Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello Philadelphia

Bri & I

Hello! I'm back in Philadelphia and looking forward to everything that this semester has to offer. It'll be a busy semester without a doubt. I've decided to take on an extra workload so that I'll be able to graduate this May (with just three years of school) as opposed to next May. I'll be juggling taking seven classes as well as a gym credit with a few hours of work study employment a week and my social life. But it will all be worth it when I graduate this May! And I'm beyond excited to be reunited with my best friends/roommates. 

Above, my best friend, Bri, and I posed for a quick shot of our outfits right outside of our townhouse building. This summer, I tried to incorporate more color into my wardrobe than usual and while it was somewhat fun, I'm looking forward to being able to slip back into my neutral and dark color palette. For this look, I grabbed an olive green sweater that I scooped up at Forever 21 for just $12. The ultra flattering fit and perfect fall color of this sweater have me drooling. If you want one for yourself, buy it while it's still on sale here. They offer it in olive green like I'm wearing above as well as black and white. I styled it with a pair of watercolor floral shorts, olive wedges and oversize cat-eye sunglasses. 

For Bri's look, she styled a glam, wine-colored skirt with a simple black top, swoon-worthy wedges and black crossbody bag. Check out more of her style and follow her on Instagram @the_blonde_one

On me:
Watercolor floral shorts: Urban Outfitters
V-neck sweater: Forever 21
Wedges: Jeffrey Campbell
Tan bag: Vintage
Cat-eye sunglasses: Rumors RVA

On Bri:
Wine-colored skirt: Marshall's
Black bag: Forever 21
Wedges: Marshall's
Top: The Garage


  1. Wishing you the best of luck with your studies!
    The floral shorts look adorable.

  2. Nice black crossbody bag. Love it. xoxo

    Ella | MissyDress