Tuesday, April 5, 2016

5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

5 Spring Essentials

Hello! As I walked outside today to see snowflakes falling around outside me, I almost couldn't believe that it's April. April and snow??? The weather over spring break was an absolute tease and I'm yearning for those sunny skies and warm temperatures again. While I've been dreaming of warmer weather, I've also been dreaming of all of the clothing that is typically reserved for warmer weather. Today, I wanted to share my five spring wardrobe essentials with you all.

1. Wedge sandals. My love for wedge sandals and flatforms are unrivaled. They're easy to walk in and accentuate my long legs when paired with a sundress or romper.

2. Patterned sundresses. These are essentially all that I wear in the spring/summer. They're effortless, stylish and keep you cool in the warmer weather.

3. A variety of rompers and jumpsuits. There's nothing I love more than a chic romper or jumpsuit!

4. A go-to lightweight kimono. Perfect for throwing on over your favorite sundress or romper on those slightly chilly spring days. Bonus points for fringe detailing!

5. Trendy shades. Stay on trend without breaking the bank by picking up a couple pairs of trendy sunglasses to update your wardrobe such as a pair of reflective shades or cat-eye sunglasses. Giant Vintage has an enormous collection of affordable (we're talking ~$20 a pair) sunglasses that'll keep you stylish throughout the spring and summer season.

Idea for this post provided by MakeSpace: an app that will pick up your out-of-season clothing such as winter coats, store your clothing and bring your clothing back whenever you like.


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