Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sunny Skies

 photo 0818b02d-2a2f-4d7c-8761-b92254b5fe5e_zps2ce1948e.jpg
Hi! This is just a quick snapshot from a day spent earlier this week by the beach. The sunny skies and warm temperatures provided for a perfect day at the beach. While on the beach, I donned a black bikini. I threw a breezy, white top over top of the bikini, wearing it open. This is definitely one of my favorite Easter gifts! I also wore a wide-brimmed straw hat along with classic sunglasses and red lip gloss. And of course sunscreen! I cannot stress enough the importance of sunscreen. By applying it when out in the sun, you are saving your skin from damage and helping lower your risk of skin cancer. Why not lather up with sunscreen every time you hit the beach?
I hope that you guys are enjoying your week and (hopefully) warm weather!
Straw hat: Vintage
Classic sunglasses: c/o Giant Vintage
Red lip gloss: Mary Kay
Black top: Victoria's Secret
White sleeveless button down (worn open): JCP


  1. I like your hat! I can't wait until the warm weather comes to Wisconsin so that I can go to the lake haha!


  2. It's finally warmed up again here in Florida! Love that hat!

  3. You look lovely!!!