Friday, August 23, 2013

Top 10 September Essentials

September Essentials

Hello! Just the other day I moved into my dorm at Philadelphia University. I'm still getting settled in so I'm not sure when my next outfit post will be. And boy, have I been busy these past few days! I barely have time to squeeze this post in! Anyway, I just thought that I would share some pieces that I brought with me to PhilaU that I feel will become my "top 10 September essentials." All of these pieces have me swooning!

 1. Camouflage jacket. The perfect fall jacket.

 2. Chanel earrings. I've been wearing my golden Chanel earrings nonstop these past few weeks and will continue to do so throughout September. They add the perfect finishing touch to any look.

3. Black circle skirt. This skirt is one of the items that I am most looking forward to wearing this September. It can easily transition from day to night. Not to mention the movement of the skirt is absolutely superb!

4. Leopard print crossbody bag. You guys know that I love a good pop of leopard print! And crossbody bags are my ideal college bag- they are just so easy and hold everything that I really need- keys, cell phone and ID/money.

5. Polka dot dress. On my most recent shopping excursion, I bought the prettiest green and white polka dot dress and I have a feeling that I won't be able to put it down this fall. There are just so many different ways to style it. I could wear it with a cream-colored faux leather vest, leopard print bag, red lipstick and killer heels for a night out or with my camouflage jacket, oversize tote and chic jewelry for class.

6. Kitty-cat ears. When I saw the most adorable pair of kitty car ears at Forever 21, I knew that they had to be mine! I can't wait to break these out this September.

7. Cat print dress. How adorable is this cat print dress? I snagged this gem at H&M last week and can sense that it will be a major player in my wardrobe this fall.

8. Black Doc Martens. I'm currently working on breaking these in. Definitely painful but worth it for how stylish they are!

9. Black cropped top. This is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe at the moment. I mean, what can't you wear with this?

10. Red lipstick. Who could say "no" to a good red lipstick?

What items in your wardrobe do you think will become your September essentials? 


  1. I could steal half your wishlist :) The cat print dress, kitty cat ears and Doc Martens are A MUST. Love love love it :)

  2. I am dying to get some black Doc Martens!!