Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pattern Overload

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Hello! As you can probably tell from the photos above, I went a little bit crazy with patterns today. I began my look with a light gray crop top printed with a quirky, black unicorn pattern. Of course, I couldn't fully cover up the unicorn print because come on, do you see how cute it is? So I layered a burgundy and black striped, sheer blouse over top of it. That allowed the unicorn print to still shine through but at the same time didn't leave too much skin bare. 

To pull out the black in the crop top and blouse, I slipped into a pair of black, high-rise denim shorts. I decided to give my feet a break from breaking in my new Doc Martens and slid my feet into a pair of leopard print boots. I accessorized with a pair of retro sunglasses and a silver spiked necklace. This necklace has practically not left my neck since it came in the mail a few weeks ago. What can I say? The simple yet edgy design of the necklace has me reaching for it time and time again. 

It was slightly cool out this morning so before I left my dorm, I grabbed my camouflage jacket. I love the way that the colors of this jacket interact with the rest of the colors in this outfit. Oh fall shades of burgundy and green, I have missed you! My wardrobe this autumn is dominated by the most wonderful shades of maroon, mustard, green, black and gray. I can't wait to break out all of my fall pieces. 

On that note, I'd just like to state that fall is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. There are just so many different things that I love about fall. Fall signifies a fresh start, a new beginning. It is full of possibilities and numerous opportunities. And you guys know that fall fashion simply has me swooning. The falling leaves and changing landscape, crisp air, runway shows, the beginning of a new school year and everything that comes with it all have me yearning for fall throughout the month of August. And now fall is pretty much here! Is anyone else as excited for fall as I am?

Unicorn crop top: Forever 21
Sheer striped blouse: Forever 21
Black shorts: Vintage Levi's
Leopard print boots: Target
Spiked necklace: Kristin Perry Accessories c/o Chictopia
Retro sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage Sunglasses
Camouflage jacket: Vintage

Oh and a big shout-out to Lea of The Cat Eyed Girl for taking these photos for me! Thanks, girl!

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