Saturday, October 17, 2015

Shades of Orange

October 2015
October 2015

Hello! Oh, October, how I love you; October is the perfect month to debut sheer tights and cozy socks. For this look, I pulled out a pair of sheer orange tights and styled them with scrunched down, maroon socks and black heeled booties. The colors of the tights and socks perfectly matched the shades of burgundy and orange in my deep fall floral dress. I added another shade of orange with my favorite cardigan. Layered necklaces and a swipe of lipstick completed the look.

Also, this past week I was featured in Heart IFB's Links a La Mode. Check out some of the other posts chosen: 

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Orange tights: Kohl's
Maroon socks: Kohl's
Black booties: Daily Look
Floral dress: Urban Outfitters
Orange cardi: Urban Outfitters
Coin necklace: Charlotte Russe
Crystal necklace: Ashby
Golden circle necklace: c/o Robert Matthew
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild
Bracelets: Ashby & Vintage
Peach tote bag: c/o Robert Matthew


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