Saturday, November 21, 2015

Glamorous Fur

November 2015
November 2015

Hello! This past weekend, my friend, Kayla, and I ventured off to the Wissahickon trail to appreciate the beauty of nature as well as snap some photos of our outfits. I signed out a camera from my school this past weekend so we used that to take the photos.

For my look, I slipped on my favorite dress. I know, I know, I wear this dress every week but hey, the rich autumnal colors, retro floral print and mod breezy silhouette of the dress make it irresistible. Additionally, this dress is surprisingly versatile; while I may wear it every single week, I style it differently each time. Check out a couple of other ways that I've styled the dress here, here and here.

I decided to throw on my glam vintage fur coat with this look. I purchased this beauty sometime within the past year at a thrift shop for only $35. Yes, only $35! For a gorgeous vintage fur coat, that's an incredible steal. However, after I wore this coat out for the shoot, I started to notice that it's sort of falling apart and either I'm going to have to figure out how to sew it myself or take it to a seamstress.

I styled a pair of black thigh high socks and black Doc Martens with the look. The juxtaposition of my gritty, beat-up Doc Martens and movie star glam fur coat creates an interesting, eclectic look. I accessorized with a small golden necklace, purple druzy bracelet and a unique pair of shades.

Fur coat: Vintage
Thigh high socks: Daily Look
Combat boots: Doc Martens
Sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Floral dress: Urban Outfitters
Druzy bracelet: Charlotte Russe


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