Monday, May 23, 2016

June 2016 Mood Board

June Mood Board
June Mood Board #2
June Mood Board #3

Hello! For this upcoming month, I'm feeling inspired by the nostalgic beauty, design and fashion of the seventies. There's a certain softness and warmth to the decade that I can't help but be influenced by.

Seventies icons, Jane Birkin and Joni Mitchell, both serve as two of my major sources of beauty inspiration this month. I'm particularly enchanted by their fresh faced beauty routines; the bare faced makeup of the two icons feels perfect for the warm summer weather. Soft, natural makeup is currently tugging on my heart strings; I'm loving light peachy colored makeup, natural brows and defined lashes right now. Natural hair texture and messy braids are on my mind as fair as hairstyles go.

Soft warm colors aren't only found in my makeup bag this month though, they can also be found in my wardrobe. I'm currently drawn to light feminine colors like peaches, light yellows, warm oranges and light nudes. They evoke a softness, an airiness, a sense of nostalgia that just feels so right for this month. I'm shying away from prints as a major source of inspiration and am rather feeling more inspired by textures and the juxtaposition of different textures together. Feathery textures, pleated textiles and lace fabrics are a few of the elements that are influencing what I put on when I'm getting dressed in the morning.

Mood boards created through Polyvore. [Links to the mood boards and items included: #1, #2, #3.]


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