Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Girl's Life Magazine Feature

Hello! I have some exciting news to share with you guys: I was featured in the "Real Life Style" Girl's Life Magazine! I went up to Baltimore, Maryland earlier this year (in July) for a photoshoot. I wore two different outfits. My first outfit consisted of a fabulous, leopard print coat, vintage lace top, fall shorts, tights, flatforms and jewelry. My second outfit consisted of a pretty pink dress, denim shirt, leopard print belt, leopard print bag, tights, lace up boots and jewelry.

Being in this magazine has been such a good experience for me and I am glad that I managed to get featured. Because I hope to work in fashion one day, this is a perfect way to get my name out there. It will also help my blog grow. And being featured in a magazine is also a lot of fun! A professional hair stylist/ makeup artist even did my hair and makeup! It was also great being photographed by a professional photographer. How exciting! I never thought that when I started my blog that my name or photos of me would ever appear in a national magazine. I am just so pleased that I was featured. Does anyone who gets Girl's Life see my feature?

 Thanks to everyone who follows and supports my blog! You guys mean so much to me :)


  1. congrats, dear! i'm sure having this professional photo shoot was so much fun & exciting!
    and i love your leopard printed jacket! should get one too this year :)


  2. I just saw this in the magazine! That is so cool, congrats! How did you get chosen for this--did you contact them or did they find you? I'd love to know :)

  3. Wow, congratulations...that is a HUGE deal! I wish I was as cool and fashionable as you at 17! Keep it up!


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