Monday, August 8, 2011

Back to School Style: Trend Report

I bought these bright purple lace tights a while back for $1! I can't wait to wear them this fall.
3 thrift store lace/crochet finds in this picture. Can you guess which ones? The cream crochet tank, the white poncho and the black cool knit top.
Lace/crochet/interesting knits that I bought for back to school.
I love Forever 21 almost as much as I love the black cardi!:)

Hi! So for most people it's almost time to go back to school or they are already in school (I go back in September,) so I decided to start posting about back to school fashion. My first post, this one, is going to be a trend report. Last year, lace was crazy hot and a year later it is still flying off the racks in stores like Forever 21 and online etsy shops. Lace is sweet and girly and can add a romantic touch to almost any outfit. Online and in-store, lace tops, dresses and scarves are trending. Personally, I love lace- I hope the trend never goes away! The whimsical, fairy-tale like vibe it brings to an outfit is magical. You can also create an edgier outfit pairing lace with leather or studs and get a wonderful good girl gone bad look. This blogger nailed the lace and leather look here.

This year, lace isn't the only hot textured fabric trending. Crochet is making a comeback. Crochet doesn't mean old or boring anymore, it means fun and fashionable. Stores are selling crochet and crochet like knits faster than you can say "I love that!" Crochet sweaters, tops and scarves are great for throwing over a dress and tights in the fall to keep warm while looking great but are also good for keeping a low-key chic vibe when the crocheted piece is worn with jeans and pretty jewelry. The great thing about lace and crochet is that they don't rob your whole bank account. Forever 21 has great lace and crochet pieces as does etsy for a reasonable price. Cheap like me? Scour vintage and thrift stores for unique crochet and lace pieces or make your own lace top. Great tutorial for an ombre lace top here. Another great lace top tutorial here.

Will you enjoy lace or crochet this fall? Did you last fall? Anyone know how to crochet?


  1. those tights are adorable! thanks for leaving a comment!

  2. I agree, them tights are lovely also thanks for the trends.