Thursday, December 4, 2014

3 Ways to Style an "Ugly" Holiday Sweater

Hello! As we delve deeper and deeper into the holiday season, more and more "ugly" holiday sweaters begin to invade our lives. They are seemingly popping up everywhere you look. They've been popping up at displays in storefronts at the mall, piling up at thrift shops and it seems like every fashion blogger is choosing now to show off their festive holiday sweaters.

Personally, I am a huge advocate of holiday sweaters. Some are so tacky that wearing them is almost ironic. However, they can sometimes be difficult to style. Below, I've created three different lookboards for how to style your holiday sweater. I chose a very tame sweater to style the look boards around but all the looks would be great with other tackier Christmas sweaters.

Option #1

Option #1: For a slightly edgy look, pair your holiday sweater with a pair of black high rise denim, edgy bag and combat boots. Accessorize with bold jewelry and a swipe of dark lipstick. This is a great look for a day spent at a museum or trip to a local hip cafe.

Option #2

Option #2: Go preppy by pairing your holiday sweater with a plaid skirt and oxford flats. Add a schoolgirl chic vibe to the look by grabbing a messenger bag as well as a pair of navy thigh highs. Complete the look with a handful of golden bracelets and a classic watch. Extra points for small, golden stud earrings. This look is ideal for running errands or a day spent in class.

Option #3

Option #3: Release your inner free spirit by layering your holiday sweater over a breezy dress. Keep warm by slipping into a pair of black opaque tights followed by a pair of quirky socks in the same color as the dress. Emphasize the layering of the socks over the tights by donning a pair of cut-out booties. Complete the look with a boho fringe bag, cozy knit scarf and a handful of stone rings. This look is great for shopping trips with friends or Saturday excursions.

Which of these looks is your favorite?



  1. I can't really choose what's best of all because I am loving all!

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