Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fall 2013 Wishlist

Fall 2013 Wishlist

Hello! Today I thought that I would share my fall 2013 wishlist with you guys. As you guys know, this fall I am heading off for my freshman year at PhilaU. In years past, I have gone shopping for BTS clothing almost every week throughout the summer. However, this summer I have only been on a few BTS shopping trips and have not purchased much clothing for next year. I plan on going out shopping to all of my favorite stores (Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, H&M, thrift shops) on my 18th birthday and buying the majority of my fall wardrobe on that trip. The items shown above and listed below are a few of the items that I would consider must-haves for next year.

1. Faux leather jacket. My faux leather jacket from last year served me well but is no longer in the best condition. But I definitely want to bring a faux leather jacket with me next year so the search for a new faux leather jacket is on. A faux leather jacket is perfect to slip on over a feminine dress or to add a bit of edge to a simple pair of jeans and a tee shirt (and of course, killer shoes.)

2. Black Doc Martens. You guys know that I wore my faux Doc Martens to death this past year which is precisely why I ordered my first pair from Urban Outfitters just a few days ago. And I purchased them on sale and they cost me $100 instead of $120. Who could say no to saving money?

3. Printed dresses. I would wear a printed dress everyday if I could. I plan on stocking up on these on my shopping spree. Printed dresses are perfect to wear alone or to layer with.

4. Colored crossbody bag. A crossbody in a fall tone such as red, maroon or forest green would add the perfect touch of color to my wardrobe.

5. Classic watch. A classic watch like the one shown above serves two purposes: add a dose of style to any look and keep track of the time.

6. Knit sweater. Need I say more?

7. Polka dot socks. Too cute to not have in my wardrobe this fall.

8. Statement necklace. Perfect for keeping an outfit from being too plain.

9. Statement studs. Add a quirky touch to any look.

10. Oversized black bag. Matches everything and holds everything- could a bag get much better than that?

What's on your fall wishlist? 


  1. You have chosen really great pieces and if I could I would like to have each of them in my closet :)

    And thank you for your nice comment on my blog - I checked immediately your blog with the result: I like it!

    I would like to follow you on gfc and/or bloglovin. It´ll be great if you come return to my blog to follow me – then I will follow you immediately back.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Oh man, I've been eyeing fall fashion pieces too! A new leather jacket is on my wishlist, and I'd like mine in brown. Plus, bold striped pants!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. that watch might creep its way onto my wishlists this fall too! super cute

  4. Good luck with your freshman year :) You got some good pieces here!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  5. Great list! I'm definitely getting Dr. Martens boots for fall, they are so cool!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed