Saturday, May 14, 2016

Trending Now: Quirky Statement Bags

Trending Now: Quirky Bags

Hello! It seems as if everywhere I look, quirky statement bags are popping up. From snapshots on my Instagram feed to the inventory of my favorite fashion retailers such as Nasty Gal, I'm seeing these whimsical bags everywhere. Popcorn purses, lemon coin purses, watermelon clutches, ice cream bags, it goes on and on. You can sense a theme of food in these quirky statement bags but food bags aren't the only quirky bags trending this season. Anything bold and unexpected is trending. For example, there's a crab backpack at Nasty Gal that I'm practically drooling over.

It's easy to see why these bags are trending this season; they evoke such an incredible sense of happiness. The eccentricity of these bags is anything but boring. What's even more interesting about this trend is that it represents a shift in the mood of the fashion industry this season.

This season, fashion seems to have taken a break from being serious. There's more of a focus on fun, youth and playfulness. From Valentino butterfly adorned overalls to baby blue mules, the biggest trendy statements this season are light-hearted. And what's more refreshing than that? I'm certainly on board with the cheerful shift in fashion this season!


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