Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sweet 16!

This was a banner for my party. I didn't like it hanging up so it sat on the kitchen counter with the food for our fondue:)
I wore a simple black and white chic outfit.
Presents from my family. Thanks! I love my presents. Not pictured- a new sewing machine (!) and 16 red roses
A pretty, vintage cameo necklace from my parents.
I LOVE cheetah print!
Presents from my friends. Thanks Mayuka, Marin, Erika, Olivia, Elizabeth, Brittany and Jenna! Not pictured: body spray
"Born to Shop with Style" picture.
A yummy cupcake from where my friend works. Don't you love the print on this dress?

Hi! Yesterday was my sweet 16 and here are some pictures from my party, of my outfit and of my presents. It was a great Sweet 16- I got fabulous presents, ate lunch at my favorite restaurant, had a ton of fun at my birthday sleepover/party and won an ipod touch! Can you believe that I won an ipod touch on my birthday?! Thanks Jaquelin! Check out her blog, When I'm Not Naked, here. Overall, a great birthday! I hope you guys had/ are having a good weekend too!


  1. Happy (belated) 16th birthday, Tori! Looks like you had fun :)
    Keep up your amazing blogging... I love your outfits!

  2. Oh wow! Happy Birthday! That worked out perfectly :)

  3. So chic! I love the necklace.

  4. Wow sounds like you had a great birthday and congratulations on winning the iPod!!