Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lovely Leo

 Hey, guys! I know that it has been forever since I have posted but the weather here in RVA has been just awful. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were all extremely rainy and humid. In a quick break between rain showers on Tuesday, I tried to take some photos of my outfit but failed miserably. It was so humid outside that the lenses on my camera immediately fogged up and all of the photos turned out nebulous.

But anyways, this is what I wore today! I just received these pants in the mail earlier this week from Urban Outfitters. I absolutely adore them. They were a bit of a splurge for me with the price ringing in at just about $60 but they were definitely worth it. They are a lovely, pine green color which matches wonderfully with almost everything in my fall wardrobe. The thing that attracted me most to these jeans was the high waist. I actually own a pair of these identical pants just in dark rinse denim not pine green. You can check them out HERE. I bought the first pair is stores on sale for $40 which is a decent price for a pair of jeans considering that they are BDG (the brand). I ended up loving them so much that I decided it was worth it to splurge and buy a pair in a fun fall color. And boy, am I glad that I did!

I styled them today with my Jeffrey Campbells to create the illusion of legs that go on forever. In reality, I am only 5 foot eight inches but with these lovelies on, I am slightly over 6 feet tall. Crazy, right? My leopard print blouse was then added to this look to appease my craving for all things leopard print. Anything leopard print practically screams my name and I can never resist. Even my water bottle is leopard print! To complete the look, I added my grandfather's watch. I love the sophisticated vibe that is given off when I am wearing this watch.

As for these photos, these are probably some of the most fun photos that I have taken in a while. My mom took the photos while we were out running an errand. Luckily, there wasn't really any one around so I could be as creative as I wanted to with these photos. Whenever I take photos in front of other people, I feel really self-conscious. Do any of you fellow bloggers feel the same way?

I am glad that tomorrow is Friday because this week seems to have dragged by. Fortunately for me, I have a three- day weekend coming up. I don't have any major plans but one of my friends told me about a great sale going on at H&M so I might have to hit that up. I also plan on working on college applications because I just want to relax and I won't be able to truly relax until I have completed them. This was a super long post so kudos to those who read it all. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that you guys have been having a good week so far!

Leopard print top: Vintage
High- rise pants: BDG via Urban Outfitters
Platform heels: Jeffrey Campbells
Watch: inherited from my grandfather


  1. Your shoes are amazing! When I take pictures in front of others, I try not to think about them and pretend they're not there. It helps to remember that you don't know them at all and you'll probably never see them again. :)
    The Chicagoenne

  2. omg you are so gorgeous :)) Love these pict and love your shoes :))perfect!Im following you now! Mind to follow back? Kisses :*

  3. I love the color of those pants! That top is really cute too :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  4. What a lovely top and jeans ! Nice look :)

    Thank you for the comment the other day. I hope you stop by sometime again ^^

    Indie by heart


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