Monday, November 9, 2015

Scream Queens Fashion Inspiration

Scream Queens

Hello! Scream Queens, a comedy-horror television show, premiered this fall and I can't stop obsessing over the fashion in the show. Talk about major style inspiration!

The show features Emma Roberts, style icon, as Chanel, a sorority president surrounded by a well dressed clique (group of minions?) Chanel and her clique are consistently dressed to the nines in fluffy furs, boxy jackets, cropped cashmere sweaters and platform heels. All in various shades of pastel pinks, blues, lavenders and mints. All pastel everything. What would a scream queen be without her baby blue platforms and gigantic pastel pink fur coat?

As if the fashion in Scream Queens isn't making me envious enough as it is, I'm swooning over Chanel's closet in the show. Her closet features a spiraling staircase and shelves and racks of the most incredible pieces of clothing and accessories; her closet in the show is bigger than the townhouse that I currently live in with four other people!

Do you guys watch Scream Queens? What do you think about the style in the show?



  1. cute candy color!

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