Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School

Hello! Today was my first day of senior year at Godwin. I am so glad to be a senior! I chose to wear a simple yet chic outfit. Almost everything I am wearing is new which is pretty exciting. I purchased this maroon horse print dress at Marshall's sometime in late July and am so pleased that I did so! The maroon color? Swoon! The quirky horse print? Precious. The price of only $15? Incredible. The fact that this dress fits my school's dress code? Relieving- it is hard for me to find school-appropriate dresses. I know that may sound weird but my school's policy on skirts and dresses is that they must be fingertip length. For some people, that's fine. But not for me! My arms practically touch my knees so I am always happy to find a dress that fits my school's dress code while still looking adorable. 

I purchased this open-knit cream-colored sweater at Forever 21. It was quite the steal- only about $6 or $7 on the sale rack! One thing that I just don't understand about Forever 21 is their sale section (although, I absolutely LOVE it). To begin with, it takes up one whole room! Yes, one whole room! True, the Forever 21 near me is huge- some compare it to a department store- we even have a men's and plus size section. But one whole room? Crazy! Especially considering the fact that the room is quite large itself. Secondly, I used to think that items placed on the sale rack were items that we going out of season/ style. For example, bathing suits going on sale in September or winter coats going on sale in March. But not in Forever 21. Their sales rack features some of that "expiring" merchandise but it also contains a lot of trendy or in-season pieces. Like the sweater I bought. I bought it in July right when Forever 21 was starting to get sweaters in. However, they already had sweaters on clearance! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Forever 21 rocks and this is yet another reason why I love to shop there but it just seems wild.

Another new thing that I am wearing are these gold, glitter flats. I bought these in late June at Target. They  cost me $20 which is a pretty reasonable price for a new pair of shoes. These shoes are a knock off of the trendy Jimmy Choo flats that retail at about $500. I really like them but they don't like me! They gave my feet a few blisters and it looks like I will only be able to wear these with a pair of tights or socks. Which is a shame because they are so darn cute!

I accessorized this look with gold Giant Vintage Sunglasses- love them!-, bunches of gold statement rings and an elegant pearl and gold chain necklace. Overall, this look was one of my favorite first day looks ever. What did you wear for your first day of school? 

This post ended up being rather lengthy (kudos to all who read it all!) and I am about to have dinner so I will post more details about senior year later.

Dress: Marshall's
Flats: Target
Sweater: Forever 21
Necklace: Vintage Givenchy
Rings: Assorted- vintage, High Gloss Fashions, Urban Outfitters and etsy
Sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage Sunglasses


  1. Cute skirt! Hope your first day back went well!

  2. Hooray to your senior year. Hope you enjoy every minute of it. How cute are those glittery shoes, huh? You look fantastic.
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  3. I saw those shoes at target too! i really wanted to get the black loafers :) and this has to be one of my favorite outfits I've seen on you. As a print lover, I'm loving the horse print. And it looks perfect with that sweater over it. Very cute :)


  4. Love your outfit!! You're so much more stylish than I was at your age :) Love those gold loafers!!


  5. such a cute back to school outfit! I have similar glitter loafers but in silver- they are too adorable :)


  6. Hope you had a great first day at school. I definitely dig those gold glitter shoes. Makes me miss my silver ones, haha.

    xx, Crystal
    crystal dots.


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