Monday, December 8, 2014

Baaaaby, it's Cold Outside

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 photo IMG_7012_zps7ab85334.jpg

Hello! The temperatures have dropped to the low 30s here in Philadelphia and I have no idea how I survived winter here last year. I don't remember being so miserable in the cold. Recently, I cringe the second that I walk outside and the cold hits me. Waking up and hearing the sound of freezing cold gusts of wind whistling outside my window is definitely not great motivation to get out of bed. Instead, weather like this makes me want to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and blast Christmas music.

The cold weather prompted me to layer, layer, layer to keep warm. I started my look with a long sleeve bodycon dress- ideal for layering. The versatile tan and black striped print make it even easier to style and layer with other pieces in my wardrobe. I slipped on a cream, knit sweater over the dress (not visible in photos.) Then, I layered my green coat over that. I tucked a cozy, knit scarf into the coat so that the fringe of the scarf just peeked out from under the coat.

I styled a pair of opaque black tights with the look. Opaque tights like these are one of my biggest winter wardrobe essentials. I stocked up this summer on them at Urban Outfitters and am really thankful that I did. I scooped up several pairs for $5 each on sale at Urban Outfitters. $5 is an amazing deal for tights and I wear them practically everyday so definitely worth it. I also really like the quality of the tights; I find the quality of Urban Outfitters' socks and tights to be much better than the quality of other brands of socks and tights. So even though they may be normally a little bit more expensive than other brands, I think that they are worth it. And hey, getting them on sale for just $5 a pair at Urban Outfitters this summer was just a bonus! I'm immensely pleased with the purchase.

In this look, I accentuated my legs with my pair of black cut-out booties. Red lipstick completed the look.

Knit scarf: c/o Lulu's
Black booties: Daily Look
Black tights: Urban Outfitters
Striped dress: Forever 21
Cream sweater: Forever 21
Green coat: Delia's
Red lipstick: Wet 'N Wild


  1. The hardest thing in cold weather is stay stylish and gorgeous, you have definitely nailed it. Wonderful pairing of classic basic stripes and gorgeous green coat.

  2. I love that green coat on you! That color is so great with your complexion!

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