Sunday, October 28, 2012

W&M Homecoming 2012

Layout of my outfit for Saturday.

My outfit for Saturday. It was perfect for the chilly fall weather! Beautiful skies and crisp cool fall air presided throughout the majority of the day. Rain was predicted for mid to late afternoon and evening and luckily for myself, it didn't start raining until I was back in the timeshare that my family rented out for the weekend.

Closeup of my new, vintage oxfords. Favorite pair of shoes? I think yes!

A photo in which I am sitting on the steps of a well worn path of the campus.

The tickets to the football game!

A photo taken on the Crim Dell Bridge.

A quick snapshot of the football game. However, I only attended the game for like five or ten minutes before heading to the campus center with my younger sister, Missi.

My outfit for my last day in Williamsburg! The weather was terrible but my mom managed to take some photos under awnings as we were checking out of our timeshare. 

A photo taken right before lunch.

Another photo of my outfit. I am kind of obsessing over hats right now! The shape and color of this hat are absolutely delightful.

A closeup of my slice of cheese pizza. Pizza will forever be one of my favorite foods!

Hello! I hope that you all have enjoyed your weekend and if you live along the east coast have prepared for Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy is predicted to wreak havoc on the east coast and I am not sure how hard it will hit Richmond. Hopefully, not very hard! However, schools here are closed tomorrow so I am expecting that the power will probably go out. If it goes out, I will not have internet access nor will I want to take photos in the storm so be ready for a lack of posts in the next few days

But onto my post! This weekend, my family trekked down to William & Mary to celebrate their homecoming. Both my parents attended William & Mary along with other family members so my family typically spends homecoming weekend in Williamsburg. We headed out directly after school on Friday and spent the night Friday and Saturday. 

On Friday, we didn't do much; my sister and I stayed at the timeshare and watched ANTM (aren't you glad that Leila came back?) while my parents went out and caught up with some of their friends from college.

My mom, sister and I started our Saturday morning out right by hitting up a few thrift shops near the timeshare that we stayed at. However, I didn't have much money to spend and just ended up buying a plaid blazer for $5 at Goodwill. I was hoping to find a few more hats to add to my collection but had no such luck in finding any! My sister purchased a few movies and a cute, color-blocked rain jacket while my mom bought a few ornate, glass plates for our lake house. After we finished shopping, we went back to the timeshare to get ready for the day ahead of us. 

At about noon, we drove to the campus. My family hung around a few tailgates and my sister and I eventually made our way to the College Delly to share a plate of cheese fries. They were so yummy! If you are ever at the College Delly, I would definitely recommend trying a plate of cheese fries. Missi and I then walked over to the Candy Shop and appeased our sweet teeth by ordering gummy bears and German raspberries  We dined on our candy while people watching on Dog Street. The passersby kept us amused until we were ready to leave Dog Street. 

About an hour after watching the people on Dog Street, my mom and I headed to Crim Dell to take a few photos for my blog. We also wanted to take photos by a few of the statues but that didn't go as planned. As soon as I sat down next to the statues, a swarm of bees flew right at me and let's just say that was the end of taking photos there! My mom and I then headed into the game. A few minutes into the game, my sister, a friend and I decided to head into the Campus Center because they were too cold. There, we also watched passersby and I checked my email on my iPod.

Once the game was over, my sister and I got Icees at Wawa and my family headed to Chick Fil A for dinner. Because, I am a vegetarian, I just ordered an order of large fries. My family then brought the dinner back to our timeshare to eat. After we had eaten, my parents headed back out and my sister and I once again stayed in, this time watching re-runs of the Cosby Show.

The next morning (this morning), we checked out and then headed out for lunch. Almost immediately after lunch, we headed back to RVA so we wouldn't be caught in Hurricane Sandy.

And that was my weekend in a nutshell! Did anyone else by chance attend Homecoming at William and Mary?

Pine green jeans: Urban Outfitters
Long sleeve shirt: Victoria's Secret
Blazer: Sear's Outlet
Scarf: Thrifted J.Crew
Bag: Francesca's
Hat: Vintage
Oxfords: Vintage
Pin (on my scarf): Beta Club
Watch: inherited from my grandfather

Dress: Marshall's
Faux Fur Jacket: The Flying Tomato via Threadsence
Necklace: Vintage Givenchy
Oxfords: Vintage
Socks: Betsey Johnson
Hat: Vintage
Lipstick: Wet 'N Wild
Bag: Vintage Etienne Aigner
Glasses: Ray Ban c/o Eyes on Style
Watch: inherited from my grandfather


  1. I haven't seen your blog since you cut your hair, it's so freaking adorable! And that fur coat ensemble, you look like you're straight out of the 40's :)

  2. hi! i really adore your Sunday outfit!! very chic! your coat really goes well with your dress!!

    i always see your posts on Chictopia, so i'm glad i finally visited your blog! very nice hair style too :)

    paint it stripes

  3. That leopard coat is so amazing, Tori! You look so very chic <3



    Southern (California) Belle

  4., love these photos!
    That leopard coat is so luxe looking. Plus, cute incorporation of plaid in that first outfit :)

    Trendy Teal

  5. I'm loving your style lovely and this post! Great photos and that leopard coat is beyond fab on you! Hopefully you weren't hit hard with Sandy!


  6. Sounds like you had a busy weekend! And yay for pizza--I love the stuff, too. :D Who doesn't?!

    Your style is so cute. I adore your outfits--that furry coat looks so warm and is so stylish.

  7. your fashion taste is excelent

  8. Hi sweety, thanks for stopping by, I really love your style and sense of fashion, its fresh and so unique!

  9. I love your Saturday Outfit!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)