Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring/Summer 2013 Trend Report: Denim Overalls

Spring/Summer 2013 Trend Report: Denim Overalls

Hello! This spring/summer take a fashion cue from the nineties because denim overalls are bacccck! Overalls were originally not seen as fashionable but rather as utilitarian. However, they grew trendy in the nineties. Many celebrities flaunted overalls in the nineties including Justin Timberlake and 'N Sync along with Drew Barrymore. Rachel Green, a fictional character from the nineties sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, wore overalls on multiple episodes of the show. And now, overalls are resurfacing from the depths of the nineties.

Recently, overalls have been spotted on celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens and Heidi Klum. Other fashion gurus such as Alexa Chung, who has been seen in overalls, and Nina Garcia, who states that "Yeah, I do think you can wear overalls," have given overalls their seal of approval.

This season, I too give overalls my kiss of approval. Denim is definitely one of my favorite fabrics because it is just such a versatile fabric. When styling any denim piece, you have so many different options because denim can be styled with practically every piece in your wardrobe.

Great places to buy denim overalls this season include ASOS and Urban Outfitters. However, I would first recommend flipping through the racks at a few local thrift shops and digging through stacks of clothing at yard sales in order to find a pair of overalls. Used overalls are going to be much less expensive than a pair of new ones and who really wants to spend a bunch of money on a trend that is "in" one season and "out" the next?

I know that I will certainly be trying this trend out this spring/summer season! In fact, I already have. While at the beach last week, I thrifted a pair of denim overalls for less than $5; I am so lucky to have found them! They are the perfect trendy piece of clothing to amp up my spring/summer wardrobe.

What do you guys think about this trend? Are you embracing it with open arms or wishing that it had stayed in the nineties?


  1. I love the dungarees trend, but I actually think some of the silk-type printed overalls are much nicer than say, the dip dye denim ones x

    There's some nice elephant print ones in Topshop at the moment but they're about £60 /cry


  2. I think they are really really cute but I am not sure I could rock them!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. i think thats a sexy trend, bringing denim back