Wednesday, October 7, 2015


October 2015
October 2015

Hello! You know how a certain item of clothing or a stylish accessory can make you feel like you're on the top of the world when you're wearing it? Well, I hadn't felt that way in a while but these golden sunglasses changed that. Recently, I received these sunglasses courtesy of Giant Vintage and I'm obsessed. My confidence level soars the second that I slip these sunglasses on; when I have these sunglasses on, I feel like a cooler, much more hip version of myself. These sunglasses retail for $25 here and I would say the $25 is well worth it. 

I also took the chance to debut my jewelry that I received in my Rocksbox a couple days ago. For those of you who haven't heard of Rocksbox, it's a monthly jewelry subscription box. You sign up for $19/month and they send you three pieces of jewelry to wear for the month. When you return the jewelry, they send you other new jewelry to wear. Fall in love with one of the pieces that month? That's fine; you can purchase the item for a Rocksbox insider discount. 

This is the first month that I have subscribed to Rocksbox and I'm in love with it. I received a dainty bracelet, X ring and druzy necklace. And I haven't taken any of the jewelry off yet. Interested in trying Rocksbox out? Well I have a deal for you: if you sign up with promo code toribff70 you can receive your first box free! Who could say no to trying out a couple great pieces of jewelry for a month for free?

Cream-colored sweater: Forever 21
Printed flare pants: Charlotte Russe
Jewelry: Rocksbox
Lipstick: Birchbox
Olive-colored flatforms: Ashby
Golden sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage


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