Sunday, December 26, 2010

Book Review: Style by Lauren Conrad

Yesterday, on Christmas, I got the book Style by Lauren Conrad. I love to read and finished the book that day. The book was great! I really liked it. Here is my own version of a book review.

New Information:7/10. It introduced some new material to me but I already knew a lot of it.

Information about wardrobe basics: 9/10. It talked about this topic all through out the book, not just in one chapter. Also it provided good information about building a wardrobe.

Information about clothing fit: 8/10. There were parts of the book soley devoted to this but as far as giving tips for certain body types, Conrad gave more tips for petite girls.

Information about hair: 6/10. The information was good but basic.

Information about makeup: 8/10. Again good information but not tips for everyone.

Information about putting outfits together: 5/10. Conrad didn't really hit this topic or didn't hit it well in her book, Style.

Information about the organization of a wardrobe: 9/10. Very good- always my favorite part of fashion/ style books!

Look:10/10. The cover is gorgeous of course but the inside is also quite pretty.

Overall:8/10. I enjoyed the book very much, I would recommend Style to anyone who loves fashion and to read.


  1. wait how can the inside of a book be pretty........

  2. There were pictures of clothing, clothing combinations, LC herself and accesories. The font was also quite nice.

  3. Thanks for the review, I was looking at this in my local bookstore - I might have to go buy it now!