Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Trend: One Shoulder Dresses

One shoulder dresses are becoming more and more popular recently. They can be seen popping up everywhere it seems like. One thing I like about them is that you can dress them up or dress them down. Throw on some sandals and grab a bright clutch and you will be ready for an average day. Throw on some jewels and heels and hit the town at night. One shoulder dresses can be tricky to find a great necklace for but chandelier earrings are perfect for them. They draw even more attention to your neck and shoulders and add sparkle to your outfit.

New Trend: One Shoulder Dress

Dorothy Perkins pink dress
£20 -

Long sleeve evening dress
£15 -

Oasis one shoulder dress
$50 -

Oasis one shoulder evening dress
$35 -

One sleeve dress
£10 -

Coral one shoulder dress
£4.99 -

River Island filigree earrings
£9.99 -

Tasha metal jewelry
$28 -

Yochi dangle earrings
$48 -

Sequin long chandelier earrings
$42 -


  1. I just bought a black one & love it!

  2. yes they areee soooo popular! but right now i think i will try my hand at making one because i hate spending moneeey! and for the fact that I don't have any money also makes a difference lol. :)

    happy friday!

    the style projects