Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fall Trend Report: Baroque


Fall by toriraddayyahoocom featuring a printed cardigan

Never before have I seen such an elegant trend that I like this much! This season, baroque styles stormed the runway. Dolce and Gabana led the way with this bold style consisting of gold designs on black fabric. The texture of this style, the harsh color contrast and the elegance have me falling head over heels. And lucky for me I already have a vintage, Baroque top waiting for me in my wardrobe!

Unlike the trendy equestrian style, Baroqe style clothing is a lot harder (not to mention more expensive!) to acquire. You can of course buy directly from the designers but let's be real here- who can afford that? For less expensive alternatives, I would recommend checking out Asos, Topshop., etsy and of course, thrift shops. Anyone planning on trying out this golden style?


  1. cant wait for this collection in shops :)

  2. And gold is just my color! Beautiful clothes!!!