Thursday, August 1, 2013

Five Must-Read Fashion Magazines

Hello! Due to my passion for the written word and adoration of fashion, it should come as no surprise to you guys that I am an avid fashion magazine reader. My favorite fashion-related magazines include Marie Claire, Vogue, Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue and Elle Magazine. These are a few of the magazines that I subscribe to. I also enjoy Glamour, Lucky and Allure but unfortunately am not currently subscribed to them. Today, I am going to share my thoughts (what each of the magazines focus on, what really draws me to each specific magazine and several past cover stars of each magazine) on Marie ClaireVogueSeventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue and Elle Magazine.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire:

What it focuses on: Marie Claire primarily focuses on fashion mixed with interviews of the up-and-coming (writers, politicians, designers, etc.), real-life stories, health and hair/beauty. Essentially this magazine covers it all!

What really draws me to Marie Claire: Well-written, unique articles, a focus on how to incorporate trends/ high-fashion into your everyday wardrobe, very aesthetically pleasing covers and of course, Tim Gunn's style advice column! I immediately flip to his column as soon as I grab my latest issue of Marie Claire from my mailbox.

Past cover stars include: Carrie Underwood (June 2013), Scarlett Johansson (May 2013), Lauren Conrad (July 2013), Olivia Wilde ( April 2013) and Nicki Minaj (August 2013)



What it focuses on: Primarily on fashion. Very high-fashion editorials.

What really draws me to Vogue: Vogue provides me with inspiration, floods me with creativity (and the desire to DIY designer pieces) and schools me in what is currently trending in the fashion industry. Unfortunately my subscription recently ended- I will have to renew that ASAP.

Past cover stars include: Gwen Stefani ( January 2013- possibly my all-time favorite fashion magazine cover), Keira Knightley (October 2012), Rihanna (November 2012), Rooney Mara (February 2013) and Beyonce (March 2013)


Seventeen Magazine:

What it focuses on: Seventeen Magazine hones in on all aspects of a female teenager's life with sections ranging from fashion (my fave section!), beauty ideas, hairstyles to test out, financial advice written with teenagers in mind, relationship advice and real-life stories.

What really draws me to Seventeen Magazine: The fashion highlighted in Seventeen Magazine is very wearable yet still trendy. Seventeen Magazine also provides great tips for layering pieces and switching up the way your wear the pieces currently in your wardrobe. The financial advice, discounts and horoscopes also draw me in to Seventeen Magazine. Seventeen also features some of my more favorite cover stars- they tend to be younger and closer in age to myself than say Gwen Stefani or Carrie Underwood and therefore, I find them (and their interviews and advice) much easier to relate to and take to heart.

Past cover stars include: AnnaSophia Robb (May 2013), Ashley Benson (April 2013), Lucy Hale (June/July 2013), Kesha (February 2013) and Ariana Grande (August 2013).

Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue:

What it focuses on: Teen Vogue spotlights fashion for the younger generation. Teen Vogue is very similar to Vogue but it is written with a younger crowd in mind.

What really draws me to Teen Vogue: More youthful fashions, focus on celebrities, designers & collaborations that I find highly interesting and of course, the mini size of the magazine all draw me back to Teen Vogue time and time again. In fact, Teen Vogue is one of the first fashion magazines that I ever subscribed to and even though I have been receiving it for years and years, I never grow tired of the articles and features in the magazine.

Past cover stars include: Shay Mitchell (April 2013), Nina Dobrev (April 2011), AnnaSophia Robb (February 2013), Chloe Grace Moretz ( March 2013) and Nicki Minaj ( June/ July 2013)


What it focuses on: Elle Magazine focuses on fashion trends and styles along with fashion news. The magazine is full of insightful articles and many different interviews.

What really draws me to Elle: The editorial fashion spreads are always very thoughtful and inspiring and I truly enjoy to read the articles.

Past cover stars include: Amanda Seyfried (August 2013), Shakira (July 2013), Taylor Swift (March 2013), Claire Danes (February 2013) and Kerry Washington (June 2013)

I would like to conclude this post with a short description of my feelings towards the ads in fashion magazines.  As we all know, magazines are filled to the brim with ads. The ads are what pay a fair deal of the bills of magazine companies.

Call me crazy but I enjoy the ads in fashion magazines, particularly the ads in Vogue and Elle. They spotlight some of the most recent fashion trends and designers. In addition, they are often very aesthetically pleasing, give me ideas of new pieces that I would like to buy (or DIY!) that season and inspire new ways to style the pieces that I already have in my wardrobe.


  1. My favourites are Vogue and Elle! xx

  2. Thank you for the comment. I like teen vouge and seventeen. Would you like to follow each other? I am following yo via GFC and bloglovin. Follow back?

  3. I buy waay too many magazines! I always get Vogue and Elle! xo

  4. The amount of magazines I have is R I D I C U L O U S. I think I can wrap my entire house in Elle and Marie Claire -- Definately my favorites !

  5. Teen Vogue is what made me more interested in fashion some years ago! xx