Friday, December 24, 2010

Fashion Interview #1

Girl interviewed: Missi
Favorite Store: Charlotte Russe
Favorite Item at store above& why: Lingerie because it looks good on.
Style: Chill, casual
Biggest Fashion Mistake: runny makeup(not really fashion but she wouldn't give me any other answer.)
Biggest Personal Fashion Mistake: Repeated outfits too many times
If she was given $1000 to spend on fashion, what would she buy?: A wedding dress( at age 14? whatever thats her- not me!)
Favorite shoes: mocassins
Favorite accessory: rings
Inspiration: myself and her dog, Bella
Celebrity with the best style: Whitney Port


  1. where can i ask fashion advice??

  2. I would love to do a Fashion Interview if you'd let me! Do you post a blog if they have it?
    Love everything; as always.

    -Abbigayle Rashae