Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tee Shirts Don't Have to be Boring

May 2016

Hello! Who says that tee shirts have to be boring? Or feel super casual? They don't have to be! There are numerous ways to style a tee shirt that won't feel blah or like you're heading off to the gym. Recently, I received this "Growth" tee shirt in my monthly UniversiteeBox. This tee is the perfect example of a tee that can easily be dressed up. 

For this look, I styled the "Growth" tee with a green circle skirt. I slipped on a pair of black platform heels to accentuate my long legs. The combination of the skirt and heels creates a feminine aesthetic that immediately makes the tee feels less casual and more fashionable. I accessorized with a bold statement necklace and pair of retro cat-eye sunglasses. 

Green circle skirt: Forever 21
Black platform heels: Jeffrey Campbell
"Growth" tee shirt: c/o UniversiteeBox
Statement necklace: Kay Adams Jewelry
Cat-eye sunglasses: Ashby


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