Thursday, November 17, 2016

7 Coats Under $70 that will Keep you Chic All Winter Long

7 Coats Under $70 that will Keep you Chic All Winter Long
Winter Coat Blog Post

Hello! As the temperatures continue to drop outside, it's time to begin thinking about your winter wardrobe. And you know what that means: time to find your new favorite ever winter coat. Chances are you'll be wearing your winter coat more than essentially any other item in your wardrobe this season (except maybe that trusty black pair of tights that never rip or your fave pair of versatile booties) so it's important to find a coat that you love. Especially because your winter coat will often cover up your look- no matter how cute it is- so you definitely want to select a very fashionable, very "you" coat that will convey your sense of style and taste. Today, I've rounded up 7 stylish coats under $70 that will keep you chic all winter long. Read on to peruse my selections: 

1. Big Teddy Bear Faux Shearling Coat in "Blush", GoJane $44. Wow! The pretty pink color and luxe, cozy texture of this coat make it the perfect statement winter coat. Throw this on and any outfit will instantly go from "eh" to "okay, wow incredible." And you can't go wrong with this coat for just $44. 

2. Pile Jacket, H&M $25. This jacket defines winter boho chic. Perfect for throwing on with your favorite pair of bell bottoms or paisley printed dress. 

3. Trina Trench Coat in "Camel", Tobi $68. What won't this coat match? Although it may not be as fun as some of the other coats on this list, it definitely is very, very versatile as well as practical. It's a good everyday go-to coat- especially for less than $70. 

4. First and I Belted Coat in "Dark Olive," Asos $53. I absolutely love the retro vibe and funky color of this coat. 

5. Luxe BouclĂ© Overcoat in "Mint", Forever 21 $31.45. For just $35, this coat is quite the steal. It's perfect for dressing up any look or for more formal occasions such as over your New Year's Eve party dress. 

6. Head Of The Line Ridged Faux Fur Coat in "Pink," GoJane $44. I'll admit it, I totally fell for the pretty pink color of this coat. 

7. New Navy Hooded Sherpa Wedge Jacket, Express $65. So chic yet so versatile.

Which coat is your fave?


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