Sunday, February 3, 2013

1990's Inspiration


1990's by toriraddayyahoocom featuring a lace up bootie

Hello! Boy, do I love the styles of the 1990's. Although I was only a child of the nineties (I was born in 1995), the trends of the time influence my style today. Many different styles were popular during the 1990's but my favorite definitely has the be the grunge style

Shoes such as combat boots like Doc Martens (swoon!) and classic Converse were immensely popular during the decade. Other trendy shoes in the '90's include creepers which are increasingly gaining popularity today and shoes with a chunky heel. I love the shoes of the 1990's for two reasons: one being that they were incredibly easy to walk in and two being the effortless, edgy vibe that they emulated. 

Clothing such as leotards (commonly worn as shirts under a pair of pants), acid washed denim, leather(a staple in my wardrobe) and plaid/flannel were the hip clothing of the 1990's. Velvet and maxi dresses were also popular while hoop earrings were the go-to accessory. Cultural phenomena of the time include cassette tapes and the T.V. show Friends

What do you guys think about the grunge style of the 1990's? Anyone trying to revive it?