Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Finds

A vintage camera case bought for $1 at an estate sale. It can hold my phone and my digital camera
Costume jewelry given to me by my grandmother(Thanks!)

Sorry for my lack of posts recently- my internet wasn't working last week. This is the stuff that was added to my closet this weekend. I didn't really have time to go vintage/ thrift shop/ estate sale shopping however:(

P.S. My local mall had a shoptopia project style contest and I won! I am a semifinalist for round one. To move on I need your help. People vote on a video of me in an outfit or the other contestant and whoever has the most votes wins. Voting starts Friday and lasts two weeks. You can vote everyday. If you want to vote I think you have to have a shoptopia account. If you plan on voting for me then you should probably create an account soon on

Please vote for me!

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