Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Shades of Autumn

November 2015

Hello! There's nothing I love more than the various shades of autumn. Rich burgundys, warm reds, burnt oranges, mustard yellows...the colors of the leaves falling all around me definitely have a major impact on my wardrobe. For this look, the color scheme of my look mimicked the falling leaves. 

I started the look with this maroon, paisley dress. The seventies inspired print and deep colors of the dress make this dress one of my repeated fall favorites. I've worn this dress much more than the other dresses in my wardrobe throughout the past couple years. You can check out a few ways I wore it last fall here, here and here. I purchased this dress for around $20 from Forever 21 quite a while ago and while Forever 21 seems to get a bad rap for the quality of all their merchandise, this dress has held up wonderfully. I agree that Forever 21 may not produce the best quality merchandise all the time but I've definitely purchased a few items from them that have become wardrobe favorites and lasted for a while. 

I wanted to play up the slight orange coloring in the pattern of the dress so I slipped on a pair of burnt orange tights, a cozy orange scarf and my favorite autumn cardigan. I layered a white faux fur vest over the look. I'm all about textural looks so I love the combination of the different textures from the subtle knit of the sweater to the faux fur of the vest to the woven textile of the dress to the chunky knit of the scarf. The tights also add an interesting texture to the look. Maroon and white polka dot socks and burgundy Doc Martens pulled the rest of the colors in the look together.

Paisley dress: Forever 21
Burnt orange tights: Kohl's
Burgundy combat boots: Doc Martens
Orange cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Faux fur vest: Urban Outfitters via Ashby
Orange scarf: Forever 21
Lipstick: Birchbox



  1. great fall look! really love the colors!


  2. I like the color palate used to create this look! Very warm, very fall. I can feel the falling leaf vibe you were looking to achieve!