Saturday, January 26, 2013

Layering Ideas

Layering Option 1

Layering Option #1: Skater style dress+ denim button down+ knit sweater+ leopard print coat+ sweater tights+ lacy socks+ Chelsea-style booties. Lots and lots of layering preside in this option! Want to wear a sleeveless dress in the winter but cold weather prevents you from wearing it? Don't let the weather stop you anymore! Layer a denim button down, knit sweater and leopard print coat over it and a pair of lacy socks and sweater tights under it. Chelsea style boots and a statement necklace only add more "chic" to the look.
Layering Option 2

Black skinny jeans+ patterned tank+ denim jacket+ white cape coat+ lace up booties+ fringe bag. Boho babes, this option is for you! Transition a patterned/tribal tank into winter apparel by layering it with a denim jacket and coat. A fringe bag adds an extra dose of bohemian to the your look.  
Layering Option 3

Olive colored jumpsuit+ quirky sweater+ leather jacket+ spiked coat+ spiked heeled boots. This option is for my edgier readers out there. I love jumpsuits and am currently lusting over an olive-colored one from Urban Outfitters. They are so easy to layer. Throw on a sweater and leather jacket over a jumpsuit and you have an instantly stylish look. Amp up the edginess of the look with spiked accessories.


  1. I'm loving all these outfits! You have a great sense of style!

  2. I like the first one a lot, with the sweater and chambray shirt over a dress. It's been so cold that I've taken layering to a whole new level [fleece-lined tights under jeans!!!], but I'm definitely trying this once it gets a little warmer.

  3. love the layering option 1 :)


  4. Absolutely amazing! love those outfits!

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  5. I looovee the first layering look! Especially the sweater and necklace!

  6. Super cute! I love these pieces. Can't ever go wrong with a chambray.

  7. i love the last layering look! <3
    thank you for your nice comment on my blog!!
    xx Pauline