Sunday, November 6, 2016

Moonstone Magic


Hello! When all else fails when getting dressed, I know I can rely on styling a boho witchy look. Describing something as "boho witchy" may sound somewhat costume-y but it's actually more like Stevie Nicks starring in a Free People catalog (side note: can that actually happen please?) What I really love about boho witchy looks and aesthetics is truly how easy they are to style. Here's a simplified "recipe" to achieving the perfect boho witchy look: something black and unique + handfuls of natural stone jewelry. Yep, that's it. Obviously you can put more or less effort into it but that's pretty much all you need to conquer the boho witchy style.

For this boho witchy look, I started with a long black maxi dress. The vintage nature and interesting texture of the dress make it the perfect piece to style a boho witchy look around. I paired it with a bohemian pair of wedges, golden sunglasses, a golden western belt and a golden embellished purse. I took my jewelry to the next level and layered on ring after bracelet after necklace. I also took the opportunity to debut my new Moonstone Magic ring with this look.

Moonstone Magic recently sent me their "Gaping Cliff Light Moonstone Ring" and I can happily say that it's definitely one of my favorite rings that I've ever owned. The moonstone and bohemian design of the ring have completely and totally captured my heart. You can shop this ring here for $49.

Dress: Available for sale in RaddayVintage
Sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Western belt: Available for sale in RaddayVintage
Coin necklace: Charlotte Russe
Multi-stone necklace: c/o ShopLately
Good vibes necklace: c/o JulBox
Earrings: c/o Kristin'sCandiShop
Purple druzy bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Turquoise stone bracelet: Rumors
Moonstone ring: c/o Moonstone Magic