricky! :P

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  4. I love that shirt! It's so unique. And the clear strap on the sandals are so cute!

  5. Love your sandals.

  6. Those sandals have my name written all over them. So fab. Love love love.