Thursday, December 23, 2010

10 Fashion Resolutions for 2011

These are more like guidelines to being stylish. I follow them anyways but they might be new to you so take a look.
1. No sweatpants outside of the house- enough said.
2. No sneakers with skinny jeans- very unpolished.
3. No necklaces, or perhaps just a simple necklace, with one shoulder dresses/shirts.
4. No chipped toe nail polish if you are going to wear sandals.
5. No Uggs- they are ugg-ly.
6. No jeans that create a "muffin top"- very unattractive.
7. No bra straps showing- I hope you already knew this!
8. No necklaces with cross body bags.
9. No clothing that is too small- even shirts with long sleeves that are too short look bad.
10. No clothing with a name brand written on it- like shirts that say Hollister in large writing on the front.

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