Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Wishlist


Hello! Today I thought that I would share some of the pieces that I am currently lusting over. I probably won't be able to afford to buy any of these pieces anytime soon but a girl can dream.

1. Richmond tote bag. I am seriously swooning over this bag. Unfortunately it costs about $70. Maybe I will buy it as a graduation present to myself?

2. Cat eye glasses. These are soon to be in my possession!

3. Doc Martens. It would be so nice to own a pair of the real thing. I have worn my faux Doc Martens to shreds. Not only do they have a few scuff marks, they are actually ripping. Oh well!

4. Classic watch. Watches have the capability to add so much to an outfit. This one would match an infinite number of ensembles.

5. Acid wash denim button-down. You guys know that I adore denim. Especially denim jackets and shirts. This acid wash denim shirt is a cool twist on the normal denim button down. And who could say no to that?

6. Beige romper. Rompers are really calling my name this season. They are just so much fun! I could pair this beige/light gray romper with practically everything.

7. Chanel red lipstick. I like my Wet 'N Wild lipstick but I would truly love a tube of Chanel lipstick. Chanel is just so classy and the quality of the lipstick is bound to be superior to my Wet 'N Wild lipsticks.

8. Chunky sandals. As spring approaches, I begin the search to find the perfect pair of sandals. Each spring/summer, I have a very difficult time finding sandals that I actually like. However, this year I know exactly what I want. These chunky sandals are just so perfect for me. They also look incredibly comfortable.

9. Black floppy hat. It can add so much style to any look.


  1. I'm on the hunt for a romper too. That beige one is so pretty!


  2. Totally in love with the floppy hat! I need to find one that fits my budget... and head

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  3. I say just go for the Chanel lipstick! It's not going to be THAT expensive, especially relative to the infinite fabulosity it will make you feel.


  4. Great wishlist! I esp. love the tote!
    - Aimee

  5. I want a pair of cat eye glasses too. My wish list consists of a flat stomach right now. Do you know where I can get one? (lol. just kidding.)
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Fashion

  6. Love so much your March Wishlist! *_*

    Baci ♥

  7. A floppy hat and beige romper!! Yep, definitely on my March wishlist! So perfect!!
    xo TJ