Monday, August 22, 2011

DIY: Adding a Vintage Touch to a Plain Cardigan

A while back I bought a whole box of vintage sewing stuff. It contained thread, needles, buttons, zippers, pretty much everything! My favorite thing it held was two pairs of brown, vintage elbow patches. I was thrilled, soon I could make my own vintage/ Urban Outfitters cool cardi or sweater. Every fall, these elbow patches pop up in unexpected places and are always loved. Ashley Benson even wore a cardigan in her seventeen photo shoot that had elbow patches. Check it out here. Modcloth is selling a dress with elbow patches here for $79.99 + shipping and Urban Outfitters is selling a sweater with elbow patches here for $34.99 (on sale) + shipping (free right now). Well anyways, onto the DIY!

Level of difficulty: medium- hard

Cost: It only cost me a dollar or two! It should cost under $15.

Materials: elbow patches(they sell on etsy, here are some), thread, needle, scissors, cardigan or sweater, marker/ tailors chalk

Method: First, gather all of your supplies. Then mark where your elbows are on the sweater using tailors chalk or a marker. Place the elbow patch down and start sewing it on! When doing this, be sure not to place the elbow patches to low. The sewing is very simple but you have to be careful so that you don't sew the sleeves together. Also, sewing through the elbow patches, even if they are pre punched, can be tricky because they are usually made out of leather or suede. Even so, the effort is definitely worth the end product- it's so chic!

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  1. i love this idea! such a cute, easy refashion. i'll have to try it :)

    lindsay @

  2. What a brilliant idea, these look wonderful.