Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Floral on Floral

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Hello! The other day my sister let me dress her up and posed for a mini-photo shoot with me and these are the results.

In my look, I went a little print-crazy, combining three different prints. But hey- it worked! My rule of thumb when it comes to mixing and matching prints is to make sure that the prints have a color in common. For example, my shorts in this look possess the same pink color as my crop top and black color as my heels and my heels and crop top both have the color white in them.

Also, when mixing and matching different prints, I would recommend not mixing more than three or so prints. When you go beyond three different prints, things can start to get a little bit wild. You can definitely rock more than three prints at a time, you just have to be a little bit more careful mixing and matching them.

I love the way that the three prints that I am wearing in this outfit look together. I especially love the way that I combined two different floral prints. Floral on floral-what fun! Definitely bold but not too overwhelming. To tone things down a bit, I kept my accessories simple, just wearing a few rings and a pair of retro sunglasses.

In this mini-photo shoot, the core of my sister's outfit was relatively simple- just an olive colored top and black shorts but I added interest with accessories. The black and white saddle shoes that I let her borrow conjure up images of fifties diners and Juke boxes. I continued to play up that retro vibe by letting her wear a pair of my cat-eye sunglasses. To add a small pop of color besides the olive to her look, I lent her my delicate pink flower crown.

On me:

Polka dot heels: Steve Madden
Floral shorts: Vintage
Floral crop top: DIY from an old top
Retro sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Rings: Assorted (Charlotte Russe, ebay, vintage)

On Missi:

Black shorts: Vintage
Olive-colored top: Kenar
Saddle shoes: Urban Outfitters
Cat eye sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Floral crown: DIY

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Side note: Today, I got my wisdom teeth removed (all four of them!) and my mouth is quite swollen and sore. These photos were taken last weekend and I also wrote the post last weekend. If you would like to keep up with how I am doing after my surgery, I would suggest following me on twitter @ToriRadday. Also, I am a bit behind on emails. If you are waiting for a reply from me, bare with me! I will reply to you within a week. 


  1. wow!! both of you look so pretty<3


  2. The glasses are so funny :)
    And I LOVE the black-and-white brogues